God why do I cry every night?
Why in my heart there is no light?
God why was I put on this Earth?
Why, God, do I hurt?
Why do you torture me
With someone I will never be?
Every night I scream her name
In agonizing, wrenching pain.
Why does the one I love
Fly from me like a dove?
I wish to see his handsome face
And have him comfort me in tender grace.
I wish I had friends like hers
That would make me want to burst
With laughter, sadness, and with joy
Something I would always enjoy.
I wish my soul wasn't as black as coal.
I wish I had the life
That I dream about every night.
Where I am her and she is me
And we're as happy as can be.
I wish I had her pain.
For mine and hers are not the same.
These are the wishes I wish in my heart.
When I wish them I feel torn apart.
Between this world and the one I love.
Maybe I'll get my world when I'm up above.