Just a little story for the 4th of July.

"Aiden, you're working with fireworks again? Ever since Mr. Dayes showed you how to make them, it's all you've been doing nonstop." Complained the redhead. She stood on a cliff, staring at the curly, silky chestnut hair with midnight blue eyes that blended in with the night sky. She shoved her hands into her cotton sweater, shivering from the cold, Washington night air.

In front of the girl, the brunette grinned as he stared at the magnificent view of the small town of Brinnon from atop the cliff. His green eyes sparkled as he spoke.

"Chloe, when you make fireworks, you make art. A colorful blaze of lights that light up the sky for a split second before dying out and falling back to Earth. Hearing the claps and oohs and aahs that people make when they see the flower of fire in the sky… the flower that I made."

"I understand you like to make fireworks, but you've been spending more time with fireworks than you've been spending with us… with me."

Chloe stared at her boyfriend sadly as he made no move to get up or say anything. Sighing, she walked away.

"Fine. I won't be surprised if you want to dump me later, after all, you only dated me because you want to look cool in front of the other guys."

Chloe sniffled quietly, her eyes still red from crying. She was about to open the door to her home when she noticed a note under the door. She picked it up, and, seeing no name, opened it.

Scrawled in neat, swirling pen, was a short note.

Chloe, come see me at the Kiss Cliff at 12 AM.
I want to show you something.

'His handwriting is still as girly as ever.' The girl thought, smiling a bit. She rubbed her eyes and checked her watch. 11:55 PM. "Crap." She muttered under her breath as she raced towards the Kiss Cliff.

The Kiss Cliff was famous for the legend surrounding it. It was a small cliff overlooking Brinnon, providing an amazing view. Most say that if a couple kisses on the cliff at 12 AM, their love will last forever. Chloe and Aiden had yet to do that, and Chloe was starting to regret it.

Prepared for a rejection, Chloe stepped onto the cliff, where Aiden was there, grinning. Next to him was a rocket, all set up to launch.

"What…" Chloe started walking up next to Aiden in confusion. She glanced at her watch. 11:58 PM. Just in time.

"Watch this."

Aiden took out a match and lit the rocket as Chloe watched. Slowly the flame crawled up the rope, before finally igniting the rocket and sending it soaring into the air. A whistling sound was followed by a boom, and the rocket burst into an amazing display of colors that lit up the sky. All too soon did it die out, and the sky once again became dark.

"Amazing…" Chloe breathed as Aiden grinned proudly.

"Hey, Chloe. Guess what?"


"It's 12 o'clock."

Aiden grinned once more before kissing the girl before him, short and sweet. Chloe's eyes widened for a moment before she slowly closed her eyes and melted into the kiss. Aiden pulled away and hugged her and whispered in her ear.

"Happy 4th of July."