The Traveling Heart

She wanders down

the winding road


that she was in fact alone

and sees a humble welcoming abode

but does not stop to rest.

On passing by,

the master of the house

decides to follow;

Travelers usually stopped.

As she passes yet another,

not taking note of her followers,

more masters begin to wonder

if she would ever look behind her

and perhaps pick a house.

They noticed her beauty and wonderful wealth-

but did not see her drooping shoulders and her tears.

Mumbling and growing tired,

they asked when she would stop

to see which one is of her liking.

Ignoring their questions,

she does not mention her

true intentions of her travel.

Shrugging their shoulders,

they continued to follow in

hopes that her heart

will tire.

-Foolish heart,

why cry and sigh of aching pain

when you've passed five houses

and not yet tried one again?

"I do not look for a master,

only for my beloved traveler

lost in the maze of the wood."