In the Dark

She lived her life in the dark,

but not without a word to say

in the hopes that one day

some good would come of leaving her mark.


She hadn't always been this way.

Illness struck when she was nearly two.

All thought that she was through.

But she lived on, and she would pay.


No longer did the world hold light.

Colors faded to gray.

Noise faded away,

as sound lost its might.


She grew older,

every soul wrapped 'round her finger tight.

Undisciplined, unruly, she raged in her lonesome fight.

Anger pent-up inside unintentionally made her actions colder.


What it was to know,

no one had ever told her.

no one had ever come who was bolder

to make her behave, learn, and grow.


For the door to open

and the way to show,

they needed one to end their woe,

one they could hope in.


They finally found a teacher.

She would tolerate no mopim'.

She was determined her pupil's heart to rope in,

but it would take time to reach her.


With a new patience unknown and love abound,

at first she seemed a creature.

No lenience did she feature.

Her strict demeanor would bring the child around.


Obedience was first,

then words relentlessly the teacher did hound,

and quite soon she found

water was the key to thirst.


The child saw the light, and she heard the lark.

all because her teacher insisted.

Grateful, she no longer resisted.

She would never again live her life in the dark.