Aloha 'auinala! That means good afternoon. Sorry learning how to speak Hawaiian. Anyway here is chapter 5. Which is going to be in Drake's P.o.v because he's telling the parents what happened.

Drakes P.o.v

I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed from last night's sleep. Sam came in the middle of the night again and I love the fact that she trusts me. You would think being raped and abused she would never be alone with another male again. I do admit to having a big crush on Sam, but she would never feel the same way. Plus she's in a vulnerable state and us probably going out is not the best idea right now. I looked at her peaceful smile and smiled myself. I then unwrapped my arms from around her waist and I went downstairs to see the family eating breakfast.

"Good morning son". Dad said and everyone turned to me and said good morning.

"Morning everyone. Dad, Marie, I really need to talk to you guys. Alone". I said to them and they looked back up to me with a worried expression.

"Demi, Cameron take Katie upstairs". Marie said and Demi and Cameron groaned because they really wanted to here what I had to say but knowing them there going to easedrop.

"What do you need to talk about son"? Dad asked.

"Well its about Sam. Remember three years ago when she came home crying"? I asked and they both nodded, worried.

"Well, I found this out a two days ago and then something else happened so that's why I am telling you now. James, Sam's ex-boyfriend raped her three years ago". I said angry and they both gasped.

"What"?! They both said.

"Also a day ago he um r-raped her and a-abused her again and he broke her leg. I took her to the hospital because she tripped on her way down the stairs yesterday so her leg is in a cast and he just keeps coming after her and I just can't believe these things keep happening to her, and she trusts me but I feel like I'm going to mess up". I told them sobbing and my dad came up to me hugging me, while I sobbed in his chest. I just broke down, I couldn't take it anymore.

"Its ok son. Everything is going to be ok. You did the right thing by telling us". My dad said and I finally stopped crying and let go of him.

"The police came to the hospital yesterday because the second rape was at Sam's job and the video camera caught it on flim. Her boss watched the tape and called the police so he's going to jail. Hopefully for a long time". I said still angry for what he did to her.

"Well Drake, you did the right thing by telling us and you've handled this so well. How is Sam"? Marie asked me almost crying that her daughter had to go threw this.

"She's coping. I mean she cried so much over this whole thing and I know she will never get over it, but with her friends and family will probably help her threw this". I said honestly and they both nodded, agreeing with me.

*Meanwhile Upstairs* (No one's P.o.v)

"You know he's faking right. This has to be the biggest prank Drake has ever pulled". Demi said putting on her lipstick.

"I know my brother and even though he does pull a lot of pranks, He wouldn't pull this kind of prank". Cameron said sitting on Demi's bed.

"Well, I know my sister and she would do anything to get attention from the parents". Demi said adjusting her top.

"I don't think she would go this low Demi". Cameron said slightly nervous. He has a big crush on Demi, and what she's wearing, is not helping his crush go smaller. (Outfit on profile. I would never wear it though).

"Well I'm heading off to Gia's house". Demi said and walked downstairs and out the door. Cameron stared after her and realized what he was doing and snapped out of it. He ran out of Demi's room and decided to check on Sam. He went to her room only to discover that she was no where to be found. So he went to his brother's room and saw Sam crying in her sleep. I knew she wasn't faking this. Who goes this low for a prank or to get attention? He thought and started to shake Sam to wake her up. Sam started to stir and then woke up.

"Wha? Cameron? When did you get home"? Sam asked, confused.

"I got home last night, with the rest of the family but since it was late we didn't let you or Drake know. Drake also told the rents what happened". Cameron said and Sam had a look of horror on her face.

"I'm so sorry this happened to you and I know my brother cares a lot for you and even though he gets on people nerves, I'm glad he's my brother. You care for him to right"? Cameron asked and Sam stated at him.

"Yeah, I care for him a lot. He saved me Cameron. Plus I kinda like him. But he would never like me that way and he just saved me because we are Step-Siblings. I would like to be more than that though, way more". Sam said and Then hugged Cameron.

"What was that for"? Cameron asked shocked.

"For being the one to check on me. You would think it would be Mom or Demi but it was you so thank you. But please don't tell anyone about my crush on Drake. I don't know if he feels the same way and I don't want him to find out ok"? Sam begged him.

"I promise your secret's safe with me". Cameron said and hugged Sam again. But what they didn't know was that Drake was outside and listened to every word of the conversation and he was very happy to know that Sam felt the same way he did. He just had to prove it to Sam that he felt the same way. So Drake went downstairs to form a plan. I just hope she's knows I really do like her. He thought and went out the door, hoping his plan will get the girl of his dreams.