Hey guys. Sorry for the long wait. School just started and its hard because I just started high school and the homework is starting to pile up. Here is chapter 6. Chapter's back in Sam's P.o.v., then later Drakes.

After that talk with Cameron I felt a lot better. Because I finally confessed my true feelings about Drake to someone and I'm kinda glad it was Cameron. I was still in Drake's room so I decided that I needed to leave, but my leg hurt to much and I couldn't stand up. Stupid James. I thought and just layed there in Drake's Room upset. I heard someone come up the stairs and saw two figures enter my room. But they must have realized I wasn't in there and went to Drake's room. When they opened the door, it was Martin and my Mom.

"Oh Honey". Mom said and went up to hug me. I just wrapped my arms around her and started to cry again. I know Drake said that I could cry over this, but crying three days straight is getting on my nerves. I thought, while I was still crying and it was getting annoying.

"I'm so sorry this happened to you and I wish we would have noticed three years ago when you were upset. I'm just glad Drake picked up on it and helped you through it". My Mom said and I nodded.

"Yeah, he's been the best to me through this entire mess and I'm glad I have someone like him in my life". I said to them and they both looked at me nodding.

"Ok, Sam well you get some rest so that leg could heal alright"? Martin said and I nodded.

"Ok, But I don't know if Drake would want me sleeping in his room when he's not here, so can you guys help me back to my room"? I asked and they nodded. Martin and Mom helped me up and brought me to my room. Then Mom gave me a pillow to rest my leg on.

"Ok, sweetie just rest and I'll be back soon. Martin and I are going to the store ok"? Mom told me and I nodded.

"Ok, Bye Mom, Martin". I said and soon darkness caught up with me, pulling me into a peaceful sleep...

Drakes P.o.v

I ran down to the flower shop to get some flowers for Sam. You would think she would like Roses, but she like Lily's. Anyway, I got her the Lily's and then I ran off to the card store. All they had was Happy birthday cards which I find weird because its a card store. How do you run out of cards? But I got her that card and I explained my feelings to her in them. I finally got home with a content smile on my face. I hope she likes this. I thought and ran upstairs.

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