My feet, they make quite the pitter-patter. The noise, such annoyance, is only made by such worry. I am to collect my things, collect my research, get what I can and get out. All I can hear right now is several door slams. Constantly. Annoyances. All of a sudden, Professor Drake had caught my attention. "Richard, what the hell are you doing? Don't tell me your going to the PWR!" I yelled. Without missing a beat, he turned and ferociously responded.

"I am going to finish my project. Drakescale must finish. If we are going to be ready, we need this weaponized. I swear, this is the final product." Richard said.

"Well, that is what you said about the 3000, 5000, and the last two. Is is v9000 isn't it?"

"Yeah? Your point? I am inventing a laser gun basically. I thought you loved explosions!"

"Not when it is from a backfire made by the tiniest mistake, which you often make."

"Fuck you."

"I love you too, Richie. Now hurry to the PWR and finish your job!"

We broke off; He went to the Prototype Weaponizing Room and I went to get ready to leave the facility. All the commotion about this mutagen allowed my swift escape. Everybody was helping Gilden but not I nor was that screw-up Professor Drake. I know he may have failed many times, but I know that he is close to perfecting his Drakescale 9000. Hopefully he doesn't forget safety this time. Somebody was dumb enough to overlook the possibility and they vaporized themselves.

I saw many of my old colleagues now working for that dumbass. I knew this was our demise if we followed it from day one. As soon as I made it to my lab, I rushed in only to see several boxes already packed. My dear assistant Lucy is coming with me I assume. As she walked from behind one of my many large machines, she greeted me with a fake smile.

"Hello Professor Zachary. I am almost finished." she said, with which I asserted as a response.

"It seems as though we have quite a bit to rush out with. But you still did great." I said, smiling and producing some sort of grunting laugh. But she did not seemed worried about running.

"Has Professor Drake gone to the PWR yet?"

"Why yes. Why would you…Is that why he wants it finalized in such a hurry?" I wondered, knowing she was up to no good. That no good I could trust, though.

"Why yes, Professor. We also have a few others tagging along. Dianne the secretary, Professor Samson, and Professor Gregory."

"What do you plan to use Greg's Dreadnaught? How is he going to take that back from the government?" I questioned, knowing this was a big load. An abrupt interruption came to our conversation. A knock on the door, which I answered cautiously. It was Dianne and Sammy. I let them in as they wheeled two carts in. They put it in specific spots whilst the two of us greeted them.

"Everything is set. Oh hello Professor Drake." Dianne said, noting that Richard was here. Richard had brought by cart a few large capsules. He too put them in place. The three of them seemed silent at most and ready for something. The moment of truth came when the building shook. Anybody who didn't hear the conversation would assume it was seismic activity. Nope, it was a futuristic airship you'd think would be in some sort of comic book.

I just looked at Lucy with a face that said one word, really? "I thought if we were to want any chance of escape we need this thing." she stated, making a valid point. There was a hint of 'also we don't want great inventions to be wasted.'. Which made me think: is Richard about to load those deathtraps onto the Dreadnaught? At that very moment my worrying thoughts ran through my head, all I could set my eyes upon was the sudden tear in the wall.

Gregory's airship was upon us. Some sort of contraption had opened a hole in the wall. Some unseen drill. It was his 30-year masterpiece. I nodded my head at my underlings and my colleagues. We all grabbed our things and a platform extended our way. We rested our things on this platform, even bringing the Drakescale.

"Well, isn't this a lovely reunion? Like the wheels?" Gregory boasted.

" Only you would think a deadly state-of-the-art airship as a new luxury sedan." I responded, in some pointless attempt in diminishing the man's cockiness.

"Not the point, anyways. Hurry, hurry. We wouldn't want them to notice me…" Gregory said, implying a bit of a smart-ass attitude. All we could hear now was screams of awe that the Dreadnaught was here and in action. This immediately made us hurry along and board the airship with everything loaded in. Immediately, it was like the people knew what they were doing, went to an assigned position. Samson and Dianne took care of the maintenance. Lucy was the overseer of the ship, making sure everything was as it should be. Gregory obviously took the piloting position. Richard had equipped his Drakescale. Ooh, I wonder where he got the name?

I was left absolutely clueless. Until I was led by Lucy to a laboratory where I continued my research. I, Zachary Adam, am the creator of the "Gamma Spore". This spore is an artificial spore that produces an energy that once stabilized could take months before just a tiny bit is used up. Created from the result of plants being radiated. Then using that radiated plant, whilst it still lived the seeds were planted. At first it was just a radioactive plant. Once we discovered some sort of resin that produced a natural, healthy energy, we decided to combine the DNA of our plant and the resin to create this replicating spore.

After years of research, I have 15 subjects, each with the capability of running 3 trials. Making a total of 45 trials I am open to use. I am so close yet so far from perfectly stabilizing my children. Some say I'm obsessed and will only kill myself. I don't really care. Whilst I worked within my laboratory, Lucy came in to tell me there was food in the kitchen. What, do we have a cook or are we eating astronaut food? All I could hope for was hot pockets if we didn't have a cook.

Suddenly, there seemed to be turbulence. Over the comm, Gregory had told use he was dodging quite a few bullets coming from some military planes. Sadly, our company made those planes. The dreadnaught may be bigger, but Gregory has made it destruction proof. Besides the Hermes mobility system, he had it created completely out of titanium. "Folks, we may experience some turbulences while these ants fire their pea shooters." Gregory said, still with his boasting attitude.

I swear he will get us killed because he is so cocky. All I heard to my left as I went towards the kitchen was a loud sound. I was startled, but not afraid. There is some sort of coating, carbon fiber or something, that deflects the bullets as well. I am not into things such as that, so I cannot say what it is. I am a biochemist and a geneticist. Richard interrupted this annoying journey to the kitchen to come show me something. " I swear, Zack, you need to see this! Gregory gave me the green li-"

"Please, tell me there is a safe way to view what your weapon does…"

"Sure, computer screen. Why-? Fuck off." He concluded with, leading me to the main room where Gregory is. He sat me down and had me view the left side of the Dreadnaught. As he left the room I sighed, expecting the worst. I saw a shining light and I had to look closer. I zoomed the camera and saw some sort of tiny cannon.

I was in awe, it didn't even explode yet. As I saw the shining violet light, I also noticed the airplane trying to lock onto us. Did he already mount the targeting system onto his Drakescale? Gregory started yelling all of a sudden. "COVER YOUR EARS!" he busted, as we both immediately covered our ears. He said it over the comm I am guessing. Even with my ears covered, it was like standing 25 feet away from an onion bomb and watching it go off. Immediately, instantly the airplane evaporated. Was this the power of a concentrated IRB?

What I witnessed made me think of its UVB mode, with ultraviolet waves, could he take out a building? I waited a few more seconds before a few more planes were evaporated. I stood, my eyes wide. Sweat trickled down my head. All I could think about was how wrong I was. The Dreadnaught…The Drakescale…They put my research to shame.

I slouched back to my laboratory, not eating, only to meet Richard in it. "I am waiting for it. I know you want to." I said simply.

" I. TOLD. YOU. SO. Gosh, we are like little children fighting over who is right or wrong. This is just the case but we are old men, not little children. We at least fight civilized." Richard stated, making a valid point. Proceeding after his statement, he had some sort of victory rant that I obviously and bluntly ignored, continuing my research. Richard simply walked out. "There's some whiskey in the kitchen, want to have a drink?" he said with a pitiful voice.

"No thank-you. I have to finish this." I replied. It seemed as if everyone had planned this for months. I needed time to reconcile. How was everyone so ready for this? It happened so fast…I don't even know what to say. For one, I just witnessed the Dreadnaught in action, a few airplanes being vaporized, and then he wanted me to have a drink? Actually, that doesn't sound so bad.

As I stood up from my chair, I had felt light headed for a short moment. All of a sudden I was so dizzy. I walked to the kitchen once I regained my balance. Richard already had a second drink prepared. "I see that you expected me."

"I knew you'd want the whiskey. After all that happened today, you need. Now, I need to discuss something with you. Do you know where we are going?" he said.

"No, I just thought we were going to fly far away, find a nice, deserted spot and set up a fortress."


"I am not joking."

"Well that was an idea, until I remembered the Omega Spore."

"Oh, that failure. Omega-Six was a failure and you know it."

"It wasn't, Zack. Omega-Six was the building blocks of the Gamma-Three. We currently have people working for us to stabilize Gamma-Three and Omega-Six."

"How is that possible? Omega-Six was destroyed in that cluster-fuck!"

"We have our ways." Richard let himself relax a bit, it seems he was prepared for everything these past few minutes. "Did you know that at that moment in time, we were able to salvage a spore?"

"One. One spore. It can only produce a spore every few years. You should only have maybe one or two." I viciously said.

"Try 5. That one we salvaged produced one a few days after. 2 turned into 4, and the first one had just sprouted another spore." he said, explaining the situation. In awe, I could not say anything. They had been preparing for longer than I imagined. "You are the key to creating the world's most powerful weapons. Andromeda, that was a failure. Omega-Six was not. We currently have Omega-Six and pretty much a limitless supply of Gamma-Three. The energy they produce would last forever. Not just in weapons. Vehicles, Planes, you name it. Currently, we have this ship running off the Gamma-Three. See, unless we use it, the Gamma-Three must be stabilized in order to store it without danger. It's perfectly fine while a state-of-the-art airship burns it. This is some of the most advanced technology.

"Everything we have accomplished, that is because of you. You're the key to our success. See the Dreadnaught, that is genius. The Drakescale, that is like Thor's Hammer producing a gigantic wave of lightning. What we need is your research." Richard concluded, finishing and refilling his glass of whiskey. I stood their, quickly processing the situation. All this time, my colleagues and my underlings were always using me. I only think Dianne is here because Sammy hitting her from the back side. Secretaries…

Richard opened his mouth to speak, where I interrupted to say, "You know how I feel used right now, correct?"

"Yes, I know how you feel. They have me here just because of my weapon. I was an accessory. But you were the plan. We plan on using your research to fight the apocalypse. Cliché, I know. But atleast we aren't running around with double barrels that are loaded with quarters."

"Ah, I remember seeing that when we were kids. So long ago." I said, laughing at the zombie movie reference. The ship again seemed to be experiencing turbulence, but this time without sarcasm. I don't see how, though.

"Everyone, get to your stations. Richard, your not required. You and Zack get to a safe room." Gregory said over the comm. He seemed quite worried. As soon as he finished, though, the airship rumbled. This couldn't be a good thing. Unlike the U.S. and some countries in Asia, all other countries just have city-wide monarchies. We are heading to one of the last intelligent cities in Europe: Italy. There is a city now known as the Fortress of the Last. This is a referance to the last few European intellectual beings. It seems to be where we are going. As soon as the turbulence ended, I rushed to see if we were ok. "Gregory, are you alright?"

"Yeah, we were just soaring through a storm. That's all. Look, we're here." he said, pointing at the futuristic fortress. When we landed, it seemed perfectly peaceful. Lucy, Richie and I had led ourselves to the laboratory. We gathered my research into boxes. All chemicals, spores, etc. were secured in respective canisters. The spores were inside some sort of cryogenic box. As we descended through the exit, I noticed Gregory and the others were missing. What we were so happily greeted with was guards surrounding the Dreadnaught.

A unique character had approached me, seemingly the commander of the unit. " Hello, you must be the commander, I am Zachary." I kindly said. He spit in front of me.

"I don't give a rat's ass who you are. Guards, take him." he said with a seemingly American accent. An American commander working for Europe? I was sadly met with aggressive guards. The extra guards wheeled in my things into a secured laboratory. Large, advanced, but also meant to keep me in. Lucy and Richard stayed with me. There was several bedrooms connected to the laboratory but they were escape-proof. At that moment, I realized that it was a trap.

"Where the hell is Professor Gregory and Professor Samson?" I yelled angrily. The commander just chuckled and turned, walking away. A few guards stayed in the room. I could feel the worrying emotion eat away at me. Betrayal? Seperation? Were they not my allies to begin with? I want…no… NEED answers. When the guards left and locked the door, Lucy immediately poked around the room. "Richard, did you know." I said calmly.

"Know what?" he asked with a fake curiosity. I grabbed him by his coat's collar, slamming him onto a table.

"Did you know this was going to happen?" I said but with more ferociousness.

"I expected it. Gregory seemed too calm about the journey. Samson didn't speak at all, and that whore secretary probably sleeps with them to stay on the strong side. Childish assumption for her, but accurately deduced nonetheless. Tell me, am I wrong?" he noted with quite the determination to implement this.

"You may have a point, bah. We insult like little high school students. It's 11th grade all over again. Lucy, what do you think?" I said, mocking our own dialogue.

"It seems he may be correct. I noticed Samson and her exchanging looks quite often. In an adult manner, this usually has affair written all over it." she deduced simply.

"I see. Now, why do they have me hear?" I asked rhetorically. The three of us exchanged looks of curiosity. Obviously, it is not about the current spores. Nor is it about Omega-Six and Gamma-Three. Omega-Six…is currently an unstable but most powerful spore currently. This I knew for sure. When I went to search for any sign of plans for future inventions, I found nothing. A voice popped onto a hidden comm. It seemed to have a Russian accent, but with a hint of Czech Slovakian.

"You like your new arrangements? Specially made for you. If you're looking for a reason as to why you're here, I am here to tell you. You were meant for a project. A big one, obviously. Richard here has already informed you of our plans, thus he is a traitor. He, along with the other professors, were supposed to deliver you. He decided to "work and die" with you. It seems being a childhood friend actually meant something. See, this project is the stabilization and implementation of Omega-Six. Once stabilized, well I will leave that to be a surprise. I wish you the best of luck, because if you fail, we fail. We lose this war.

"You're not an expendable yet, but this is a temporary phase. Once I do not require you anymore, you will die." the voice stated slowly, annoyingly, and worst of all, mockingly. I was so angry that I threw some equipment at the wall in vain. This was the Omega. No where near the Alpha.