Leaving Myself Behind

By Utada Rumiko

She's got a good life.

He seems perfect.

I struggle to find meaning in mine.

I doubt that it's worth it.

They're always smiling.

Why are they so happy?

Oh, that's right, because they're not me.

Lonely and afraid to break free.

She's so beautiful.

He's so deserving.

I lack that beauty,

And I'm always yearning.

For something. Anything.

Whatever's worth living for.

I'm a rebel.

A reject.

I've never been sure.

About myself,

My life,

The future,

This strife.

I hope.

Every. Single. Day.

But that's not what will take me away.

I must reach out.

Not to the stars,

But past them.

Open my eyes and see,

That I can love and be me.

Open the door.


It's already open.

I just have to walk through,

And leave myself behind.