With a thrust of his hand, he jutted the cutlass up towards the sky, grinning and flashing his white teeth.

"You can tell them, this is the last time," he leaped up onto the mast and swung around it with an outstretched arm. He slowly came to a stop, still grinning, "You'll ever see, Cap'n Jack Narrow!"

The others watched in awe as he released his grip, springing backwards like a frog. Unfortunately, he underestimated the jump and crashed down onto the deck of the ship in a heap. The onlookers cringed at the sight, feeling the pain merely by watching it.

Jack quickly jumped back onto his feet and brushed himself off, regaining his posture and mumbling under his breath. Digging in his pocket he retrieved a small metallic object and flipped it open, checking his hair and fixing his bandana.

"What you got there me lord?" one of the shipmates asked.

Jack waved his hand wildly, "Tis nothing, back to work! And remember, this is the last time," he twisted around, diving blindly over the side rail. He again underestimated though, as he forgot that the netting was still in place. His body became tangled, and he worked hard to free himself from the knot, screeching and squealing.

"The last time, you will ever see," he finally freed himself and clutched the netting in one hand. With a final look at his crew, he released his grip, "Cap'n, Jack Naaaaarrrroooowww!" a loud splash signified he had successfully made impact with the water below.

The crew jumped up and down clapping happily and celebrating the wonderful show of agility. They all ran over to the side of the ship to watch their captain swim away. Their smiles and cheers died fast though, as the only thing left to see was Jack's bandana floating in a patch of red water being circled by sharks.

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