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When someone close to you dies, you know there are always going to be reminders. Reminders that you can't forget or put out of your mind. Reminders like the bedroom down the hall from yours that is always shut, with brightly painted wooden letters forming a name. Her name. Reminders like the numerous photos of them that adorn the walls of your house. Reminders that, somehow, you eventually learn to avoid.

But then there are other types of reminders. The reminders that you don't think to avoid because you can't even remember the link that they have to your sad memories. Reminders that you can't avoid, because you didn't even realise they were there. Reminders like your favourite restaurant in town that you can't even step foot in anymore because it was her favourite restaurant as well. Reminders like the bouquet of flowers that are currently being shoved in your face, causing you to hyperventilate because Lilies were her favourite flower. Lilies were her favourite everything. Lilies signify her. Lilies signify Lily.

The bouquet seems to blur a bit, and then it rockets to the sky. Or maybe you're just falling. Sinking. Dropping. And if you're falling, you're going to hit the ground. And maybe you just don't care. Not anymore.

Then everything is black.

Your eyes blink open sometime later. You're alone, the room is dark. Somehow, you're disappointed. The door swings open, and you look to see who has entered when he walks through the door. His face is absent of its usual carefree smile, instead, he wears a worried frown.

He sees you're awake, and his eyes light up as he darts to your side. You look up at him, your eyes large and fearful as he holds your hand and asks if you are okay. You realise that he cares, he understands, and he loves you despite your burden. And just knowing that lessens its considerable weight.

And yes, he may leave someday, like she did. But he's here now, and you can't hide anymore.

You glance around the room absentmindedly, and your eyes hit the bouquet of lilies in a vase. Tears well up in the corner of your eyes, and you don't let them fall, but you don't hide them either.

He sees them, but he doesn't say anything. He just knows, without you having to tell him.

He kisses them away.

Months pass, and it's getting better. You don't hurt every time you see a reminder, you just start to worry that there aren't enough of them anymore. That someday, you might forget. Not the big things, but the little ones. Like the exact way her hair curled, or the tone of her voice when she teased you, or her favourites colour. But it's okay, because he understands.

It's a clear night when he takes you to the beach. You're looking at the stars when he calls your name. You turn to see him down on one knee, that special, life-changing velvet box in his hand. You don't think twice before saying yes and leaping into his waiting arms.

They catch you and hold you steady as he spins you around in joy.

Then it's the day of your wedding.

The dress is perfect, and you feel beautiful as you walk down the aisle on your father's arm. You cast one sad smile over your shoulder at the lack of a Maid of Honour, but as you turn around to the front again, you catch sight of your wedding bouquet.

It's made of lilies.