Ana was a very special girl she was never mean to anyone and was extermly talented in singing. Ana sang for the church every sunday and loved every second of it.
Her mother was so proud and knew she meant for great was a very good student in school all A's her teachers loved only problems Ana had was she never had many friends it didnt really bother her though.
Also Ana wasnt perfetly skinny but in the 5th grade no one really cared. Ana was just a simple girl who loved life. That was until she entered the 6th grade. The first day of middle school is brutal for everyone especaily Ana.
Kids called her fat huge ugly and so much more she just ignored it and thought its just because im new this will all blow over soon. When she got home her mom asked her about her day she didnt say anything about what happen she just said it was fine.
The next day was worse kids called her a suck up for raising her hand for all the questions the teachers lunch she had no whee to sit so she just sat in the bathroom till lunch was she got home she still didnt tell her mom hopping that this was just a phase.
Ana stated doing thing differently now so that the kids would stop it didnt hurt her that much but it was kids still called her teahers pet and fatso. Ana knew this wasnt going to stop she started crying at night beause it was the only time she was alone.
When kids called ger fat she beleived it and everytime they said it, it hurt even stopped looking at mirrors because she ouldnt stand what looked back at her. She knew that to get this to stop she had to stop eatting. So thats exatly what Ana did at lunch she stopped going through the lunch line and just went straight to the bathroom.
In the halls kids shouted dork, fatass,loser,suck up Ana tried her best to ignore it but it was getting harder to ignore. Later that night at home her mom forced her to eat dinner so after dinner Ana went up to the bathroom and grabed a tooth bush and slowly slid it down her throat toliet seat already up he hands now clenching the side of the bowl Head flung forward vomit pouring from her mouth. The sent of half digested food filled her nose her throat burning eyes tearing up. Ana slowly got up wiped her face closed the lid and flushed the toliet then crept into her room. She laid down on her bed and began to bawl remembering the names everyone called her.
Her life had become her own personal was in so much and had no way of releaving it. Stuck in the nightmare that became her life she went to sleep secetly wishing that she wouldnt get up. School was unbearble like everyday but this time at lunch comeone said to her "Going to the bathroom hopefully to thow up fatass."
She tried to throw up but she hadnt eatten in so long she couldnt. All day she just kept hearing that. Ana had to find a way to get rid of this pain when she got home.
Ana was so upset she grab a knife a sliced open her wrist and for a split second she felt what she was looking for relief. The blood pouring from her wrist was comferting to her it reminded her that she is still alive. The pain from the knife wasnt anything compared to the pain she faced everyday at school.
Ana grades had turned fom all A's to C's D's and F's. What everyone didnt know that it was because she was scared that people might call her a dumbass when she got it wrong or if she got it right a suck up.
Ana had also lost 20 lbs since the begining of school no one cared everyone still called her a whale pathetic fat huge. Even when she got to her UGW she still kept going. The cutting didnt stop either it only got worse she started looking forward to craving into her skin with her knife.
She was willing to give up wearing short sleeves for the relief. Every night she would wish for it to be over, every morning she woke up was just another reminder of how the pain wont seem to stop.
ana stopped singing for the church all she wanted to do was die. She had become numb to insults to life. Saddness was the only emotion she felt. When she use to sing it would make her feel better now it just hurt like everything