Yes. Very.


After these last few months-

I know I can live.

Live for something,

Something more than you.

More than a player.

I'm living as a player.


How many times have I said that?

Who knew.

Who ever knew.

Actually- everyone knew.

We all knew.

I'm scarred, hardened, emotionless.

And now I'm taking it out.

So consumed, in hate,

that I can't


contain myself.

So much,

so much - anger

I trick even myself into liking another guy

My mind says

He's perfect

He likes you

My brain knows

It's not real

You're playing him

You're hurting him

You're destroying a heart

A hurt heart hurts


But it hurts others more

More than itself

More than it hurts.

Than it has ever hurt.


Stop, but no,

I can't.

Maybe he'll change me.

I know in my heart,

Maybe I do like him. No.

Probably not.

But he is amazing.

Too bad

I don't like perfect guys.

That's why he's different,

His heart... it doesn't-

Shouldn't be broken-

Not like mine.

"I'm scared to break it-

his spirit."

Says my selfish soul

Maybe he doesn't even-

even like you.

Bitch. 'Course he does.

He's liked you for years.


What? No way.


Why would he-

Poor guy...

So now-

I'm not just a bitch




Now I'm "that" girl

Who doesn't notice-

doesn't care about

The Hero.