Red Genesis


"Night Ghost," she heard in her wireless headset, "take out A.T. as you see fit. Moderator out."

Night Ghost laid on a rooftop looking through the crosshairs of her personal M40 sniper rifle at the target simply known as A.T, the black haired, brown-eyed queen of the criminal underworld. The woman wore a black bodysuit that slimmed down her slightly thick figure and sunglasses that were rather tacky.

Seriously, Night Ghost complained to herself, why is this lady wearing sunglasses at night? She shook the thought from her head, reminding herself the golden rule of a sniper: never get distracted. Night Ghost felt her vitals skyrocket as she prepared to pull the trigger that cold, mid- September night. Hit number one-hundred fifty-six, comin' right up. Just shy of my 15th birthday, too. It'll be cool to get that ten million dollar bonus so I can get me something nice. Night Ghost slowly set her right index finger into motion. Three…Two… One…

Her finger pulled the trigger all the way back and was instantly rewarded with the muffled gunshot of the silenced gun and the fatal fall of A.T. September 15th: Success. Night Ghost quickly disassembled her gun and put it inside of its long, rectangular case. After she was done, she stood up and stretched quietly. Before she could turn around, Night Ghost heard the cock of a gun behind her.

"So," a girl behind her lilted, "you're Night Ghost. I've heard so much about you! Too bad your legacy must come to an end." She walked closer to Night Ghost, close enough to be able to jam gun into her back. "There can only be one Numero Uno, you know."

Night Ghost analyzed the situation quickly. Great, another buster. Any good assassin knows that I'm not one to be toyed with. This should be easy. She dropped and rolled to her left, feeling the heat of a gunshot by her left arm. Night Ghost bounced up and spun to her attacker's backside. She grabbed the girl's arm and twisted it upwards, forcing her to drop the .9 millimeter pistol she was holding.

"Who are you," Night Ghost whispered, "and what do you want?"

The girl relaxed. "I'm the number one assassin in the world, Emerald Dragon," she chuckled, "and I'm here to thoroughly define my position." Emerald Dragon turned her head. "Aren't you the one that's the toast of the FBI?"

Night Ghost pulled Emerald Dragon's arm up a little more. "Yeah, that's me. Got a problem?"

Emerald Dragon shifted slightly. "Yeah. Not with you, though. Gun's not even loaded." She kicked the gun backwards towards Night Ghost. "Check for yourself."

"I don't care. Now tell me what's going on."

"Cyber revived that evil king. Geronimo, is it? It seems that the Age of the Phoenix is about to start. It seems like it might be a nice little bloodbath." Emerald Dragon turned her head back to the front. "Forget you ever saw me. There's no time to waste if we want to get to the bottom of this whole thing." And with that, the girl disappeared.

Night Ghost stood there solemnly as she thought about the upcoming event. If that's true, then that means- Her thoughts were interrupted by the vibrating of her phone. She pulled it out of her pocket and read the caller I.D. Shizuku. What's she doing up at one in the morning? Then she looked at the time. Crap! I got school early tomorrow!