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SO enjoy and please keep that in mind… ooh and you may notice that Anne's character is similar to Astrid's (if you have read my wings of Soul) well that is because Astrid/Anne are based on my dear friend Amber (notice the A) but a little bit exaggerated especially the anger management, we just tease (behind her back for she may attack us) that she has anger management LOVE you Amber (she thinks nervously)

Sorry about the super longer intro I had coffee :D

Chapter 1

"I can't believe the holidays are over", I groaned to my best friend, Anne. Anne who is a lot shorter than me she has amber eyes and brown hair as well as a rather worrying obsession for Taylor Lautner. We were on the school bus.

"I know, but Alice we will be in GRADE 11 this year!" Anne said gleefully.

I grinned knowing that this year was going to be great, but there was no way I was going to tell Anne this as I knew that I would never hear the end of it.

The bus stopped with its usual lurch.

I stood up and turned around to pick up my bag. That is when I saw him and our eyes met, my mouth popped open with an audible gasp.

He was tanned with black short hair and beautiful green eyes that made you go weak at the knees.

He had full lips that made your mouth water with angelic features. He wore black jeans and shirt which showed off his muscles. In total, he was just drop dead gorgeous!

I hadn't realized how much time had passed it could have been a millennia for all I cared

I felt a weird tug on my arm and I lifted my gaze to look at Anne a impatient frown as she tugged on my arm and waved in front of my face.

"Hello Alice this planet please," said Anne as she checked her watch. "Ooh No, come on we're going to be late for class again!" She said impatiently

I ran to class, waving at Anne as she went in her class, only just making it in time for register, my favorite part of the morning because being in the music class ( which basically means everyone in the class plays a jazz instrument) means that there is always someone practicing their pieces or explaining, so you got the drummers jamming on the tables, the pianists messing on the tables and myself and my fellow saxophone players singing our pieces with ba ba ba noises. The bell rang making my next subject English my least favorite subject.

At break time we walked to the field to sit in our usual spot on the grand stands on the side of the field in the shade of the trees along with our other friends, Jeff, who is seriously gay, and Zoe, one of my greatest and dearest friends next to Anne. I couldn't wait to sit down with them and chat about the new guy.

I was thinking about what I was going to say, while singing (as usual) the song, you can't stop the beat from hairspray.

When I saw him walking to the field to play with the other boys,

"Ooh look there he is!" I said trying my best not to drool or gape.

Anne gasped in as she took in how gorgeous he was. He was playing rugby like a god.

He had the ball and was running for a try; he was going so fast I swear his feet didn't touch the ground it was almost like he was flying.

"Ooh My God All, he looks just like Taylor Lautner, I need to sit down my knees have gone all weak and shaky." Anne said a little breathless and sat down. I rolled my eyes and shook my head at Jeff who sighed.

"Oohh girl is he hot, I think I am going to faint " moaned Jeff (in a totally gay way).

"I know I can't believe it either and he was starring right at me!" I said.

"You are so lucky, I wish a guy that hot would noticed me, he is so.., um..." she was at a loss for words,

"Unreal!" Zoe offered with a sigh.

I nodded in agreement as I looking at him once more and for the rest of the break I ate my lunch and gossiped with my friends about him.

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