Operation Trinity

By: Kietl


Memories. They are the building blocks for the ability to create our own destiny, or to create another's. They are but one ingredient in the recipe for fate. Memories, will, mental stability, and many more. It is already 2034 and the world has started to lose this ability. The recipe was just finished when people- the new age people- abolished it. Compare it to the Green Lantern's Paralax, a world eating monster. A master but also an abomination of fear. It itself is one big analogy, so called it inception as well.

2034, typical of the new generation to ruin everything. What with only a small fraction still having true intellect. Any old teacher I had doesn't count as either one of them, but are either dead or retired with some sort of chronicle disease. That's when…he came in to the equation. Professor Frankfurt Gilden, a bright mind but an evil heart. He decided to perfect a mutagen that would eventually but slowly and brutally abolish the new generation. He too was sick of it, but to think so cliché and so ignorantly had caused an inevitable doom for us.

Who would of thought someone would actually create a zombie mutagen. First, it worked like the strongest pathogen alive. But eventually, it would become some sort of parasite that would control the brain. The zombie would only think about death and murder. It wasn't even cannibal, but it kept itself fed using flesh if it had to. This mutagen would most likely adapt into the most cliché of zombie diseases. This man, Professor Gilden, was a fan of science fiction. Another cliché.

When do they end? When will this end? Mass production of the "Trinity Cell" has already started. I fear for our organization that this will end very…terribly.