For me, I didn't have a story to tell, but that was before the thunderstorm. Here is my story...

It was a very cloudy day and me and my brother, Kyle, were outside playing soccer, Right when I was going to make a goal and win the game, I stopped what I was doing and went to the front yard and saw a U-Haul truck right next door. The house next door plus ours are the only ones on the block for 10 miles. I went to go see our new neighbors when I saw a girl about Kyle's age go in with some boxes along with a boy about my age, but I didn't see any grown-ups go in.

Here's the deal with where I live, I live in a big mansion-like house with only my brother as company. My parents died in a plane crash when I was 5 and Kyle was 3. After my parents died, I ran away with Kyle when I heard that he would be taken away from me forever. My dad taught me how to survive on my own when I was 3 but my mom didn't think Kyle needed to so it was only me. But wait, there's more sad news, we don't have a single picture of our parents so we don't remember what they look like, only that they died 10 yeahrs ago in a tragic plane crash near the Bermuda Triangle.

I wondered if she ever thought about me, because I think about her every day since that day. Here is my story...

It was pretty cloudy out the day I moved. When we stopped right in front of the house we were going to live in, me and my sister, Jenny, went to the back of the U-Haul truck and started setting the boxes in the house. I went to the back, there was 1 more box and I was super tired. I went to put it in the house when I saw a really pretty girl about my age come out from the backyard of her house with a soccer ball in her hand. I met her eyes, a beautiful shade of green, but I quickly looked away, scared.

I told Jenny that we were moving because I wanted to start new. My parents died 10 yeahrs ago in a car accident when I was 5 and Jenny was 3 yeahrs old. We were forced to go to boarding school until I turned 13 and was old enough to leave with Jenny. We've lived together, alone, for 2 yeahrs, ever since then. We used to have a picture of my parents but somebody broke into our house and took the picture. Now, we can barely remember what they look like. They were driving to go on a plane, but it wouldn't have made a difference, that plane crashed 10 yeahrs ago on the same day.

When I rang the doorbell of our new neighbor's house, a girl answered the door. "Hello, how can I help you?" she asked. "Hi, I just wanted to say hi. I'm your next door neighbor," I said. "Oh, thanks; glad to meet you, the names Jenny." "Hi, nice to meet you too, Kayla." "You wanna meet my brother? He's 15, he's right inside practicing his soccer skills," she said. "Sure, I'm 15 too, and I'm on a soccer team!" I said. "Cool! Let's see him." "Sure, then we can see my brother!" "Ok, cool!"

After we went inside, Jenny started yelling at the top of her lungs. I guess she really wanted me to meet her brother. "Jake! Can you come down for a sec? There's someone here who would like to meet you!" she said. "I'll be down in a sec, I'm just finishing up." I heard someone say.

After I heard Jenny say that there was someone waiting for me downstairs, I thought she meant an animal because she loves showing me animals that she found. I told her to wait and I put on some nice cloths just in case I was wrong. Guess what, I was wrong, instead of a horrifying animal, it was that very pretty girl I saw outside! I was so nervous and my hands were shaking. I didn't think she would ever come to my house, talk to me, or even glance at me. I couldn't believe that Jenny brought her here, but I can't blame her, she doesn't know that I have a little (BIG) crush on her. I don't plan on telling Jenny about my crush on this girl because we don't talk about that stuff with each other, it's too weird.

"Hi, my name's Kayla. Jenny told me that you're 15 and play soccer, so do I! Maybe we could practice sometime?" she said. "Uh, yeahh, sure. The name's Jake." I said with a little cracked voice. I can't believe she's shaking my hand I said in my head. "Jake, she's our next door neighbor! She also has a brother but he's my age, so yeah. You'll just have to talk to her!" Jenny said. "Um, ok, great I guess." I said. Great, now I have to talk to Kayla. It's not like I don't like her, I made it clear that I do, but I'm too scared to talk to her.

"Jake, I gotta go and meet Kayla's brother. Just stay here with Kayla and talk; I'll be back in like an hour. I also gotta go to the supermarket and look around." Jenny said. "Uh yeah sure. I'd like to get to know her a bit better." I said. "Yeah yeah. Whatever. Bye." Jenny said. "Bye Jenny." Kayla said. "Bye." Jenny said back. "Well, this is kind of awkward." said Kayla. "Yeah kind of. Wanna play one on one soccer with me?" I asked, trying to think of something to do. "Sure. I'm gonna kick your butt!" she said. "Is that a challenge?" I said.

Me and Jake went up to his room to start playing soccer. I didn't know if I would be able to beat him or not since I don't know how he plays but I didn't care who won or lost. I just wanted to do something so it wouldn't feel very awkward. I'll admit it, I have a crush on Jake already, but I know that he doesn't have a crush on me, there's no way.

"So, um, you wanna, uh, take the ball first?" Jake stuttered. "Uh, no, you can." I said with a smile. He smiled back and started to blush and so did I. He took the ball, started to dribble, and made a goal. He then gave the ball to me, he didn't throw it, he handed it to me. When he handed it to me, our fingers touched and I felt a spark and I think he did too because he started to blush. I quickly pulled the ball away, scared that he would think I like him, even though I do. I started to dribble the ball and made a goal but it seemed too easy, as if he was letting me win.

"Hey, you wanna play volleyball?" I asked. "Uh, yeah, sure, I guess I'm pretty good at it." Jake replied. We started to play volleyball as soon as we got the right ball. But then, when Jake served the ball, it hit my hand really hard and I heard a loud crack-like noise come from my hand. I dropped to the floor and screamed in pain. It hurt so much, I couldn't feel my hand I think it was bleeding somehow.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry Kayla! It was completely my fault!" I said to Kayla trying to comfort her. "It's...ok...Jake...it wasn't...your fault." Kayla said in pain. I took her hand in mine, trying to massage it to make it a little better, but she just screamed in more pain. Her hands were so delicate and hurt. I felt so bad for what I did so this was the least I could do. Holding her hands made me a little happy because of this crush thing, they felt so cold in my hands.

I guess I fell asleep because I woke up at like 8 pm and found Kayla's head on my shoulders and my arms around her, as if protecting her, which I was. I didn't want to move and wake her up so I just stayed there, awake, waiting for her to wake up. "Hi." I head Kayla whisper. "Hi." I whispered back. "I should get back home, you know, to my brother, don't want him worrying." she said getting up off my shoulders and out of my arms. "Uh yeah sure, I'll walk you there." I said. "Um ok, oh, and thanks for everything," she said and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I started to blush like crazy and replied with "No problem."

"Um, what are Kyle and Jenny doing outside?" Kayla asked. "I don't know, maybe they got bored?" I said. "Maybe." Kayla said waving to Jenny and Kyle. They both waved back and so did I. They started to walk toward us when all of a sudden, we all heard loud thunder sounds and it started to rain like crazy. "Wow, it's really pouring out here now." Kayla said with a shiver in her voice, you couldn't blame her; she was wearing a t-shirt and shorts because it's summer. I gave her my sweater trying to make her feel warmer, and then I did something that I think was very stupid. I took her in my arms, again, and felt her wet hair against me and her cold skin rubbing on me. "Uh, thanks Jake." she said smiling. I smiled back not saying anything.

Oh my god, you wouldn't believe how much I was blushing when Jake took me in his arms and gave me his sweater. I did get warmer, but mostly because I was so excited and couldn't believe this was happening. I said thanks like a polite person. For some unknown reason, we didn't move, we just stayed there. Then out of nowhere a bolt of lightning came right in between me and Kyle! Another one came and hit Kyle straight in the chest! "Kyle! Please, wake up!" I started to scream. Then, I got struck by lightning on my arm right where my vain is and fell alongside Kyle.

The next thing I remember is waking up in Jake's arms next to Jenny and Kyle. "Oh my god, you're alive! Thank god!" I heard Jake scream out. He hugged me tight in his arms and I hugged him back with tears in my eyes. When we came apart, we stared into each other's eyes, and he leaned in closer to me, I think he was going to kiss me! But then, I opened my eyes and found myself in air, way above ground. I don't know how I did it, but I did. Then, I lost control somehow and started falling! But then, Jake came swooping up and caught me. He brought me down safely and asked if I was ok. "How did you? How did I?" I asked, startled by what just happened. "Look, I have abilities and now, you do too. I'll tell you about them after Kyle wakes up." Jake said, and as soon as he said that, Kyle woke up. "Oh my god! Kyle! You're alive, thank god!" I cried running to his side. Jenny said the same and started to hug him while tearing her eyes out from how scared she was. I guess she didn't see anything because she was so focused on Kyle, I think she might have a crush on him and I KNOW he has a crush on her.

After Kyle woke up, he had fire on his fingertips! "How did you?" I asked. "I don't know, but this... is AWESOME!" Kyle exclaimed. He flicked his fingers and fire came hurling towards me. But then, Jake came right in front of me like a body guard. He got burned very badly, I took his hands and said, "Don't die out on me Jake! Don't! I should be where you are!" I hugged Jake in my arms and he woke up. "You... healed...me," Jake said. "I did?" I asked, surprised and I'll admit it, excited. "Good. I didn't know what I would do without you!" I said hugging him and crying again. He hugged me back saying that it was ok and told me that he has healing abilities too. "If I have healing abilities then how come you came in front of me? I would've healed." I asked. "Well, um, it still hurts us like we were humans. I didn't want you to go through the pain, " he said blushing. "Oh, thanks. But I don't want you to take pain that was meant for me." I said. "Nothing can be meant to hurt a pretty girl like you." Jake said blushing and smiling at me. "Thanks." I said, smiling and pushing a strand of hair behind my ear.

"So, we have these powers now?" I asked, curious to know if this was a dream. "Yeahh, and from the looks of it, me and you have the same powers, and Jenny and Kyle have the same powers." Jake told me. "Wow, pretty cool! Well now, me and you have to hang out more." I told Jake with a blush. "Uh, yeah I guess. It'll um, be fun." Jake stuttered. I was happy that me and Jake were going to be able to hang out more because you know, I like him and stuff. I feel so jiggly and stuff inside when I'm around him. "Well, me and Kyle are going to go to my place, how about you and Jake go to your place and look around a bit?" Jenny asked me with a wink, I think she's on to me. "Uh, yeah sure, you wanna go to my place Jake?" I asked. "Um, yeah sure, loved to." Jake replied.

Me and Kayla went into her house, it looked really nice. Kayla led me to her room and we just stayed there not saying a word. Kayla sat on her bed staring at the floor; I sat next to her and did the same. "So, um, what do you, uh, wanna do?" I asked with a bit of a stuttered tone. "Uh, I don't know. Wanna stay here or go outside and watch the stars?" Kayla asked me. "Uh, let's go outside and watch the stars." I replied. "Um, ok, great." Kayla said.

Kayla and I went outside and sat on the grass to watch the stars. The moon was beautiful, especially when it was gleaming on Kayla. I kept looking at Kayla because of how beautiful she looked. But then, Kayla turned to me and said, "What? Is there something on my face or something?" she asked. "No. I was just admiring how beautiful you look in the moonlight." I stupidly replied, she probably knows that I like her now! "Oh, um, thanks." Kayla said pulling a hair behind her ear and blushing. Does she like me the way I like her? No it can't be, how could a girl like her like a guy like me? I thought to myself. Kayla put her hand down in between us and so did I. I slowly made my hand move towards hers to hold it in mine, but I quickly drew it back before she saw anything, it was too early to make a move.

After me and Kayla watched the moon and the stars, we went back into her house. "That was so beautiful, right?" asked Kayla. "Yeah, really beautiful. I've never seen anything like it." I said, I meant her but at least she didn't catch that."Yeah, I wish I could stare at it for ages." she said. "Um, yeah, you're so right. So what do you want to do now?" I asked, trying to change the conversation so some words wouldn't slip out of my mouth and Kayla would get weirded out or something. "I don't know. You know that me and you are going to be the only ones in this house all day long, right?" Kayla asked me, I didn't know that, no I'm more scared than ever. "Um, no I didn't know that. You wanna watch a movie?" I asked.

"So, what movie do you want to watch?" I asked Jake since he wanted to watch a movie. "I don't know, how about 'Titanic'?" Jake said. "Sure, I love that movie!" I said, it was true, I did love that movie but I was scared to put it on since it was a romantic movie. "Um, yeah, me too, uh cool." I heard Jake say. I turned to Jake smiling and he smiled back at me. Does he like me like I like him? No, he can't, I'm not pretty, there's no way he would like a girl like me. I said to myself.

I put in the movie and sat down on the couch. "Jake, be comfortable, sit down." I said patting the spot right next to me on the couch. He went to sit down and it was pretty awkward being that close to him not saying a word. "So, you like this movie?" I asked trying to start a conversation. "Yeah, I like some romantic movies like this one, but not like P.S. I love you." Jake said. "Yeah me neither." I said. I guess we got a little sleepy because next thing I knew, I was laying on Jake with a blanket over us. "I'm sorry Jake; I don't know how we got like this. I know that this is uncomfortable to you." I said getting up. Jake pulled me back down and said, "No, I actually like sitting like this with you." "Oh, ok, I was just getting up off of you because I thought you were uncomfortable," I said looking into his eyes, the light shimmering down on him. They looked so beautiful, the best shade of green.

When the movie FINALLY finished, I started to get up to go to my bedroom and sleep. "Why are you leaving?" Jake asked. "The movie ended so I wanted to let you sleep on the couch and I would go sleep on the bed," I said confused. "Just stay here with me, please," Jake said to me looking at me straight in the eyes. "Um ok. But why?" I asked. "Because I don't want you to get hurt like you almost did with that lightning accident." Jake said. "Oh, ok, thanks for looking after me Jake. Even though I've known you for only 1 day, I still appreciate this. I think we're going to have a very good relationship." I said smiling. "Yeah we really will," Jake says.

After that, we fell asleep again and this time for the whole night. I wake up to find Jake in the kitchen alone texting on his phone. I looked around the other rooms to find Jenny and Kyle sleeping on the couch in his room, with Jenny's head on Kyle's shoulder. They so have a thing for each other.

"Hey Jake."

"Oh, hey Kayla, good morning, sorry for leaving you, did you sleep well?"

"Oh yeahh definitely, good morning to you too, what are you doing?"

"Oh nothing, just checking the messages Jenny sent me, mainly about her coming here but I didn't know she texted me yesterday because we fell asleep."

After Jake said this, I found him look away and blush and so did I.


Ok fine, I blushed when I said to Kayla that I didn't get Jenny's texts because we fell asleep. But I bet she didn't see me blush, and even if she did, she probably thought I was weird since there's no way she has a crush on me. Honestly, so far, I really like Kayla, and really care for her. Not like a sister, like, you know, a girlfriend or someone very special to me. I don't want her to get hurt and I don't want her to be scared about her having these powers, the same way I was when I first got my powers.

Life will probably be hard, but at least I'll be taking every step with Kayla. And who knows, maybe Jenny and Kyle will start crushing, but I think they already are, but I'm not gonna talk to her about my crush and have her talk to me about her crush.

2 months later…


Over the past 2 months, me and Jake really connected and got closer. He's still protective of me but even more than the last time you heard about him. Something happened this month that made Jake pretty mad. Here's what happened:

Me, Jake, Kyle, and Jenny were sitting on the benches outside of the park. About a block or 2 from the park, were a movie store, a grocery store, and a pet store. Me and Jake were sitting on one bench and Kyle and Jenny were sitting on the bench next to us. Me and Jake were talking about my "training," which was every day of every week. I would train with Jake only and he would teach me to control my powers and how to use them. Jenny was training Kyle as well, also alone. Oh, I recently found out that Jenny likes Kyle, she told me herself. I'm happy about that because I think Kyle likes her too but I'm not going to ask him, and I told Jenny that I like Jake. Anyways, so we were on the benches when we heard a scream, *POW*, and smoke come from the video shop nearby.

All 4 of us ran to the shop to see what happened. When we got there, people were rushing outside and pushing us, and there were so many people that we couldn't see in the shop. When everyone finally came out, we got inside and that's when I saw him. Austin, the boy who had a crush on me from 4th-8th grade. Jake had never met him or seen him because Austin mysteriously disappeared after the end of 8th grade. He still had that blonde hair I remembered, and those gorgeous blue eyes. He was heartbroken in the 8th grade, when he asked me out and I turned him down because I wasn't ready for a relationship at that point. He turned and saw me standing there with a shocked expression plastered on my face.

"Look who it is? Little old Kayla who broke my heart!" he yelled at me.

"Who are they? Your new boyfriend and his sister?" he said at Jake and Jenny.

"Austin what happened to you? Why did you leave?" I ask.

"Because, you broke my heart! After that day, I went to a hill top to just sit and stare out at the sky. Then an eclipse came and changed me. I got these abilities and I've never felt more powerful! I left because of you and me."

"Don't become a monster though! This is no way to use these abilities, what advantage does it give you?"

"It gives me that advantage at getting you to like me, because I'm strong and powerful."

Then, Austin shot lightning from his hands at the DVD's.

"Stop it!" I scowled.

"Make me, I will get you to like me!"

I ran after Austin and put his arms behind his back. I leaned him to the wall and told him to stop. He said that he wouldn't until I started to like him. Then, pushed me back with his arms and I fell on a DVD shelf. Jake ran to my side and helped me up. "Don't touch her!" He yelled. "What are you gonna do about it boy?" Austin said with a smirk on his face. "Here's what I'll do to you for hurting my sister!" Kyle yelled and then shot Austin with fire. Recently, Jenny had taught Kyle to use his lasers as fire instead, which is pretty cool if you ask me. "Look who has what I have," Austin said and shot fire back at Kyle. "NO!" I scream and shoot ice at him. Jake had told me that we both had the ability to control water, and I know, this sounds like Avatar: The Last Airbender, but it's true that we have these abilities. He also taught me to turn the water into ice as a more sharp and painful weapon.

"I see. Let me guess, all 4 of you have abilities too, don't you?" Austin asked.

"Maybe, even so, you're going to pay!" Jenny screamed with Kyle by her side. He was burned slightly but I would heal it later on.

"Let's go Kayla, and get away from all these people," Austin said while grabbing my hand.

I kept tugging back, but he was too strong. Jake was trapped with a line of fire that blocked him from me, and so were Jenny and Kyle.


When Austin took Kayla, I tried to escape the fire with all my might. But that was our one weakness, if you have abilities and you are trapped by an ability such as fire or water, and you are a healer, you wouldn't survive. I kept running into the fire but there was no use. Then, I remembered how stupid I was, and watered the fire around me. I did the same for Jenny and Kyle.

"Stay here, I'll go after Kayla and Austin, you help Kyle and see if anyone is hurt," I said to Jenny. I knew Jenny could handle it and with Kyle by her side, of course they could both handle it.

I flew around trying to find Kayla and Austin, but I couldn't see them. I reached an empty park that looked like ruins, and saw Austin dragging Kayla around. I stayed flying in the air just above them so I could hear what they were saying; I knew he wouldn't do anything to her yet.

"Austin, let go of me!" Kayla screamed and tried to fly over the bench in front of them but Austin took a hold of her wrist and pulled her back.

"No! Now listen, you know how much I like you right? And you probably already guessed that I don't like your boyfriend already,"

"Well, he's a better boyfriend than you'll ever be!" Kayla said.

Austin smacked her and I almost went down but then he said:

"How's this?"

And then he took her by the chin and kissed her right on the lips. Her face was in disgust as she kissed him, and my heart sped. I was angry at him, jealous, and even more angry that he touched her! He let go and she spit on him and he slapped her again, this time harder than before, loud enough that I could hear it.

"Don't touch her!" I yell and fly down right on Austin, tackling him to the ground.

"Kayla, run! Now! Go!" I scream. "Help your brother and Jenny, go now! I don't want you to get hurt!"

Kayla runs while looking back. Oh, I forgot to say, remember how me and Kayla are healers? Well, here's the thing, a healer can't heal themselves, only a healer can heal another healer, I know, it sucks. I punched Austin again and again and he punched me back, even kicked me a few times.

"She's mine! She always will!" Austin screamed.

"She hates you!" I say.

I hear a scream just like Kayla's and fly away, leaving Austin on the ground; he won't be back in a while. I fly back to the store to find Kayla kneeling on the floor with her hands over her face. Kyle is saying sorry over and over again, and his hands are burning red.

"What happened?" I ask.

"Kyle accidently burned Kayla's face, he didn't know. He was trying to get up when he fell down and put his hands in the air not realizing Kayla was in front of him, and then he burned her," Jenny explains to me.

"Kayla…" I say kneeling in front of her.

"Don't look at me!" she yells.

"Guys, go home, wash up, I'll take care of Kayla," I tell Jenny and Kyle. They both leave staring back at us.

"Kayla, please show me your beautiful face, and let me heal you!" I say trying to pry her hands from her face.

"No! It's not beautiful; it's ugly, especially when burned!' Kayla says pushing me back.

I finally take her hands from her face and see tears rolling down her face.

"Kayla, please, I'm going to heal you, don't stop me," I say putting my hands on her face.

I rub my fingers on her face, where the burned spots are and they start to heal.


When Jake healed me, I felt scared that he would think my face was ugly and because he was rubbing my face with his soft hands. When he said my face was beautiful, I almost melted.

"Thanks Jake," I say looking at him in the eyes while he does the same.

"Your welcome, next time don't try to stop me, I want to heal you Kayla, why don't you want me to heal you?"

"I don't know, it's just that I don't feel like it's normal, which it isn't, and I feel like it's not fair that I can be healed but regular people can't, I just want to be the same as them,"

"Well WE aren't Kayla, we are different, doesn't mean we don't feel what regular people feel and it doesn't mean we need to suffer for them, we need to save them from people like Austin who use their powers as a destructive advantage,"

"Whatever, you took care of Austin?"

"Yeahh, um, so, that kiss huh?"

"Ewwww! Don't even remind me of that, I wanted to throw up so bad when he kissed me!"


"Of course, I don't like him at all, why do you ask?"

"No reason…" Jake says while looking away.

"Let's go see Kyle and Jenny, I wanna see if my brother is all right."

"Yeahh sure, I think they're at my house, let's go check."

With that, Jake took my hand and started to run. I don't know why we weren't flying, but then again, I didn't want to, I was too tired. We got there in like 15 minutes, and both of them were there.

"Kyle!" I screamed. I ran to him and hugged him hard; he did the same, almost falling over.

"Kayla! You're ok?"

"Yeahh, you are too!"

"Yeahh, I'm so sorry for burning you; I was stupid for doing that, it will never happen again!" Kyle says with tears in his eyes.

"It's ok Kyle, Jake healed me. I know it was just an accident."

"Thanks Jake, you've taken care of my sister so much, I couldn't ask more from you."

"No problem Kyle, same to you. You've taken care of my sister so much too, I owe you."

They both smiled at each other, awww, the brother love, hahaha. Me and Jenny looked at each other and started smiling too.

Present day…


Well, that's what happened with Kayla over the past 2 months that made me really mad. I know I shouldn't STILL be mad, but I just am because ever since then, I couldn't stop thinking about how he did that to her (he meaning Austin). Anyways, I still talk to her and stuff but it's noticeable that I'm still angry. I remember the first day she got her powers, which was the day I made the stupidest moves ever! I ALMOST kissed her! But at least her flying powers saved me from that, it's not like I didn't want to kiss her, it's just, it was too soon to make a move like that, especially on the first day of meeting each other. AND I made her stay with me on the couch with my arms around her and her head on my shoulder, and we fell asleep like that! How stupid am I? She probably thought I was crazy and really weird!

Me, Kayla, Jenny, and Kyle don't have school! WOO HOO! Thank god for this boiling heat because since it's so hot out, the school is closing for 5 months! I know, it's a really long time, but who cares? So yeahh, today I went to Kayla's house to check up on her and begin our training. I went over and realized Jenny was gone, I didn't even hear her get out. I was almost there, like midway, when I got a call from Jenny.

"Jenny? Hey, I was just-"

"Jake! Kayla and Kyle aren't at the house and they won't answer their phones!" Jenny screams. You may think they're super busy and that might be the reason they aren't answering the phones. Here's the thing, they ALWAYS answer their phones because we swore to ALWAYS answer them to know that we are all ok.

"Jenny where are you? I think I know where they are!" I exclaim.

"I'm outside their house, come quick!"

"Ok, I'll be there, wait there and don't move!"

I hang up the phone and run to the front of the house and found Jenny there walking back and forth very fast.


"Jake! Where are they?"

"I'm not completely sure, but I have a very good feeling that they're in Austin's basement, Kayla told me about it one day, no time to explain that much, we have to hurry!"

I flew up in the air and Jenny ran after me, her and Kyle have super speed, awesome right? Anyways, Austin's house was 3 miles away, at the speed me and Jenny were going at, it would take us about 10-15 minutes to get there. I was super worried about what Austin might be doing to Kayla and Kyle, who knows what that crazy guy would do. It's even worse that he knows about our powers, because now he can use that as an advantage.


I wake up to find myself in someone's basement with Kyle next to me in a chair. I find myself wrapped in plugs and wires and someone stuck them into both of my hands and plugged the end of them into an outlet. I also find Kyle dripped in some stinky liquid; my first guess is gasoline, because I used to work on cars with my dad so the smell is familiar. Suddenly I hear footsteps and since it's a little dark, I can't exactly make out the face until he comes right up to me. It was Austin and that's when I REALY started freaking out. A million questions kept popping up in my head. Where's Jake? Where's Jenny? Did Austin capture them to? Did he hurt Jake because he thinks he's my boyfriend and hurt Jenny because she's his sister? What is he going to do with me and my brother?

"Well, look who's awake," Austin says while grabbing a hold of my face.

I try to shoot water at him but then I get electrocuted.

"Don't even try it. I'm not stupid Kayla. You can't escape; I wrapped you with wires so if you try that again you'll just get electrocuted again. Oh and get this, I drizzled gasoline all over your brother, especially his hands, so if he tries to burn himself free, or me, then he'll burn himself. See how that works out? So you guys can't escape!"

"Why are you doing this?"

"Because, this is all part of my plan. By capturing you and your brother, your boyfriend will notice your gone and come looking for you. I'm not trying to attack you; I'm trying to attack your boyfriend so you will be mine."

"You're sick!"

"In love, how about we wake up your brother?"

With that I take a look at my brother and notice that not only is he drizzled in gasoline, he's chained up with metal chains. Austin turns to Kyle and smacks him in the face. Kyle wakes up ready to set fire to this place and burn Austin as soon as he sees him.

"No Kyle!"

But I was too late; he had lit up the gasoline on his hands and all over his body. I was so shaken up that I electrocuted myself again while Austin just stood there snickering at our pain. Slowly, Kyle burned; I saw his skin peel off one by one, deeper and deeper. That's when I said it, that's when I made the decision to save my brother from dying.

"Please Austin! Let me free! Let me put out the fire and heal my brother, please! I'll… I'll go with you, wherever you want to go, I'll go as long as you let me heal my brother, please, I'm begging you!"

"No! I'm going to make you suffer! I'll kill your brother and your boyfriend, so you'll feel what I felt, getting my heart broken!" Austin screams at the top of his lungs.

That's when I saw Jenny and Jake bust threw the door. Jake tackled Austin to the ground and started to punch him repeatedly, and Jenny didn't know what to do with Kyle since she couldn't put out the fire.

"Jenny, take these wires from my hands now! I can put out the fire and heal Kyle, do it quick!"

"Ok!" Jenny says and unplugs the wires from the outlet. Then she carefully takes out the plugs from my hands and I scream in pain. I see Jake look back at me to see if I'm ok but then Austin punches him in the face and they go at it again.

I put out the fire and then try to take the chains from Kyle. Instead of trying to pull them again and again, I got an idea. I freeze them and then rip them off, and guess what? It worked! That's the only bright side, when I take them off, Kyle can't even move, that's how badly burned he is. I put my hands on his hands and slowly he starts to heal, I don't let go for a second because I didn't want to. Soon enough, new skin grows and patches itself up. It takes 5 minutes for all the skin to come back and an additional 2 minutes for Kyle to be able to move. I hugged him tight and tried to never let go, but I had to, I had to help Jake.

"Jenny, go with Kyle to the house, I need to help Jake right now, we have to stop this, please, just listen to me and take him home and make sure he's ok."

"Kayla… you'll… get… hurt," Kyle says with the least bit of breath he has.

"I don't care Kyle! You're more hurt than me and it's all my fault, go! I'll be fine! Just go now!"

With that Jenny ran with Kyle. I knew it would take them longer than usual to get to the house since Kyle was still hurt. I was thinking of a plan as quickly as possible, that's when I got it.


I kept punching Austin, over and over again. I was so furious about what he did to Kayla and Kyle; I just couldn't hold my anger in. That's when I heard Kayla say:

"Hey Austin, how about this?" Then, she took him by the collar and kissed him! I was even more furious!

That's when I couldn't take it, I flew out the door and went to a hill side and just sat there. Kayla and Austin kissed 2 times! It's like they like it, even though he tried to kill her brother and me! Maybe I don't stand a chance with her anymore; maybe I should just give up. Over the 2 months of knowing each other, I haven't spent a day without being with her. We spent every day of every week for the past 2 months together, and we would always talk and fool around for more than 3 hours. I should've known she was never going to like me the same way; I should've stopped, because now I fell for her. That's when Kayla came looking at me with concern, then she took a seat next to me on the grassy hill top.

"Jake, what's wrong? You don't talk to me like you used too, ever since that day you found out about Austin. Is that it? Austin? Because I don't like him at all! If you really believe that I like him, I don't! And why would you care anyway? Jake, give me a reason, why-"

I took her chin with my hand and leaned in quickly. I kissed her soft, sweet, luscious lips. When we pulled away, she was shocked.

"You wanna know my reason Kayla? Well here it is: I love you," I stupidly said. Why did I have to be so stupid, I mean seriously? She probably didn't even like the kiss, and now I say this?

"…R-Really?" Kayla asks with even more shocked expression on her face.

"Y-Yeahh, I'd understand if you didn't feel the sa-"

"I love you too," Kayla said smiling.

I look up, shocked to hear this and see her there, smiling with that cute little smile of hers, with those adorable dimples.

"So, you wanna, um, start going out?" I ask scratching my head. I am such a nervous wreck sometimes!

"Yes," Kayla says pulling me in for another kiss. When we pull away, me and her get a text at the same time.

I look at my phone and see this text from Kyle:

"DUDE! I kissed Jenny and now we're going out! I soooo didn't think she would say yes! Did you make your move yet?"

I laugh at the text and reply with an "Oh yeahh! Same as you! We're awesome :D"

"You got a text from Kyle?"

"Yeahh, you get a text from Jenny?"

"Yep! They're going out, look at the message she sent me!"

Jenny: "KAYLA! OMG! Kyle kissed me and asked me out! AHHH! We're going out now! Did Jake make a move yet?"

Kayla: "Yes, he "made a move," and I said yes, same thing that happened with you and Kyle! OMG! We're not single anymore!"

"Wow, well, I think they'll be happy together, but not AS happy as me and you will be," I say putting an arm around her.

"Yep, this day was pretty good wouldn't you say, Jake, AKA my new boyfriend?" Kayla said with a smirk and a light chuckle.

"Yeahh it is, Kayla, AKA my new AWESOME girlfriend," I say with a wink. We stayed at that hill top till the sun set, which was a beautiful sight. I told Kayla about everything, what I liked about her, what I LOVED about her, why I love her, and the Austin thing. I'm glad I made my move today, and so did Kyle.


10 yeahrs later…

Me and Jake dated for 5 ½ yeahrs, and we were happy all the way through. So were Jenny and Kyle. We all later found out that the flight my mom and dad took was the same flight Jake's mom and dad were supposed to take. On our 6th yeahr anniversary, Jake proposed! I know right? Me and him were 21 at the time, not that young or too old. Kyle proposed to Jenny 2 yeahrs later, after me and Jake bought a house for all 4 of us to live in. When me and Jake were 27 and Kyle and Jenny were 26, we rushed to the hospital to find Jenny lying on the bed ready to give birth! Kyle was the father of a beautiful baby boy they named Aiden. 3 yeahrs later, Jake became a father after I gave birth to 2 beautiful twins, a boy and a girl, which we named Andrew and Andria. Now, Andrew and Andria are 5 yeahrs old and Aiden is 7 yeahrs old. We are still happily married and so are Jenny and Kyle. You must be wondering, what happened to our powers, right? Well, we haven't used them in a long time, but our kids however, use them every day, with a little help from us.

The End.