Devoid of Hope

My light, my love,

Look my way.

My shining sun,

My flitting dove.


With your eyes so bright

And clear as crystal,

They're dark as night,

Patient and pure.


Your chin is set,

Your mouth upturned.

Sure and steady,

There you go.


Your brow is firm,

Raised just so.

Thin and strong,

A leader they show.


Your laughter spreads

From deep within.

It's soft, warm glow,

Chasing away all dreads.


Your gentle touch,

Soothing and cool.

It struck me odd,

I'll never forget.


Your selfless nature,

Your overpowering care,

Your radiant beauty,

Let anyone surpass, I dare…


And when you crumble,

The world could end.

When your stride, it falters…

My soul, it aches.


Your tears pound

Into the depths of my heart.

Your wordless scream

Pierces my strength.


As your breath catches,

Mine is blown away.

You reach for the wall.

My head is spinning.


I'll carry you if I have to;

I will if I won't.

I swear, I'll never give up.

You're coming with me!


We'll trudge through together.

When we look back in the end,

We'll embrace and we'll cry,

Then you'll smile again…


Hand in hand we'll stride,

Leaving all grief behind.

I'll sacrifice anything…

I'll be by your side.