I don't understand the world sometimes. Is it really that hard to coexist with one another? It must be because the world never functions right. From the Holocaust to Civil Rights. Just when the world was turning around and stopping all this discriminative madness, Vampires felt that it was a decent time to reveal themselves. That was a mistake. Instead of the world accepting them, they turned on them feeling that their existence must be wiped out. Why? Because they fed on humans. Even though the majority of Vampires made a vow to never touch a human again, the world refused to trust them.

"Brandy" I heard someone call out my name

I realized I was completely zoning out and snapped back. I nearly forgot I was at work. It's just so boring here.

"BRANDY?" the girl I work with waved her hand in front of my face

"Huh?" I said recollecting my thoughts

"You need to re-stock those shirts in the mens department" she said sounding annoyed

"Ok" I sighed and got up from behind the jewelry counter.

That's where I was most of the day. Showing jewelry to rich fancy pants people. Then every once and a while I get to leave and do something else.

I made my way to the mens department. There were three boxes stacked waiting for me. I sighed and pulled out the box cutters from my pocket. After I restock the shelves I should be able to go home. Once I was done I went into the office to grab my things.

"What are you doing?" my boss turned in her computer chair

"ummmm I'm going home?" I asked

"Ohh no, you have to make up for that sick day last week remember?" she said

I sighed and set my purse back down. I left the office in dismay. Great by the time I leave work it will be dark out. I live in New York City so that should be extra fun. So I re did the setting of the jewelry cases to pass the time. Before I knew it my boss let me leave. It was time for the store to close.

I walked out the back door burying my hands in my pockets. It was cool out tonight. I walked down the sidewalk, I could see my car parked just two blocks down, a rather homely looking man was walking towards me. You really have to learn to ignore these people. You know that feeling, the "oh god please don't ask me for money" feeling.

"Excuse me maim?" he asked

I sighed "Yes?" I replied as nicely as I could, we were stopped on the sidewalk now.

"It's not safe walking alone at night, may I walk you to your car?" he asked

"Ummm, no thank you" I said and continued to walk

"Are you sure?" he asked

I turned to him

"There's some real weirdos out there…Vampires" he said

"Oh please there's hardly any of em left, even if I did let you walk me to my car and a vampire really wanted me that badly you probably couldn't stop him anyway" I said walking away

It was the truth. It won't make a difference. I walked across the street and unlocked my car with the remote. I had parked it in front of some "Gentlmans club". Not the smartest idea but it was the closest I could park to my work. I opened the passenger door and set my purse on the seat.

"GET OFF OF ME!" I heard a womanly shout from the allyway. I shut the car door and leaned my head to listen.

"AHH OW!" I heard her again

I sprinted to the alleyway and peered into it. My eyes squinted. A single street light illuminated a doorway. It illuminated two figures against the wall. I could barely tell. I stepped into the alleyway and was horror struck. A tall slender man had one of the club women against the wall. I saw something gleem in his mouth. Could it be? FANGS? Before I could react he bit down hard on her neck. She screamed. That's when I felt like a deer in headlights type of thing. I can't just stand here! I started to run towards them but he pulled away. He was coughing, he fell to his knees and started to cough violently. I could see the blood coming out of his mouth. He fell back holding his throat. The woman was standing over him now. Her neck was dripping from her wound.

"I got you fucker" she smiled in his face and stood up straight again

She pulled out a gun from her rather slutty outfit and pointed it at him. He arched his back grasping for something, but he only grasped for the air above him. He saw me standing there. His eyes, they caught me.

I cant just leave him. I felt the need to save him.

"HEY!" I snapped. The woman looked up at me

"Run along, this business" she said and looked down at him again, she cocked the gun.

I took a step forward. She then pointed it at me.

"Are you kidding? It's a Vampire" she sneered

"You can't just kill him" I defended

"Well you're not the one who got bit" she raised her voice

"LOOK AT HIM!" I pointed to him on the ground "He sure as hell isn't doing a hell of a lot better than you" I said kneeling down to him

He seemed unconscious now.

"Get away from it or I'll have to shoot you too" she said

"What did you do to him?" I stood up, she pointed the gun at me

"I said get away" she snapped

"What did you do to him?" I pressed

"I drugged my blood you dumb twat" she had the gun jabbing into my stomach now.

I immediately yanked it from her grasp and turned it on her. I don't know what the fuck I'm doing. I can't believe I'm doing this. All for a Vampire I don't even know. I can't even hold a gun. My hand was shaking as I pointed it at her, she put up her hands.

"You think you're going to shoot me?" she laughed, she stepped closer, I was startled and pulled the trigger. A loud boom cracked off the walls.

The look on her face was pure horror. She looked down. Nothing. I missed. She looked at me then immediately turned on her heel running down the opposite end of the ally. My hand shook and I tossed the gun away. I was shaking so much, I glanced down at the Vampire I just saved. His face was angelic, perfect. His skin was fair. From what I could tell his hair was dark, it was lazily slicked back in a messy disarray. I have to take him somewhere, not out in the open. He's vulnerable knocked out unconscious. That crazy chick could come back. I bent down and wrapped my arms under his armpits. I lifted. Holy shit he's heavy. I dragged him, thank god my car was just thirty feet away. I opened the back door of my car still holding him. I sat him up against my car and got in the backset. I lifted him from his armpits again trying to pull him in the back. It was a struggle but I was finally able to get him in the car. I crawled over him and got out shutting the door. I ran to the driver side and got in. I glanced in my mirror. He was still unconscious.

I peeled out of the spot hoping to god he doesn't wake up and scare me. When I arrived at my house I needed to get him out of the car. GREAT. I opened the door where his head was and grabbed him but his arms, I pulled him out straining myself. He hit the pavement.

"Shit, oh sorry I'm sorry" I apologized to him as if he were conscious

I picked him back up and dragged him, I shut the door. I lived in a studio apartment, I had to walk down five steps. I can't imagine carrying him UP steps.

I unlocked my door and dragged him in. My hand searched for the light switch, finally I could see. I looked at my couch. I'm not even going to try. He can just stay on the floor. I sighed as I stared down at him. My god he was insanely attractive. I was right, his hair was black, His jaw was defined, his nose was perfect. Everything was perfect, it must be a Vampire thing. There was a bit of blood gracing his lips.

I wonder what color his eyes are? I knelt down over him. He had something on his neck, I squinted to see. Before I knew it I was on my back, I had the wind knocked out of me. The Vampire was sneering in my face holding my arms above my head. He had me completely pinned.

Blue. His eyes were a deep blue.