There are some men of bravest souls

Who seek what's hard to find.

A better way to see the world

Or how to rectify the mind.

There was a man of such a soul

Who on an urgent quest,

Was searching for a vision,

To adorn upon his crest.

He told none about his vision,

For he feared that they would mock,

And he had no time, no time at all,

For his enemy was the clock.

He started his search mildly,

Searching just nearby,

But such pursuit was fruitless,

So he took up to the sky.

He searched upon the clouds,

He journeyed up throughout the air,

But alas, his journey was in vain,

For his vision was not there.

So then he took to mountaintops,

To search valley near and far.

Not finding any fortune,

He went from valley up to star.

Among the constellations,

He chased after what he sought,

But after nights and days of search,

His effort was for naught.

And like a shooting star,

He cast himself upon the land,

Where he overturned all stone and dirt

With nothing but his hand.

With no luck thus far, he went about

And journeyed to the sea.

For he would not give up so soon,

A persistent man, was he.

Not being in the sea,

He finally asked a maid for help.

"I must find his vision, after all,"

He stated with a yelp.

As he asked, the maid started to smile,

And soon, she quite loudly laughed.

And after her response, she pronounced to all,

"This man is very daft!"

The man just blushed, and reached above,

Just like the maid had said.

And sure enough, right there they were:

His glasses were on his head.