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Breathe Tasha, breathe.

That's what I've been trying to tell myself for the past two and a half minutes, but it has yet to work. So, why was I so nervous and also on the verge of a panic attack? Because today was my first day of Clover County High School. It might sound nice and sweet, bit this is the most ghetto school in New York.

Plus, I'm brand new, which means freshman Fridays, even though I'm a junior. I've heard about it. It's terrible. The rumors, the jumping's. It makes me shudder.

So, with a deep, deep breath, I slowly walked into the six story building. The inside was much colorful then the bland beige brick walls on the outside. The walls dark blue and the lockers, shiny silver. The tile floor was green. Weird combo, huh? I glanced at my iPhone. 8:14am.

'Now or never' I spoke in my head.

I walked past a group of teenagers who were having loud, animated conversations about summer. I sighed silently. I had to leave all of my friends in Queens. Now I live in the Bronx with my stepmother, Grace. That overbearing bitch. Always telling me what to do.

I walked into the dark red and black clad office. The room was really big, like huge. There was only one person in the whole room. This lady had to be the secretary of the school. She looked like she was in her early 20's, with grey eyes and pale pink lips. She had a red bob and looked like she was wearing a dress that was too small in the chest.

"Umm, hello?" I said. The lady looked up from what looks like a romance novel.

"Yes?" she spoke. Her voice sounded soft, yet demanding, like a mother.

"Umm, I'm looking for a 'Mrs. Conner's'?" I asked. She smiled and closed the book in her hands.

"That's me. What could I do for you?" she asked.

"I need my timeline. I'm new. My name is Natasha Hilson" I looked at her. Mrs. Conner's started typing on the computer. Then something started printing. She handed me the paper.

"Thank you" I said and smiled.

"It's my pleasure" then I ran out of the office. I looked at the paper.

Student Name: Natasha Hilson

Student ID: 287648760

Algebra 2



Study Hall





Soon, I found my locker and took out my black spider web binder and a black gel pen, before closing my locker and heading up to my first class. Which was Algebra 2.

I sighed once again. I fucking hate math. It was never my strong point. Numbers and equations would confuse me and leave me with headaches. Even when I got the answer, it would take mad long to find it.

After I climbed up two flights of stairs and walked up a long ass hallway, I found it. Walking into the normal sized classroom, of course I didn't notice anybody in the room and took a seat all the way in the back of the class. About 10 minutes, more people that I didn't know started filling into class. I checked my I phone again. 8:35. Time goes slow when you're bored outta mind. 5 minutes later, the teacher walked in, or strutted in. About fucking time.

This teacher looked like the definition of a slut. She had dark, wavy hair, bright green eyes, full red lips, and a huge chest. Right now, she wore a plain white button up shirt, a plaid skirt that stopped at her mid-thigh and blue high heels. I rolled my eyes. Total slut.

"Welcome back class. And for those who don't know me, I'm Ms. Daniel, your Algebra 2 teacher. Just do as I say, and you'll get an A" she said, with a flirty smile. I rolled my eyes. Again. Some of the boys were drooling, undressing her with their eyes. So sad.

"I remember most of you from last year" she paused as she looked around. Soon her eyes landed on me. Oh shit.

"It seems there is one new student in class. You, with the black shirt and bright blue jeans. Come to the front of class and state your name and something about yourself" she pointed at me and everyone turned their heads.

Just what I need: an audience. I hate attention, unless I'm dancing. My eyes scanned the room. Damn. Sighing again, I got up and walked to the front of the class. When I got there, I stood silent as a mouse. The class looked at me.

"Now, state your name and something about yourself" she said. I tried to, but I couldn't. I get really nervous when public speaking.

"What are you, stupid? Don't even know your own name? That's sad. You shouldn't even be in high school then" said a voice. The voice belonged to a girl, right in front of me.

The girl had on a pink half shirt, dark grey skinny jeans, pink wedge sneakers, a black bow headband and grey and pink bracelets. Ew, pink!

"Naw, Tiff. She ain't gotta say anything if she don't wanna" said the boy next to her, or Tiff.

The boy looked sexy as hell. He had the most hazel eyes I've ever seen. He had tan skin and nicely toned. His style had me staring at him, even though he was looking at pinkie.

"No JC. I don't even think she can talk. She looks to stupid anyway" she rolled her eyes, and then glared at me. Bitch.

JC looked away, looked at me, the stared at the desk.

"See, she still didn't answer. She might be deft, too. Deft and dumb, Wow-"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP" I yelled. Everybody's head snapped to me, but I didn't care. This bitch looked shocked.

"You don't know shit about me, so shut your pink ass up before I give you something to talk about" I screamed. I think I shocked everybody in the room, including myself. I never yell like that, ever. But she just had to get on my nerves.

"For your information, my name is Natasha Hilson and I'm 16. Don't mess with me, you'll get fucked up." Then the bell rang. With my bag on my shoulders, I stormed out, very pleased.

As I walked to my history class, someone called out to me in the hall.

"Natasha, wait!" said a voice. I turned around to see a girl dressed in black and white, running up to me. Her long, black hair under a white snapback.

"Umm, yes?" I asked. The girl stopped to catch her breath, before speaking again.

"I came to say sorry" she said. I looked at her confused.

"What? I'm confused, you're sorry?" I asked. She nodded.

"I'm sorry that my sister is ignorant and has no respect for anyone" she smiled.

"Sister?" I asked. She nodded.

"Yes. That was Tiffany and I'm Maxine. Nice to meet you" she said.

At that moment, I knew that I had made my first friend and my first enemy.