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Chapter 7

"The school." Jason suddenly said after ten minutes of driving around aimlessly. I looked at him.

"What about it?"

"That's where we should go." Jason, sitting up so he could point, said. I looked where he was pointing, and even though I couldn't see the school, I recognized the direction it was in.

"The school?" Ron repeated, and Jason nodded.

"It had food, water, and it's safe."

The reason he described our school as safe was because there was a giant gate attached to the front, instead of walls. It also didn't have any windows. Nobody quite knew why this was, but it was rumored that the school was going to be a prison before it was made into a highschool. I guess they decided that it was pretty much the same thing.

"That sounds good." Ron said with a nod. "Let's take a vote. Who wants to go to the school?

Ron, Jason, and I put our hands up, and Mark did the same once I put mine up. The only one who didn't raise their hand was Todd, who was staring out the window like none of this really concerned him.

"Do you have somewhere you want to go?" I asked him, but he didn't look up. Was he ignoring? Or had he just not heard me? His eyes just focused on a cat that was curled up on a wall across the street.

"Todd, I said, but again he didn't look up. I looked at Ron.

"Todd." he said, and instantly, Todd's eyes shifted over to look at him. That answered my question. He was just ignoring me! I looked at Jason like, "WTH?" and he shrugged.

"Do you have somewhere you want to go?" Ron asked, and Todd just stared at him for a split second, then shook his head. So it was decided. We'd go to the school.


How are we going to get in? That was my first thought. But after a frightening few minutes of looking around to make sure zombies weren't sneaking up on us, the boys were able to successfully able to find a single unlocked door in the gate. We went in and locked it behind us with a chair, so unless the zombies knew how to climb fences, we'd be okay.

I felt a pang of fear. So far, it seemed we'd been stuck with the unbelievably smart ones. But then I remembered that there were four more gates we could pull shut that blocked the open hallways. The boys went around and pulled all gates shut, double checking until they were sure it was safe.

"Brenda, I'm hungry." Mark said, and Ron nodded as if the sentence had been directed at him.

"Okay, me and Jason will check the classrooms for any...you know."


"The rest of you go to the kitchen and whip something up."

"Okay!" Mark agreed eagerly, happy to get any food, and he held out his hand to Ron, already ahead of the game. "I'll hold Todd's leash."

We all gave him amused smirks, except Todd, who looked less than pleased to have it described that way. Ron wiped the grin off his face and nodded seriously. "Okay, but this is a big responsibility, okay?" he said, ruffling Todd's hair. Todd pushed his hand away, then smoothed his hair.

Mark nodded and grabbed the rope, excited to be given an important task. He started off, even though he had no idea when the lunchroom was. Luckily, he was going the right way, so I set off after them, looking back at Jason as I went. He smiled at me, so I smiled back. I hoped we'd be able to spend more time together later, because besides our brief kiss as Ron's house, we hadn't been able to have any alone time.

We got to the cafeteria, and went into the kitchen. It was the first time I'd been behind the serving windows, and it was really weird. The place was huge, with really big stoves. I saw a huge door in the back, which I knew must be the freezer, so I went to it, and pulled it open. I whistled in approval at all the food I saw, taking mental stock. Frozen pizzas, popcorn chicken, chicken nuggets, orange chicken, burritos, nachos, teriyaki chicken, and salads. Enough food to last us a few months.

Surely in three or four months, this would be over.

"Chocolate milk!" Mark chirped happily, tearing open a container. I let him, since there was tons of milk, in three flavors; original, chocolate, and strawberry.

Todd grabbed one too, and to my surprise, it was strawberry flavor. I'd never imagined he'd like sweet stuff. After all, he'd turned down Mark's birthday cake. But he was chugging it down.

"Come on." I said, looking away. "Lets start cooking."


Jason shut the door to the Biology room. So far, the school seemed like it was safe. He'd checked four rooms, and he hadn't seen a single zombie. But there was still plenty of ground to cover. He just hoped if there was a zombie, it wasn't in the cafeteria with Brenda.

His hands tightened around his gun at the thought of Brenda. The two of them had known each other for years, but had never really spent time together outside of school. He opened the door to another classroom, but he didn't know what subject had been taught. Looking around, he saw a lot of things written in spanish though, so that clued him in. He drifted up and down the rows of desks, not only looking for zombies, but also checking for anything that might be useful, or just interesting, since they might be there awhile. He went over to some metal cabinets, eyeing it warily. They were definitely big enough to hide in, if you were a full grown human. Jason reached over and pulled the door open, ready to shoot. But there was nobody there. He put the gun down for a second, then picked it back up. If there was a zombie, it could attack at any moment.

He wasn't as good as Ron when it came to shooting, but he wasn't bad either. Every summer his dad took him hunting, so he knew the basics. Ron though, he must have practiced at least a few times a week, to be as good as he was.

His thoughts went back to Brenda. Were they moving too fast? Sure it had just been a kiss, but truthfully, he hadn't thought of Brenda that way before. But suddenly, he did. Maybe he had the zombies to thank for that. Then again, they were also the cause of his mother's death. And Brenda's parents. And Todd's brother- though Todd hadn't seemed bothered- and of course, Heather. All of these people could still be alive.

Why had this happened? There had to be some kind of logical explanation. He knew that popular saying from zombie movies, "When there's no room in hell, the dead will walk the earth."

But he didn't believe in that stuff. He didn't not believe in it either, though. He was neutral, mostly. But he certainly didn't believe that if Hell did exist, it could run out of space. Because then God, if he did exist, would have planned for that.

He'd seen a lot of zombie movies, because they had always secretly fascinated him. The reasons in zombie movies were always different. And usually a deadly gas, or a random disease. Or, one of the most common, it was never explained. Would it be that way for them?

Would they ever know?

Most likely, no.

Room after room. Bathrooms and closets. For almost three hours they roamed the school, and checked as much as they could. Finally they met up outside the gym on the second floor, and Ron suggest they stop for the day. Jason didn't argue, and was delighted to find food waiting for him and Ron.

"Here you go." Brenda said with a smile, handing him his plate.

"Thanks." he said, and - hoping to chase away the thoughts that were plaguing him - he kissed her right there.

She blushed and smiled, clearly delighted. Her smile made him blush, and so they stood there awkwardly, blushing.

"Okay guys, be careful around the children." Ron said teasingly, nodding at Mark and Todd. In response to the insult, Todd took back the plate he'd just handed to Ron, holding it away when Ron tried to get it back.


After we ate, we moved mats from the storage room into the gymnasium, so we could all sleep in a group.

As we all lay dow, Mark, who I figured would want to sleep next to me, wandered off.

"Mark." I said, sitting up. "Aren't you going to sleep with me?"

He shook his little head and sat next to Todd. Todd looked surprised, and he looked at me for a moment, trying to decide what to do. Then he shoved Ron over, to make room. I tried to hide the hurt as I lat back down. I shouldn't be surprised. Of course he'd want to stay close to Todd, after Todd saved him today.

Next to me, Jason grabbed my hand and hugged it close to his chest. I could feel his heartbeat under my hand, and I let it lull me to sleep, all the while thinking about Jason, and what this meant for us. Were we going out? Boyfriend and girlfriend? In my dreams, we definitely were.

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