"The Pen"

Words bleeding into the page as its blood gushes from its wound. It's life being written away as it is dragged across the page scratching the surface. It reveals to us a horror in which a man is brutally murdered his screams faintly permeating the page. Ink now runs from the page to pool where his body would lie. from such a horror it turns to develop a love story in which the object now willing gives its life so the lovers may live. Hidden amongst the text are words from letters surreptitiously passed between the devoted couple, those words now whisper trough the wind. Yet another twist as the object now is drained to write of fruit that evade a starved mans grasp. Feeling his sorrow we now savor that sweet flavors that seemingly jump from the page. And now at its end the object gives that last of its life to construct a victory from the ashes and end with a magnificent crescendo. In truth the pen is mightier than the sword. For more life has been expressed from a simple pen than any other object, a pen breaths imagination and bleeds creation. To you or me It may just be ink that flows from a pen but in truth it is the life of literature because without it literature is just a blank page, not a canvas in which to create life. Therefore a pen is no longer a pen not to me, to me a pen is an entire world