feet slapping concrete
heart racing with adrenaline
lungs heaving

the chase is on

over, under
left, right
around, through

commands race through your mind
instructing your weary body
but not anymore
it's on autopilot now

hurry, hurry
get him off your tail

not going to happen

he's catching up to you
cornering you

back pressing against the brick wall
eyes shut, fists clench
shoulders hunch, breathing quickens

times slows down
the click
then the inevitable bang that follows
it' too late now.


you lie in a pool of blood
face so pale, tinged with bue
blood dribbling from a third eye in your forehead

was it all worth it?

A/N Oh man, that sucked :P I know I got my tenses mixed up, but I don't know what to change. Could someone tell me?
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