maybe i'm a dream
forgotten as it slipped through
lips quietly with morning to
rise, breathy and unpolished,
as lungs become aware, falling out
of slumber's shallow drinks
into deeper pools.

i am colorless still,
but light will transfuse
into me, fill my flaccid veins
and marble-white pallor with
cricket whispers and bird yawns,
the pigmentation of buds
only blooming at night.

smooth my edges until
i am round as the moon-face;
the chain you strung
us on broke, and the pearls
scattered: stardust along
your carpet. i drifted
to a corner, settled among
dust and spiders. you will
find me someday when the shine
catches your eye and remember
the fake tears shed when
i was gone (i was too young
to be missed).