Summary: Can you forgive someone who hurted you? Someone you never thought to pull you down into your own failure? Someone you never expected to snuff out your victor's song? Someone to whom you share some of your greatest memories? What if this someone is your most trusted person, can you still forgive him/her eventhough his/her words are just a bid of farewell?

It was so hard to forgive

For you who hurt and did me wrong,

For you who lied and tried

To destroy my hopes.


I took the shame and sorrow

You stepped upon my soul,

I bent and broke in pieces,

No longer strong and whole.


My self-confidence was zero,

I felt worthless, stained with dirt,

I bowed beneath the burden

Unsure, injured and hurt.


But then one time you came,

When we confront each other,

Without cursing nor loathing,

And just stared at each other.


Then as time passed by,

I asked "Why are you here?"

You said "I want to see you,

For the last time."


I puzzled, and you saw my expression.

You said "I'm sorry for what have I done."

I said, "I forgive you.." aimlessly,

Without reconsidering the hurt inside.


You never said anything after that,

You just show off your dazzling smile

That I never seen before,

And leave for good.


I asked myself, what just happened.

Slowly tears emerged simultaneously

On my dark reddened eyes as I realized,

You were already gone.


But why? Why I still have these feelings?

The feeling of hate,

The feeling of betrayal,

And the feeling of being abandoned.


I don't understand!

I already forgive you!

And yet, it is still insideā€¦

Luring and ruling me inside.


I tried to recall, I tried to go back,

And then I realized, your apologize

Is nothing but a bid of farewell...

This is my very first poem that I publish here... Well , I hope you like it and don't be shy to review. I am accepting opinions, reactions, critics and tell me if I made mistakes, wrong spelling grammar and whatever but please let keep flames under control.. :) I put -.-.- between the stanzas because I can't use double space here.