Nothing Compares to You


I loved you and I know you loved me. I felt it; I could see it in your eyes. I know you never said it often, but you didn't need to. Those words never needed to be spoken for me to know how you felt. So why did you have to go? I always thought that we would be together forever, but I know now that nothing lasts forever.

Nothing compares to the way you loved me.

You used to hold me tightly until I felt nothing more than your arms around me and your heart beating in your chest. I would feel safe and warm and I would feel like nothing could harm me. Now that you're not here anymore I feel vulnerable and colder. I miss your hugs. For me, there was nothing else like them.

Nothing compares to the way you held me.

I always loved how you embraced life every day. Even on days where things didn't go to plan, you would always find the positive side of things. You always made humour out of a bad situation. I knew I could count on you if I felt day. Your love of life made me love my life as you do yours. I miss you on the days when I feel day

Nothing compares to your love of life.

I really do miss you and with every passing day, I wish I could see you again. I wish you would hold me, smile at me and tell me that everything will be fine. But you're no longer here to do that for me. I need you, but I am trying to live my life like you always told me to. I will enjoy what I've got because I now know that it can be gone in a second.

Nothing compares to you.


Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed it. Please let me know what you thought! XD


Markie! xx