In this chapter, we will be introduced to a new a group of characters. They were supposed to have shown up a few chapters ago, but then I felt it was too soon.

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Chapter 9

Angela had been at the tire shop with her dad, John, when the zombies had attacked. They'd been sitting in the garage, watching the mechanics work. Angela had been paying special attention to a particular boy, one that looked about four years older then her seventeen. He was tall, with a good build, and had short, spiky brownish black hair.

'Way out of my league.' she thought. She was only five foot three, and her red hair was curly and short. And, if she was honest with herself, she was getting kinda chubby.

Suddenly, the men behind the building started to scream, and a chinese man ran to check. A second later, they appeared, and it all went to hell.

Now, it was four days later, and they'd locked themselves into the tire shop and pushed the desks and tire stands against the doors. They also took all the greasy towels and rags and hung them over the windows.

All that was left now was her father, Jake- a middle aged bald man, Owen, his older brother, Kevin, some teenage bully, and Mason, the boy she'd been staring at the day the zombies came.

"We're running out of food." Kevin complained for the fourth time that day.

"Complain about is some more." Owen snapped. "That will fix it." Most of the time, Owen was pretty nice, but today he was worn thin.

"Shut up old man." Kevin snapped, and Angela rolled her eyes. Kevin was such a dick, and the only reason he was there was because-like her- he had been a customer the day of the attack.

Kevin saw her roll her eyes, and a second later, he was coming toward her menacingly. "You think because you're a girl I won't mess you up?"

Angela's dad instantly stood up, and stood in front of her, chest puffed out, and eyes blaring with challenge.

"If you so much as touch my daughter, I'll cut your throat."

The two men looked at each other, sizing up the situations. The air was tense and unbearable. Angela wanted to get out of here so badly. Things were about to snap.

"Calm down." Mason told them from across the room, standing up and slowly approaching them as the peacemaker, but his voice had a slight tinge of desperation. "If you guys make too much noise, they'll hear us."

Seconds after he said it, the rest of the men were shushing them vehemently, and Angela was joining them. Kevin slowly started backing down, but Angela could tell that this wasn't the end of it. This kid was crazy, and he wouldn't be happy until he got to hurt somebody. She'd learned that in the days she'd been forced to get to know him.

Her father sat down next to her, and hugged her tightly. Even though she was almost an adult, she let him, because this wasn't normal life anymore, where it was embarrassing to be hugged by your father. In these times, she needed comfort.

"Guys, we have to get out of here." Jake whispered, and everyone looked at him. It was true. They were running out of food fast.

"How?" Angela asked quietly, and too her surprise, Mason winked at her.

"Easy. All you have to do is use the cars, and get out of here."

They all looked at each other, and then looked out towards where the cars were kept. It was their only chance, but the garage door had been open when the zombies attacked, which meant they were still out there.

"How do we get a car?" Angela asked, and Owen said, "We have to shut the garage door first, and stop anymore from getting in."

"And kill the ones that are out there." Kevin added.

"Then we take a car, and we get out of here." Angela's father said. The man were all staring at each, wondering if this could really work, and a second later they were all talking, excited at the thought of getting out of here, and somewhere safe. Angela was excited too, but she left the planning to them.


Despite our bad moods, Ron somehow convinced us all to play dodgeball. Our maybe it was because of our bad moods. My team consisted of Me, Mark, and Jason. On the other side, it was just Ron and Todd. Ron had tried with all his might to get Nia to play, telling her that he would definitely win with her on his team, since nobody would throw a ball at a blind girl. But she'd declined, and all that had left him was Todd, who was currently not on his rope, free to run about as he wanted.

"Okay guys, we got this." Jason whispered to me and Mark when we were in our group huddle. "Todd should be easy to get out, and Ron's the guy to beat. So we just get Todd out, then all gang up on Ron. Easy."

I nodded my agreement, wondering why we were doing this, but rolling with it. Anything to kill the boredom of waiting. Mark was excited, giggling. Across the gym, Ron was whispering to Todd too, who nodded every now and again. When he saw that we were ready, he pulled away from Todd and asked, "You guys ready to go?"

"Hell yeah!" Jason shouted back to him, and it took my by surprise. He was really excited to play dodgeball. It was cute.

"Let's do this." Ron said to Todd, holding his hand up for a high five. To my surprise, Todd lifted his hand and met his high five, and when he faced us, the younger boy was smiling. Whatever Ron was doing for him, it was good.

From the stands, Nia shouted, "On the count of three!"

"One, two-"

We all bent down, getting ready to run for the middle of the gym, were our balls were waiting.

"Three!" Nia shouted, and we all ran, meeting up at the middle. I quickly grabbed a ball, and backed up, because Todd was inches in front of me. He had two balls, one in each hand, and instantly, his eyes locked on mine.

The air was full of our colorful dodgeballs, flying across the gym.

To my horror, I was the first out, Todd nailing me in the chest only seconds after the game had started, even though I was standing way in the back of the room. He was good.

Jason got me back in a few minutes later by catching a ball Ron threw, and now, Todd was the only one to hit. He didn't look afraid though. In fact, he was grinning at us like we were funny.

We threw with all our might, but we couldn't hit him. What the heck? Weren't the quiet guys supposed to suck in PE?

Not Todd.

In minutes, he'd knocked both me and Jason out, and then, Mark was the only one standing on our side. Ron was cheering Todd on loudly from the sidelines, and me and Jason were shouting for Mark.

Todd was staring at Mark, clearly not sure what to do, trying to decide if he should knock him out or not. Honestly, I would have been a little lost too. I mean, who wants to destroy a kid's confidence like that?

Mark picked up a purple ball and started charging across the gym, and Todd smiled, looked at Ron, and shrugged. He didn't move when Mark threw the ball, and let it hit him in the leg. Mark came back to us, laughing and proud of himself, and we congratulated him, Jason lifting him up on his shoulders. Ron was grinning at Todd, ruffling his hair as he said something.

I grinned at Mark.

"Good job!" I said. "Let's eat a snack, to celebrate."

"Yay!" Mark shouted, and Jason grabbed my hand, keeping Mark balanced on his shoulders with the other. As we walked, I couldn't help imagining a time far from now, when maybe we could be like this, with our own child.

If we survived this, I hope with all my heart that it will happen.


Todd couldn't put to words the way he was feeling.

For a long time, he'd only felt one thing.


To him, life was nothing.

Death was nothing.

But now...he was starting to feel something. Something he didn't want to feel.

He was he wanted to be alive.


He had no idea what that meant. He hadn't been alive since the day his parents died. But now, in the end of the world, he was starting to feel it again. He had to make it go away. He'd decided already, that it was time to end his life. It was the only way to atone for what he did. And to make it all stop.

He still wanted to die.

Or more specifically, he wished he'd never existed.

But he couldn't change that.

But he could kill himself. He couldn't go on living, when his parents were dead, because of him. No matter how much fun he'd had playing that game of dodgeball, it didn't change anything from before. Nothing did.

He was going to kill himself.

And nothing was going to stop him from doing it.


Especially not Ron.


That night, I was sleeping soundly when I heard something. It sounded like footsteps. I sat up, looking at my friends, counting them. They were all here. Somebody else was in here.

Close by, Todd was sitting up too, and he met my eyes, and then turned and started shaking Ron, who woke up with a snort.

"Wha?" he said, and I shushed him.

"There's someone in here." I whispered, and instantly we were shaking awake the others, and were grabbing our guns. Ron was tying Todd back onto him, just incase it was a zombie, when somebody pounded on the door. There were no voices.

It was a zombie.

"What do we do?" Nia asked, whispering fearfully.

"We kill it." Ron answered, and Jason said, "I'll do it. Stay back."

He ran forward, but Ron followed him, forcing Todd to go with him. Ron threw open the door, and instantly the zombie stumbled in. And it was a zombie. It locked it's eyes on Jason and charged at him. He shot it quickly, and it went down. But behind it, I saw another coming in.

"Look out!" I screamed, and Jason turned. It tackled him, and I was screaming my head off as the two of them rolled around on the ground. Ron ran up behind them, leveled his gun at it's head, and shot. It slumped onto Jason, dead, and he threw it off of him.

"Where did they come from?" he asked. "How did they get in?"

"Who is it?" I asked, voice shaking, and we looked at the two zombies. They were both teachers that I'd never had, but vaguely recognized.

We went around desperately, checking for any entrances, until the sun came up, but there were none. When were finally convinced we were safe again, Jason and Ron put the bodies in a storage room, and we went for breakfast.

"They must have already been in here." Nia said, and I nodded. But why had they taken so long to attack? Maybe they had just died slowly.

"Do we have to leave?" Mark asked, and Ron shook his head slowly, obviously not sure.

"No, we can stay here. Everyone stay on guard."

"But..." I said. This place might not be safe anymore. I was overwhelmed with anger.

"Don't worry Brenda. I'll guard you guys all night if I have too." said Jason. I could see why they wouldn't want to leave this place. It was safe(ish). It was familiar. It had food. I didn't want to leave either.

"Okay." I said. "Fine. We can stay here."

I hoped I wasn't making a huge mistake.


Angela's throat hurt from all her screaming. In the front seat, she could hear Kevin shouting at her to shut up, but how could she!?

"DAD!" she screamed, curling into a ball in the backseat, squeezing her eyes shut, reliving the moment over and over again. The moment when her father died. Mason, who was in the backseat with her, pulled her head onto his lap, and was holding her tightly.

"It's okay." he whispered to her.

They were covered in blood. Her, Mason, and Kevin. They were the only ones who had made it out of the garage. They'd all been so pumped, so excited to get out of there, but they'd been overwhelmed. There were so many...

Owen had gone done. Jake had gone back for him. She'd kept running. She made it to the car, and so did Kevin, and Mason, and her father. But when her father had opened the door to get into the back seat, he'd been grabbed by one of them, and ripped out. Angela had grabbed his hand, and he was screaming in pain, and she was screaming in fear and heartbreak, holding on as tightly as she could.

Let go! Kevin had told her.

Angela would not. She would not let go of her father! Even as he was being ripped apart in front of her very own eyes. Mason was beside her, trying to help pull him in, but there were only two of them, and seven of the zombies. They didn't stand a chance.

Then the car had started backing up, and her dad was ripped from her grasp, and she was screaming, and she could hear him screaming her name.


And now he was gone, out of her hands, and she was alone, without him.

"DADDY!" she screamed, and Kevin screamed at her again.

"Shut up!" Mason said back, eyes burning. "Her father just fucking died in front of her eyes, you asshole!" he screamed, and to Angela's relief, he shut up. She tried to be quiet, so that they wouldn't fight, but she couldn't stop the small whimpers that escaped from her.

She could feel Mason trying to clean the blood off her, her father's blood, and she was thankful, but she couldn't help him.


We were in the courtyard again, sitting at the lunch tables, when we heard a car squeal to a stop in the front of the school. We got up, and were running for the front instantly, Tenor pulling Nia along. We had our guns with us, just incase these zombies could drive now. I mean, they could talk. They were intelligent.

But from the car out from emerged two teens, one of whom I didn't recognize. The other was Kevin.

That was bad.

"Please!" the other boy shouted, "Let us in!" There were zombies from all directions looking at them, and they were quickly making their way over.

"Hold on!" Jason shouted, going over to the door, and giving it a hard shove. The boy grabbed the hand of somebody still in the car, and pulled them out. It was a girl. She didn't look very good. She was covered in blood, and her eyes were empty, like she wasn't aware of what was happening. I instantly raised my gun. Had she been bitten.

Ron had apparently had the same thought.

"Have any of you been bitten?" he asked as the came in, but the boy shook his head.

"No. None of us."

Kevin was the last in, and when he saw Ron, his eyes hardened.

"Well, well." he said. "Look who we have here."

Ron turned to look at him, and his eyes hardened too. Kevin's eyes instantly went to Todd, who moved behind Ron. Ron raised his gun a few inches, not enough to actually shoot anybody, but enough for it to be a threat.

"I don't want any problems." he said, and Kevin smirked, and he got up in Ron's space, bumping him back with his chest. Ron stumbled a few inches, and Todd did too.

"Then you shouldn't have started the problems." he said, and Jason said, "This isn't exactly the time for this, okay? We're not in school anymore. Those problems are old news, and not important."

The other boy nodded, looking warily between Ron and Kevin, who were staring at each other menacingly.

"I wouldn't mess with Ron." I suddenly heard myself saying. "He's in charge here, Kevin, so you better get used to it."

At my words, Kevin's eyes narrowed at Ron. "That so?"

"Plus." I added. "He's the guy with the gun."

I'd never thought the day would come when I'd be threatening Kevin. But anything can happen. Todd started pulling on Ron's shirt, trying to get him to back up, obviously wanting to get away from Kevin.

The tension was broken by the girl, who suddenly said, "Dad?"

The other boy shushed her gently, and took her hand. "Do you have a place I can put here. She needs to rest."

"Yeah." Jason said. "Follow me."

The boy did, and Nia and Mark went with him. Then it was just me, Ron, Kevin, and Todd.

I sighed.

This wasn't good.

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