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Chapter 1

My name is Alex.

Well, a while back ago, my brother had a very strange dream. I didn't understand…and he didn't either. So, he told our pastor about it and he interpreted it as something bad was going to happen. We thanked him, though we didn't fully understand WHAT bad thing was going to happen to us. We may not have believed it at first…but that was exactly what happened. Something bad happened to me and my brother.

It was a bright and sunny afternoon when out of nowhere a meteor landed in our large backyard. Thankfully, our backyard and neighborhood was more in a secluded part of the outskirts of the nearest town. Our few trees were so lucky, and a lot of the grass was not burnt from the impact. We had heard the crash in the ground, and felt it too. Curiously, we peeked outside the back door and then went out back to look at it.

"Wow," I said when we saw it, eyes widening. My brother and I circled it a few times, stepping over the grass that was still on fire. Slowly, I started to reach for it, a feeling tugging on me to do so.

"No! Don't touch it. It might contaminate you!" Charlie cried out. Charlie was a very young, little soccer player. For that fact, he was lean and tanned were the sun had 'kissed' his skin. He has onyx-like black hair like mine, but his is trimmed short for the sport. He has sky blue eyes, just like my mother. Me…well, my hair is a bit darker than Charlie's, if that's even possible, as well as be a little longer, to where the tips brush against my shoulders from time to time. My eyes are weird because the iris and the pupil are the same color black. I can see just fine, but, I mean, seriously, who has black eyes? At first I thought they were a really dark shade of a color, but nope, it's black.

"Shut up, Charlie," I said as I put my hand onto it.

"Ow!" I screamed as the electrical shock from the meteor sent me over the house and onto the front lawn.

"What the heck just happened?" I yelled still holding my hand.

"I think you were just flung over the house, by a meteorite, yeah, that's what happened."

"Charlie," I sighed. "Shut up."

"I was just telling the tru-"

I cut him off by saying, "Thanks, Mr. Obvious."

"No problem," He smiled.

Charlie helped me up so we could go inside. While we were sitting at the table, Charlie looked at my hand and jumped backwards in shock.

"What is it?"

"Your hand isn't burnt. I wanna touch the meteor!" I chased him out the back door and tried to stop him from touching it, but I was too late. He slammed his hand on the still-glowing meteor. Nothing happened. Then all of a sudden we heard this humming sound. There was a bright light and Charlie was flung over our fence and into our next door neighbor's backyard.


"Hehehe, awesome!"

"Good," I said as I got to the other side of the fence, and helped him up.

"Don't touch the meteor, got it? Now we have to hide it before Mom gets home."

"Won't w- you get hurt again?"

"No, I don't think so; we've both touched it so we'll be fine."


We struggled for about thirty minutes to get a whole two centimeters, when we heard the sound of a car turn in the driveway.

"Oh no! Mom's home! What are we gonna do?" Charlie asked. He looked distraught.

All of a sudden, it changed into a cloud of darkness, and dissipated.


"I have no idea, but it's gone. Now let's get inside before Mom gets in!"


We ran inside and closed the screen door, hurried to the table, and tried to look bored.

Mom walked in and said, "Did you guys see that? A meteor just soared over the town earlier today!" My mom was in her thirties with black hair that had a little bit of grey at the tips of each strand. I'm not sure if it was natural or not.

"Uh, yeah. That was weird," I said.

"Really weird," Charlie said, and immediately, I kicked him in the shin.


"It means shut up, stupid," I whispered.

"Oh, yeah."

Mom rolled her eyes at us and continued talking with telling us about her day. "I made a blanket for both of you and-"

"Yea!" I said sarcastically.

"-AND I got you guys some cookies from work. As I was going to say before I was interrupted, Alex."

"What type of cookies?" I said, skipping her statement.

"Chocolate chip, of course."

"Yum!" Charlie said as Mom tossed me the packaged goodies. Charlie and I each ate two of the six cookies, because if we ate three, Mom wouldn't get anything. Mom opened her mouth like she was going to say something, but she just closed her mouth and started to go to her room. I saw a tear roll down her face before she turned and went up the stairs. Ever since my step dad's death three years ago, she's been doing that. I guess she was going to tell us a story about something he would do, or did; but she didn't. The only times she came out of her room the rest of the day was for dinner and to tuck us into bed, but otherwise she didn't come out of her room.

That night, I had a very vivid dream. There were two men in the middle of an open area. The surroundings showed off the simple white and grey marble, laden with gold. It seemed that they were in a temple, for torches lit the room. One was dressed in black jeans, black combat boots, a black tee-shirt, and a black-hooded robe. He was very tall, maybe seven feet or something, with muscular arms. The other man was about the same, except for his clothes, his clothes were the complete opposite of the guy in black, but his hood was off. He had a buzz cut like he was in the military. He had a sword at hooded man's throat. As soon as I thought he would kill him, the hooded man shot his hand forward, and the guy in white flew backwards. He said something under his breath and held up his hand and, out of nowhere, a sword appeared and landed in his hand. The guy in white got up and the two charged each other. Every time their swords met sparks flew. The fight was intense, one would slash, but the other would parry the attack. The guy in white tried to stab, but the guy in black rolled and slashed. The white blocked. After a couple minutes of fighting, the guy in white blasted the hooded guy with a lightning bolt and said, "I hereby banish you to the Underworld. You are no longer allowed on Olympus unless it is the winter solstice."

"No!" The guy in black said as he vanished.

Then I awoke from my dream.

I opened my eyes, but I could barely see. My head felt hot and heavier than normal. I sat up and jumped when my cat meowed at me for throwing her off her rest spot, which just so happened to be my face. My body told me it was the morning, but it was still kind of dark outside. We live near a cemetery, so whenever I can't think, I walk through the woods to it. I think my dad is dead, but Mom says he was forced to leave me. I tried to prove her wrong multiple times, so I would walk through the cemetery and try to find my dad's stone. So, when I just need to think or be alone, I go out there. It's the only place I can be alone and actually think.

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