Chapter 2: Set Sail

Sparrow exited his quarters and walked out into the chilly morning. The sun glowed red on the horizon, rising up over the dark-blue waves. The sky was pink around the rim and purple in the center, absent of clouds. The wind was weak, merely flapping the mast and causing the boat to drift lazily.

Sparrow's crew was lined up along the deck of the ship on the starboard side. Everybody was eager to hear their new captain address them.

"Good morrow men, I need no introduction," Sparrow grinned, modestly declining the applause that followed. He paced back and forth in front of them, left hand behind his back and inspecting the fingernails on the right.

"To be honest, I have no clue what my father left for us, but I need suggestions…what shall we do now crew?" Sparrow asked.

The pirates looked around confused, never before had the captain gave them the liberty to decide what to do. All of this was a bit too much to grasp at first, but eventually one man with a red bandana and blind right eye gingerly raised his hand.

"Mutiny?" he uttered. The confusion spread once again, but suddenly the crew was excited by the word and they all cheered. They drew their cutlasses and loaded their pistols in excitement, while Sparrow backed away appalled.

"No! Now, now! There's no need for such actions! Let us calm down," Sparrow panicked.

The man spoke up again, "We want mutiny! We never liked the likes of you!"

Sparrow and the man began bickering back and forth until a deep voice rose up from the depths of the ocean. Intrigued, the crew peered over the deck down to a large narwhal whale gliding alongside the ship's haul.

The whale cleared its throat, "I have a suggestion my friend. Why not visit the island of Little Bear?"

"What treasure thar be for plunderin?" Sparrow's accent failed him. He shrugged off the looks from his crew and awaited an answer.

The whale continued, "Well good sir, they do have a new 24 hour Taco Bell in existence, how wondervus their food is…"

Sparrow leaned away from the side of the ship and thought about the enticing offer. The crew was desperate to see dry land, let alone a decent food source. This island was unheard of though, and Sparrow would have to tread carefully…

He leaned back across the railing, "What sorcery is this? Where you speak the tongue of a sailor?"

"I'm a narwhal whale, the unicorn of the sea!" the whale called out before disappearing back into the water.

Sparrow turned back to his crew, glad to see this had distracted their plans of mutiny. "What say you, men? Do we venture that way?

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