Hey guys, this is my first story so I hope you like it.

Hey, I'm Sam King. Short for Samantha, but if you call me that I will hurt you. I'm here to tell my story of what happened to me three years ago. It started off like this..

*Flashback* (In italics)

I was in school, walking to the cafe. When all of a sudden I was pulled into the jantiors closet. The lights turned on to reveal my boyfriend for 6 months, James McKennie.

"James, you have to stop doing that, you know it scares me sometimes". I said to him with a giggle. You see he was the only person to make me feel like well.. a real girl! I'm not really that girly infact I'm more of a tomboy than anything and I like it that way. James is the only one who can call me Samantha free will. Anyone else will have my fist enter there faces.

"I'm sorry babe, I just wanted to see my hot girlfriend. Is that a crime"? He asked with a cute smirk on his face.

"No its not". I told him and he kissed me on the lips and it started to get heated really fast. He started to kiss my neck with small butterfly kisses going up and down. I started to moan and I could feel his smirk on my neck, but then things started to go bad. James started to take off my shirt, that's when I pulled away.

"Um James can we not go that far". I told him nervously and he got angry all of a sudden.

"NO! I can't wait for you any longer Sam. I've been waiting for you forever and I'm going to get what I waited for". He growled at me and rip my shirt off. I started to scream and he covered my mouth. he unhooked my bra and took of my pants. I started to cry and tell him to please stop but he didn't want to and threw me on the floor. I was completely naked and he was to. I was crying and trying to scream for someone to help me but nobody would here me. Lunch was over and after lunch its time to go home. Nobody was here to save me. Finally after what seemed like an hour it was over. James laughed at me when he was done and walked out after putting on his clothes. James took something from me that day that I will never get back. I grabbed my clothes and put my bra back on and my ripped shirt and ran to my locker. I always have extra clothes in my locker. I grabbed them and ran to the bathroom, I changed into them and ran out of the bathroom and out of the school doors. I ran straight to my house and up to my room. I cried myself to sleep.

*2 hours later*

I heard a knock on my door and saw who came in. It was Drake, My step-brother who I can't stand. He always messes with me and doesn't care for anyone but himself and his little sister Katie, who is my Step-sister.

"Hey Samantha, dinner is ready". He said and he was smirking because he knew I hate when people call me by my full first name. But today I didn't care.

"Ok, I'll be right down, I just have to use the bathroom". I told him quietly and walked out of my room to the bathroom, closing the door on my Step-brother's confused face.

When I got downstairs I saw that everyone was at the table eating.

"What took you so long Sam"? My mom asked me.

"I had to use the bathroom". I told her quietly and starting eating what was on my plate. I saw everyone take a glance at me but quickly turned back to eating.

"So, how come I didn't see you at lunch Samantha? Making out with the boyfriend"? Drake asked me, and him and Cameron (Other step-brother) started to laugh. Once he said that flashs of James raping me entered my mind.

"Can I be excused"? I said with a shaky voice and ran upstairs before anyone could reply. I ran to my bedroom and locked the door. I ran to my bed and started to cry. I could here a lot of yelling downstairs and then a loud groan. Then heavy footsteps coming up the stairs. Then a soft knock on my door.

"GO AWAY" I shouted while still sobbing.

"Come on Sam, I didn't make you cry did I"? Drake said nervously. Everyone knows it takes a lot to get me to cry and if i'm crying now it must be something big.

"No, but just don't say that ok". I told him threw the door and went back to crying.

"Sam, Sammy, come on, please open the door". Drake begged me and I got up, wiped my tears away and opened the door.

"What"? I asked softly and he looked shocked about the amount of tear stains on my face.

"I'm really sorry Sammy if I maded you cry, I didn't mean it. You know when I say stuff like that, its just harmless teasing, I really didn't mean to make you cry". Drake said to me softly and it surprised me. Drake never apologizes.

"Its ok Drake, you didn't make me cry, something happened with J-James today and I'm kinda upset about it. Don't ask me about it because I'll get over it like I always do". I told him and he looked like he wanted to ask but didn't.

"Well I know I don't do this often, but if you need anything, I'm there for you ok"? Drake told me with a slight smile on his face and I smiled back at him and wrapped my arms around him to give him a hug. He tensed.

"Sam you know my no hugging policy". He told me still tense.

"Yeah I know, but live a little Drake, just this once". I told him and hugged him tighter.

"Fine". He said and hugged me back for a few seconds then let me go.

"Now don't tell anyone about that. I have a rep to protect". Drake said and winked at me and walked out. I felt happy for the first time that day.

*End of Flashback*

That was Three years ago. I was in the 9th grade when that happened and now I'm a senior in high school. I never forgot that day and I never got over it. I'm more quiet in class and everywhere else. No one but James knows about what happened. After that day Drake and I started to become friends then enemies. My family was pretty much the same except for my sister Demi. See she's the opposite of me. She is the most girlyest girl in the whole house and I'm not. But she's starting to buy more sluty outfits. I'm kinda worried about her. Anyway I started to walk to my next class and someone grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the jantior's closet. The same one I was raped in. See I've been avoiding James since the day he raped me and he must have finally snapped cuz here I am in the closet with him again.

"Why have you ben avoiding me Samantha? I've been calling you, texting you, emailing you and you never answered". James said getting mad.


"HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT TO ME YOU SLUT! YOU WEREN'T GIVING ME WHAT I WANTED SO I HAD TO TAKE IT FROM YOU! NOW YOUR GOING TO PAY"! He said to me and threw me on the floor. I tried to kick him but I missed and he kicked me in the stomach repeatedly. I heard yelling outside and black dots danced in my vision. I saw the door slam open and I saw Drake come in yelling and screaming at James to stop, but he doesn't. Finally darkness takes over me.

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