She sits in the back pew of the church in what on Sunday nights is the unofficial 'Youth Section'. She had followed a group of teenagers that she knew from school in. The group she'd followed chooses a pew and they all file in. By the time it's her turn to take a seat there is no room left. No problem, she thinks, I'll start my own row. It's not their fault after all that the row filled up. So she moves away and sits a few pews back. A few minutes later she sees a few more girls she knows from school walk in. They need a seat too. How perfect, she has a whole empty row next to her. Surely since they know her they'll sit with her, and besides, everything else is filling up quickly. They look right at her and the row next to her and then move on and sit together in an empty one. She is left sitting all alone. Her smile falters a little. Well maybe they had a reason to sit there, she thinks, maybe they're expecting someone. Despite all her rationalizing she is beginning to wonder, Is something wrong with me? Why will no one sit next to me? I thought this was a church, aren't they supposed to welcome you and love you?