Humans Are Not Humane

We like to think we are supreme

The greatest race there is

And in our minds we all believe

We're here so we can live

I believe that's how we started

But now the rules have changed

Faith and love have now departed

And left us filled with shame

Look around at what we've done

The world is slowly dying

Instead of paradise and delusion

The sky has begun crying

Poison tears of rain do fall

Smokes and fumes now rise

The human race once standing tall

Now keeps with its demise

Before the anthropophagus lived

Herbivores we were

Now hot relics are all we're with

Our words, disjointed bur

Inequity lies all around us

In every cleft aperture

When it comes to untainted cowardice

The human race be not amateurs

We hide behind masks of humanity

A lion that feigns being tame

But inside is locked all our insanity

You're barely human if you're humane

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