Ah, I've been writing this story for almost three years now, and yet I've only finished, like, seven chapters. I think this is because writing takes me too long, and makes me lose interest quicker. Since I am a very fast typer, I have decided it would be good to put it up here, to inspire me.

Hope you enjoy it!

And yes, this is another zombie story. Sorry for all the repetition in the world. It saddens me too.

Chapter 1

It was a dark, gray day, the sun covered by the clouds. I was walking to school with my brother, who's ten years younger to my sixteen. His hand was in mine and he was squeezing it tightly, as if afraid that at any moment, I would shimmer away and he would have to find the way home all by himself.

Nah, not really. I'm not really sure why, but the little guy seemed to love my guts. I think it started when I saved his life when he was five. He'd been sitting in the backyard with me, near our swimming pool, which went from two feet deep to five and a half foot deep.

Suddenly, a small baby bird took a dive right into the five foot end. And Mark, my then only five year old brother, leaped right in after it.

I'd watched as he grabbed the baby bird as gently as he could in one hand, and held it high above his head, as high as his arm would go.

Then with the one arm he had left to use, he'd began to paddle frantically, but quickly realized he was sinking and begun to scream.

I'd dived in after him and pulled both him and the bird out. After that he'd glued himself to my side. And best of all, the baby bird had survived, and Mark had kept it, and named it Aqua.

Mark has light brown, curly hair, blue eyes, light skin, and is about three feet tall, two inches. I am five foot tall, two inches, skinny, with light skin, brown hair with black streaks that I added myself. I have brown eyes that match my hair. Sorta.

We arrived at Mark's school, two blocks away from my high school.

"Bye Mark." I said, letting go of his little hand.

"Bye!" he said back, a smile on his face. "Have a fun day at school!"

"I doubt it." I said to him. Mark ignored my negativity and practically skipped off to class.

Arriving at my school was like arriving in a lesser version of hell. Its not that I wasn't popular, I was plenty popular. I had plenty of friends and we had lots of fun together. It was just really boring.

I trudged to my first class, math no less. The class every sane person hated. My seat was in the third row, right by the wall. In the seat next to mine was my best friend Heather. She was the same age as me, but shorter. She was four feet, ten inches. Our height was one thing that brought us together. She has long blond hair that she had highlighted pink and cut into layers. She was real skinny and had green eyes.

"Hey Brenda." she said as I sat down next to her. I nodded as a reply to her. I was too tired to answer her properly.

"Are you still coming to my house this weekend?" she asked and I nodded again. She nodded without saying anything this time, knowing I wouldn't do anything but nod.

Our teacher, , stepped into the class, followed by a student I didn't recognize. Mrs.. Kenny said something to the boy and pointed to an empty seat. The boy nodded and walked tot he seat next to my friend Jason. Jason's hair was kinda spiky, and a light brown like my brother's. His eyes were brown too, but a soft brown, and he was taller then me, at five foot eight. He was a lot taller then me, but I couldn't help that. I also couldn't help how much I loved him.

The new boy started talking to Jason, a smart move. Jason was pretty popular, so if you hung out with him, you were set.

But that is not why I love him. I love him because despite how popular he is, he is one of the nicest person I've ever met.

He would talk to anyone no matter how unpopular they were, and it never affected his popularity.

The new boy had a buzz cut and his hair was blond and wore a head band. He had hazel eyes, and unbelievably, he was taller then Jason, by at least two inches.

Jason was close enough to me that we could talk together without being caught.

"Jason, what are you doing this weekend?" I asked, ignoring the new boy. I admit, I was trying to distract Jason so that he would focus on me.

He smiled gently at me and my heart fluttered. "Well, Ron here just invited me to go with him to the cemetery this Saturday."

I looked over at the new boy, who smiled at me and held out his hand.

"Hello. I'm Ron. Age, seventeen. Would you like to come too?"

I shook his hand and smiled back. I decided I wouldn't have to dislike him after all.

"I'd love to come. What about you, Heather?"

Heather nodded. "Sure. But why do you want to go to a cemetery anyway?" she asked. Ron shrugged.

"I've never been to one."

"Me neither." Jason said and I cocked an eyebrow.

"What about your grandma's funeral last year?"

Jason looked slightly embarrassed. "I-I didn't go. I went to the open service, but when they buried her, I didn't go."

"Why not?" I asked.

"I just didn't go." he said. "It was too sad."

"Well, you'll go now right?"

Jason nodded.

"Yeah, sure. I'll go.


Last period came and I waved to my friend August. She was Asian, had long black hair, brown eyes, sixteen like me, a year younger then Jason and Ron. Was was five feet tall, and her sister July looked just like her, since they were twins.

I took a seat in front of Todd. You know that one kid in every class who no one talked to? Not because they were ugly,(they could be pretty or handsome)not because they dressed weird, (casual clothing) and not because they were mean? (really nice if they speak to you) Just because that person was way too shy to talk to anyone, so you didn't talk to them, and the longer no one talked to them, the more you couldn't hang out with them because it would make you uncool?

Well, that was Todd. He was a year younger then me and five foot five. Not fair.

He had black hair that was down to his shoulders with bangs that basically covered his auburn colored eyes. The color of dark wood.

No one talked to him. I didn't even talk to him. I'm sure that if Jason had had any classes with him (he doesn't) he would talk to him.


I turned at the slightly familiar voice. It was Ron. Apparently we had this class together too.

"Hey Ron."

Since there were no other free seats, Ron plopped down in the one next to Todd. Todd practically jumped out of the chair he was sitting in and he looked at Ron with an astonished face. Ron noticed his reaction.

"Hello." he said with a smile. "My name's Ron. What's yours?"

Todd didn't answer his question, just quickly looked the other direction.

"His name is Todd. HE doesn't talk to anyone." I said, and Ron looked back at Todd.

"Why not?" he asked him. "Aren't you lonely?"

I was waiting to see if Todd would offer a word or two. He didn't. He ignored him. The boy behind Todd, Kevin, became aware of their conversation.

"Nah, he just thinks he's better than the rest of us. Too good to speak to us."

Kevin was eighteen and his hair was dyed a dark purple. He had brown eyes and was the tallest boy I knew, standing in at six feet, six inches, with a jock's body.

Ron looked once more at Todd, then clasped one of his hands down on Todd's shoulder. Todd jumped again.

"So it's settled!" he said, no one remembering anything being settled. "You're coming with us to the cemetery on Saturday!"

Todd shook his head and Ron looked downcast. I didn't mind if Todd came, so long as every one knew that I wasn't the one who invited him.

Thirty minutes into class, I heard Ron whisper, "He's wrong isn't he? You don't think you're better than anyone do you? You're just too shy to talk to anyone and when anyone talks to you, you get nervous and scared, you don't know what to say. So you don't. Right? He's wrong."

Ron had said it all in a whisper, but Kevin had heard it too.

"You calling me a liar?" he boomed, standing up. I only briefly saw the look of regret on Ron's face before he stood up and swung around to face Kevin.

"Did I say that?" He spat. Everyone was watching, including our teacher, unsure of what to do.

"That's what you meant!" Kevin shouted. Kevin sneered at Todd, who was staring wide-eyed enough that his bangs lifted above his eyes.

I wasn't planning on getting in the middle of this, and apparently neither was the teacher. She was watching with as much interest as the rest of us.

"You shy?" Kevin laughed, talking to Todd now. Todd looked away and Kevin laughed harder. Suddenly he whacked Todd in the side of the head. Todd hit the ground with a yelp and Ron snapped.

He punched Kevin right in the face and Kevin fell back. Before he could get up to do anything, the teacher stepped in between them. She was puny compared to them but both of them stopped.

"Calm down!" she screamed, both to Kevin and Ron, and the rest of the class, who were screaming their heads off.

"Both of you get to the Dean's office right now!" she shouted. Ron didn't protest, just nodded. Kevin looked very angry, probably because he wasn't able to punch Ron back, but he sighed.

"Fine." he grunted, then walked out of the classroom. He knew where the office was. Ron waited till Kevin was gone before leaving, telling the teacher he already knew where the office was.

Everyone began calming down and I looked at Todd. He was still on the floor, watching Ron leaved. When he was gone he got back into his seat and sat silently for the rest of the period, his expression matching that of a confused cat.

I already knew that, finally, Todd had found a friend.


Saturday rolled around and I was sitting on my bed with Mark on my lap, watching TV, when my phone rang.

I pulled it out of my pocked at checked the caller I.D. It was Jason.

"Excuse me Mark." I said to my littler brother, and he climbed off my lap, holding Aqua gently. The little bird stirred but made no sound, sleeping soundly.

"Hello Jason." I said as I put my phone to my ear.

"Hey Brenda. You ready? Cause we're coming to pick you up right now."

"Yeah, I'm ready."

"Cool, see you soon."


I ran down the stairs, Mark trailing after me. I was still shocked that Ron could even go, but he said his parents didn't mind if he fought if it was to protect someone else.

"Can I come?" Mark asked as I opened the door. I saw Ron's car pulling up. For a moment, I thought I would tell him no, but instead, I scooped him up. "Sure, but don't get scared."

He nodded, got out of my arms, and I tugged him to the car. Well, not tugged him, since he more or less tugged me. Luckily, no one seemed to mind that Mark was coming along.

Heather and I spent the trip over chatting about school, music, movies, ect. Mark talked to Ron and Jason about his favorite show. Jason kept smiling back at me and it made me smile.

When we pulled up to the cemetery, everyone jumped out. The graveyard loomed over us menacingly, with a feeling of death.

Jason was the first to approach the steel gates, pushing them open without much effort. Mark was the first to go charging in like a mad bull. We trailed after him, looking this way and that.

"Wow." Heather said. "So many graves."

"Yeah." Ron agreed. "I didn't realize so many people could die in such a small town."

Jason was walking slowly and eyeing the graves suspiciously, as if thought something was going to launch itself out of the ground at him.

"Jason are you okay?" I asked him, and he looked over. "Oh, yeah totally. Perfectly fine."

I didn't believe him. "Are you afraid?" The look on his face was answer enough. "What is there to be afraid of?"

He didn't answer for a moment, then whispered. "Zombies."

"Zombies?" I repeated back. "You believe in zombies?"

"No...it's just...what if they are real?"

I smiled and took his hand. "Don't worry. I'd protect you."

He smiled. "And I'd protect you."

I smiled too, blushing a little. Suddenly our peaceful moment was shattered when Ron shouted, "Oh my God!" And he shouted it really loudly.

"What?" Heather shouted, looking around in a panic. Jason and I stopped walking and Mark screamed. But because he had a reason to, but because Ron has scared him.

"I forgot Todd." Ron said, and we all started shouting at him for scaring us.

"Sorry, sorry." he said, climbing back into his car and starting it up.

"How are you going to find him?" Heather asked and Ron smiled at her.

"Well, yesterday after I got home from school, I went to sit outside, and imagine my surprise when around one- thirty, guess who comes walking down the sidewalk and into the house next to mine, but our dear friend Todd!"

"Todd?" Jason repeated. "Isn't that the boy who doesn't talk much? I see him around, but don't have much time to talk to him."

"Yes, him." Ron said, and he began to drive away. We watched him go with boredom. THere was no way he was going to convince Todd to come along.

But surprisingly enough Ron came driving back and Todd was with him. I wondered for a moment what the hell Ron had said or done to actually get him to go along.

"How did you get him to come?" I asked as Ron climbed out.

"I told him if he didn't, I would stay up all night, tapping on his bedroom wall and scratching his windows with my nails."

"Wow." I said, watching Todd stare sullenly at a grave. For a long time we didn't do anything but look at graves, getting excited when we found one with the same first or last name as one of us, or had been born in the same year.

Mark was walking next to Todd, talking and talking. He reminded me a lot of Ron in his attitude, who soon joined them. Mark and Ron's aura attracted Jason, and he went over too, talking up a storm.

Todd ignored them all. But once, when Mark told him he had rockstar hair I saw him smile.. Just a little twitch of his mouth, but a smile non-the-less. Heather and I mostly stuck together and sometimes we drifted over to the boys. By five I could tell that everyone was starting to get bored, so I suggested we leave, since it was getting dark anyway.

But as we were leaving, Heather suddenly stopped and said, "Look! Over by the gate!" We all looked over to the gate. A man was slumped over a grave, blood pouring out of his head. Mark started to cry right off the bat, and I screamed.

"Come on!" Heather said. "We have to help him!"

"B-b-b-but!" I stammered, unsure what to do. Mark was clinging to me and Todd was next to us, obviously with no plans to join them. We watched for a moment, but then Todd turned around and tapped my shoulder. I looked to where he was pointing and froze.

A hand was pulling itself out of the ground I screamed again, and this time another one echoed mine. It was Heather.

I turned to see that the man on the grave had grabbed her by the arm and was pulling her toward him. Ron kicked the guy in his face and his whole face caved in. Ron turned green and Jason shouted, "What the hell is going on?" because the man was still moving, though he'd released Heather.

"We gotta get out of here!" I screamed, grabbing Mark and clutching him to my chest, and running at the speed of light. Heather, Jason, and Ron were running in the opposite direction, towards me.

We reached each other and all started screaming, none of us making real sense except Heather, who kept yelling, "Zombies! Zombies!" Mark was crying loudly and he was actually starting to get my shirt wet with his tears.

"Come on!" Ron shouted. "Let's go!" He grabbed Heather's arm and started to run. We ran after him. And then I saw them. It was like the horror movies. People pulling themselves out of the ground, flesh falling off them.

"This can't be happening!" I screamed and a low moan started to rise in the air.

"Oh God!" Heather shouted. "They're moaning!"

She was more panicked then I'd ever seen her before, but I didn't blame her.

The zombies, there was no other word for them, had now begun to chase us and were reaching out to us, trying to grab us. And they weren't being slow about it either.

We piled into Ron's car the second we reached it. I climbed in so fast I slipped and his my head against the glass window. Jason was next to me and Mark was in my lap. Heather and Ron were up front.

Ron locked the doors just as the zombies reached his car and started to pound on it. I had started crying, their horrible, rotten face, too hard to look at, and Jason grabbed my hand.

"It's okay." he said, but his voice was shaking. Ron looked into the backseat and his eyes widened.

"Where's Todd?" he shouted, and it immediately became apparent to the rest of us that he was not in the car.

"There!" Jason shouted, pointing out the windshield. Todd was standing in the same exact spot as he had been forty seconds ago. He hadn't moved. And it didn't look like he was planning to. The zombies were just starting to notice him too.

"That idiot!" Ron shouted, stepping on the gas and running over three zombies on the way. They were all screaming, angry at out escape.

"Heather, unlock my door!" Ron shouted and Heather reached over him and unlocked it.

"No!" Mark sobbed. "No, don't let the monsters in!"

"I'm not gonna let the monsters in!" Ron shouted to him. "I promise!"

Todd had seen us coming, and he started backing away, away from Ron's unlocked door, like he going to run away from us.

"What's he doing?" I asked in disbelief, my eyes not believing what they were seeing.

"Oh no you don't!" Ron shouted as he swerved the car in Todd's direction so that the car was right next to him. He threw open his door and grabbed Todd roughly by the arm and pulled him in. Todd landed right on Heather, who grabbed him by his shirt and tugged him so he could get up.

"Todd!" Mark shouted, grabbing Todd's shirt and trying to pull him into the backseat. "Todd you okay? Are you okay?"

Todd sat next to Jason and since the backseat was now full, Jason was pressed right up next to me. Under better circumstances I would have been ecstatic.

"You okay? Mark repeated and Todd nodded this time.

"Are you going to ram the gate?" Heather suddenly asked from the front seat.

"No time to get out and open it!" Ron answered, and a second later we crashed right into the cemetery gate. I skid off my seat and slammed right into the back of Heather's. I heard yelling, crying(which was probably Mark) and felt a lot of people getting thrown around.

But Ron had cleared the gate and he skid to a halt. He threw open his door and climbed out.

"Jason!" he shouted, and Jason, who had- due to the fact there was no seat between the two front seats- rolled into the front, followed after him.

"They're shutting the gate!" I said to Heather, who had just started to ask what they were doing. Heather's whole face looked bruised and I figured she had hit the dashboard. Mark was crying loudly. Somehow, he had ended up on Todd's side of the car and I pulled him over to me to calm him down.

Todd-who had been rubbing the side of his head- suddenly climbed over the front seat and started to honk the horn.

"What?" I asked him, but then I saw. The zombies were going to beat Ron and Jason to the gate.

"Come back!" Heather and I started screaming, while Mark shouted, "Back! Back!" Todd just kept honking the car horn.

Ron and Jason came to the same conclusion we had and came running back. Todd climbed over the front seat. Jason darted into the back through the front and Ron was in the driver's seat and speeding down the road in ten seconds flat. His nose was bleeding from hitting the steering wheel, and now that a paid more attention, Todd's head was dripping blood, and the window had a crack that hadn't been there before.

"Is your head okay, Todd?" I asked, and he nodded.

"What about our families?" Jason asked, and you could see Ron's inner turmoil as he tried to decide what to do. Then he said, "Call them and tell them to lock their doors! Tell them to get somewhere without doors or windows!"

But my cellphone was dead. Everyone's was. And it was too late to go check on our homes, because the streets were already over run with zombies, since there was more then one cemetery.

I pulled Mark into my lap and curled him up into my chest so that he wouldn't have to see it. See all those people being ripped apart and eaten alive. I leaned my head on Jason's shoulder so I wouldn't have to see it either.

Jason put his arms around me. I heard Heather whisper, "Where are we going to go?" I knew she was talking to Ron, so I didn't say anything.

"I don't know."

There! That took forever. And my neck hurts horribly. But I'm happy with it. I added a few things. Hope you all liked it!