I decided to post here because I'm really determined to find something. First let me say that I'm very good looking. I have a rocking, voluptuous figure, dark hair, and green eyes. I have a thing for really dark stuff, especially vampires. I have naughty dreams about a fanged tormentor that loves to bite and play with me. I'm totally looking for something similar in real life. I am a virgin, but I'm totally up for anything and really want to experiment. My dreams would come true if I could be fucked by a vampire.

"That's a total lie!" Ciara hissed between gritted teeth, "as if I have a rocking body, and must we tell the world I'm a virgin?"

Ashe laughed lightly, "it's a personal add, people always lie on these things," the blonde replied, using her camera phone to snap a picture of Ciara, "besides, we're just doing this for kicks, not as if we're serious!"

Flicking through her iPhone, Ashe let out a huge sigh and stared back at Ciara in frustration. Averting her gaze, Ciara tried to ignore the fact she could feel Ashe's gaze burning into the back of her skull, but when it didn't stop she turned back with a what-the-fuck-do-you-want-now kind of expression on her face.

Ashe grinned broadly, "sit up straight, and smile cutely."

Ciara closed her eyes first exasperated, then changed her posture and smiled the sweetest "fuck you" smile she could muster. Ashe snapped a picture despite Ciara's lack of effort, and quickly uploaded the image to the computer.

"It doesn't look half bad really," Ashe said quietly. Ciara sighed in reply. The image really didn't look that bad. While the smile had been faked, it managed to look genuine in the picture. Ciara's dark hair fanned out lightly just across her shoulders, and the fringe of her bangs had curved just perfectly to frame her round face. The lighting had even managed to make the green of her eyes stand out, contrasting nicely against the black of her eyeliner.

Ashe clicked a few more times on the computer, and clapped excitedly, "okay it's done," she said, turning back to Ciara, who was still sitting on her bed.

"Thank god," Ciara replied, bemused, "did you really have to do that?"

"The emails you get in response are gonna be killer funny," Ashe said, tapping her finger several times on the desk, which was precariously shoved into a corner of the room.

It had always been like this. In terms of friendship they had very little in common. Ashe was all but Ciara's opposite, in personality, and appearance. How they managed to get along Ciara really didn't know. Though it could be amusing at times, Ashe also could really get on her nerves.

Sighing, Ciara shuffled on her bed and pushed away the pile of books that had accumulated on it. Every degree of paranormal romance a girl could get her hands on. It wasn't normally so out in the open, as Ciara did have bins full of such novels. Ashe just had to show up when she was sorting through them, god forbid she actually not make a joke out of one of Ciara's variably fucked up interests.

Ashe shrugged off Ciara's disdain, and rose from the desk chair. "Well, have fun with all those lusty emails," she said comically, "let me know what happens."

Relief actually washed over Ciara as she watched Ashe leave her family's house. Sometimes friendship could be a really pain in the ass, or a blessing. There really was no rhyme or reason to why. Rather than please Ashe by playing into her ridiculous game, Ciara decided she wasn't even going to check her emails.

The TV was blaring loudly in the living room, some overly irritating reality show enthralling her parents. It was early evening, and it was all they seemed to ever do this time of the day. Even the dog in the family, the little border collie, Meika, was starting to wander aimlessly from room to room. Though it wouldn't have normally been so apparent to her, after losing her job Ciara had found so many things far more trivial than she used to.

How god damn dull and boring. Escaping back to the confines of her room, Ciara picked up one of the books in the pile and made to read it. Completely ignoring the fact that her iPhone was incessantly beeping with message after message. With gritted teeth, she tried to focus on the book but her mind kept wandering and she found herself reading the paragraph over and over again. Was this really what had become of her life? If she could find a job maybe that would comfort her, or so at least she thought.

Tossing the book aside she rolled over and let out a long, shaky sigh. Even from down the hall she could still hear the TV, and her iPhone was yet to silence itself. Try as she might to ignore it, and somewhat drifting in and out of sleep, Ciara eventually bolted straight up from her bed and flopped onto her computer chair.

"Oh I've had it!" she gritted her teeth, silently mocking herself for speaking out loud. The thought that she might be a touch crazy crossed her mind, but she shook her head and ignored it. Clicking to get to her inbox, Ciara tried to find the setting where she could send everything automatically to junk mail. All she could do was groan when she realized she couldn't find it, or it didn't exist.

Out of pure boredom she ran through the messages in her inbox, mouthing the words what the fuck to herself.

The first message included a picture of a balding middle eastern man, who looked to be about 30-35 years old, adorned with a smile so lewd Ciara could feel her groin actually shrivel up and cower in a corner. The message didn't atone for the image either, Hey baby, I'm totally into chubby girls, and biting. I'll give you a real good time. Oh god no.

Ciara mentally chanted to herself, nope, nope, nope, a thousand times nope... as she clicked through the messages in utter horror. Is that was civilized men have become? Until one message suddenly jumped out at her and she clicked it out of curiosity.

From: A.R

Subject: Just a warning

Though I've never taken the time to message anyone on this site before, I feel obligated to do so now. While I don't know how sincere you are in your search for a "vampire to fuck," I would advise you to be careful. Divulging that you are a virgin might be the truth, but it is however risky. You make yourself a target with your inexperience, and no respectable vampire would seek out a woman with such an innocence. You are a very pretty girl, and I implore you to be very weary of anyone that responds to your post. I would really hate to see that smile taken from your face.


Ciara raised a brow in response. Pretty? Was this guy on drugs? For some reason it didn't concern her that he was speaking about vampires in a realistic sense, only that he made what she thought was an untrue comment on her appearance. Ciara chose to respond in her favourite form of humour, sarcasm.

From: Ciara.C

Subject: Keeping My Smile

I thank you for your concern with my safety and my smile. However, I have opted out of responding to any messages besides this one. One would think there would be some charisma among people who want to drink my blood. I must say I find myself disappointed. The degree of tact in the messages I've received is abysmal, excluding yours of course. Oh here I was thinking a vampire couldn't refuse a virgin, my I guess the books do have it wrong.

Seeing as we have become letters,


From: A.R

Subject: Charisma

I'm glad to see you've decided not to respond to anyone. It's also the charismatic ones you most need to watch out for. I thank you for the compliment on my tact. Allow me to be a little untactful for a moment. Believe me, I appreciate a virgin and the innocence of experience wholeheartedly, I'd just rather not be the hand that destroys such things.

I'd rather not be part of the alphabet if I have a choice,


Well thank fuck for that, Ciara thought in dismay. Who was this pompous asshole? Writing back another quick fire email, Ciara slammed her finger on the send button with a 'take that' attitude.

From: Ciara.C

Subject: Appreciated Appreciation

If I should be watching out for the charismatic ones, seems I should add you to the top of the list. Despite your untactfulness, I'm glad my virginity doesn't disgust you. That would be quite a shame. I wonder, with the hand that could destroy it, did you mean literally or figuratively?

Glad we've decided to become individuals,


From: A.R

Subject: Watch Out

Well you're quite bold. I can only imagine you not like this in person. You'd probably blush and stare at your toes instead. If it floats your boat I suppose you could take it literally. I'm very good with my hands, if you must know.

I thought as much, given your email.


From: Ciara.C

Subject: I'm Watching Intently

Most likely. I do endeavour to keep my neck bite free, perhaps I'll make a trip down to the blood bank to donate a little piece of my soul to some unsuspecting people. Seems a far more reasonable idea than my earlier indiscretions. Wouldn't you agree?

You must indeed be good with your hands, you respond so fastidiously,


From: A.R

Subject: Slippery Slope

Are you trying to beguile me, virgin Ciara? Whoever said it had to be your neck? You should consider telling me the hospital you donate to, I'll hold a part of your soul hostage in my mouth. Oh, I'm not sure I would call it very reasonable...

Consider me intrigued...


Ciara pulled off her hoodie and tossed it on the bed. It suddenly felt a degree or two warmer in her room. Downing a glass of water she had nearby, she stared back at her monitor with a wry expression. If looks could kill...

From: Ciara.C

Subject: Am I Slipping?

Beguile? I wouldn't dare...maybe you should consider a career in medicine? As a medical professional you wouldn't have to make a career out of stealing blood, when you could just take it yourself...No woman can refuse a man in a lab coat, even if you do have a toupee...



Subject: Indeed, You're Falling

Oh, then you'll be happy to know that I already have an education in medicine. Though not to an advanced degree, I do know my way around a vein and needle particularly well. Are you suggesting if I sport a lab coat that you're available for my beck and call?

I can assure you, my hair is completely luxurious and legitimate,


From: Ciara.C

Subject: Paging Dr. Aubrey

I was under the impression you were warning me away from doing such things. Then here you are with an invitation. Oh a lab coat is very hard to refuse...

Does that mean it's tuggable?



Subject: Potential Patient

You can count me intrigued by your antics...Would you watch me drink it?

I imagine you'll be doing a lot of that if my teeth are at your throat,


God damn! Ciara flushed, and flexed her fingers against the keyboard. Well that progressed quickly...Opening the window nearby, Ciara let the cold air fill her bedroom and closed her eyes with a sigh. How serious is this guy? The words of his message echoed through her mind, and Ciara gritted her teeth to try to ignore the fact that it was affecting her. This time her groin was dancing, relieved from its earlier encounter with overly lewd monster.

For a second being crazy crossed Ciara's mind again, but she mentally slapped it away. Curiosity killed the cat, sure, but satisfaction brought it back. Adrenaline curled up in her throat as she went to respond.

From: Ciara.C

Subject: More Antics...

I might watch...I might not...Does that part concern you?

In that case I hope you're not overly attached to your hair,


From: A.R

Subject: Very Concerned

I noticed you took some time to reply. I sense that you are intrigued, but also apprehensive. I meant my earlier statement about you being careful. Yet you've played with fire and tempted me. I can't say I've met a virgin that tried to toy with me before...I wonder if you are so brazen with other forms of communication. Shall we discuss this more over the telephone?

Give me your number, and I'll give you something to be overly attached to...


Ciara's breath hitched in her throat, and she coughed in surprise. Was he kidding? How far was he going to take this? Or for that matter, how far was she willing to take it. Ciara mused on the subject quietly. It surely was a thrill, and there wasn't any harm in being playful from the safety of her own home. Yet what exactly did he intend to say over the telephone. The thought played havoc on her mind.

Trying not to over think it, Ciara quickly typed back her number, saying nothing else.

After what seemed like hours, which was only likely minutes, Ciara's cell phone started ringing. So as not to talk herself out of it, Ciara quickly put it to her ear without considering what she intended to say.

"Hello Ciara," the voice said softly, it was as smooth as silk, and tickled Ciara to her very core.

Fuck, she thought, he sounds sexy as hell. Squeezing her eyes shut, Ciara tried to think of a response. What was she supposed to say now? Oh right...

"Hi," Ciara squeaked, abashed by the fact that she hadn't meant to sound so vulnerable.

A chuckle met her ears, it was low and husky, "just as I thought..."

Ciara thumbed her fingers on her desk to try to distract herself so that she could at least try to sound remotely like her email persona, "and what was it you thought?"

That got her mental nod of approval. No shaky voice or squeaking with that reply, progress!

"Damn, you do sound cute," Aubrey responded quietly, his tone of voice was soft and sent Ciara reeling. "I thought that you would be a little ball of nervous nerves, though I can't say I expected that to sound so good."

"Who's toying with who now?" Ciara replied from under her breath, despite the fact she hadn't really meant for him to hear it, he did anyway. For a moment she wondered if he could also hear how shallow her breathing had gotten.

"At last, the temptress shows her face," he said, Ciara could tell there was at the very least a smirk on his lips. "Also, what makes you think you didn't play right into my hands, perhaps I intended this all along?"

Ciara bit her lip inadvertently, "as charismatic as ever..."

"Oh I'll show you charisma," he said, laughing darkly, "where were we?...Ah, so about the drinking of your blood, tell me, how would you envision that happening?"

"What makes you think it will?" Ciara tried to muster some determination to her voice.

"Oh it will," Aubrey replied briskly, for a moment she considered he'd seen right into her thoughts, "though I can be quite persuasive, I don't imagine I need to be as such with you, do I?"

Ciara was already mentally shaking her head before she realized it and had to stop and gather her galls. What was she even considering here? The guy could very well be a lunatic, and here she was all...fluttery and buttery.

"I'm not sure what you expect me to say..." Ciara replied absently.

"The truth," Aubrey responded, his voice a degree softer, "was your original post completely sincere?"

Ciara hesitated, her breath caught in her throat. Every time he spoke his voice reverberated over her like a lustful breeze. "Not entirely, no..."

There was silence for a moment, "I don't want to have to pull the answers out of you, Ciara," he said sternly, a sigh passing his lips, "how far this goes is ultimately up to you, but it can go nowhere if I have no idea where your boundaries lie."

"To be perfectly frank," Ciara breathed, her voice had shaken more than she would have liked, "I don't have any experience to create boundaries with, so I'm not sure I can answer that."

"Fair point," he responded, the words were almost a purr, "then tell me this, you're intrigued at least by the idea of watching me drink your blood?"


Ciara thought she heard him laugh lightly, in a way that made her wonder if he was just toying with her, "and does that thought turn you on?"


Ciara could just barely hear his breath through the phone, which seemed to catch in his throat, "yes or no?"

Closing her eyes tightly, Ciara forced a response despite her embarrassment, "yes..."

There was a long pause, "I don't want to alarm you, but I need to meet you in person before I can discern the possibility of a relationship, of whatever sort, are you amenable to that?"

The thoughts inside Ciara's head were in turmoil, as if spinning around an ever quickening wheel, "What exactly would that entail?"

"Nothing but your presence," he said silkily, "I have no intention of forcing you into anything, merely just to meet and speak with you, aptly in public, to see how comfortable you are with me."

Ciara noticed she had begun to nibble on her bottom lip, "no expectations?"

"Other than your appearance and honesty, no."

"Okay," Ciara breathed.

Another chuckle met her ears, "is that a yes?"

"It's a yes..."

Ciara stared back at herself in the mirror and found herself sighing again for probably the tenth time in the last half hour. Originally, she had simply planned to pop into a nice dress, put on a dash of blush, and find a fitting pair of shoes to match, yet that hadn't gone over all that well with her insecurities. The little black dress, a staple in many a woman's closet, had only managed to make her look even paler, and by no means made her look skinnier. Considering the man she was about to meet, she just had to be as perfect as possible. Even it if could potentially get her killed...what was life without a little risk.

Bed already overflowing with half her closet, Ciara tossed out a few things from some of her drawers and tried to make herself an outfit that a) would make her appear skinnier, b) matched her skin tone well, c) didn't seem desperate or overly slutty, d) wasn't overly conservative to make her look like a nun because she had to have some sex appeal and most importantly, e) could be coordinated with one of her limited variety of shoes.

In the end Ciara settled with a sleeveless, in grey, which was both simple and elegant. It was snug at the bust, extenuating a part of Ciara's body she didn't mind too much, and flared out over the part of her body she wanted to hide. The under bust belt, with a fabric bow to one side, helped to draw in her waist too which made Ciara nod in approval of her choice. The dress would also work perfect with a pair of cute slip ons she had, which were the same colour.

Ciara started to shove her clothes back in her drawers looking for something she could use to cover her shoulders. Momentarily she thought about some type of vest or a scarf, but remembered she had a black half-sweater in the closet downstairs that would do just fine. Which resulted in a sigh of relief from her, and an anxious look at the clock.

When she finally made it to the mall, after two bus transfers, Ciara was shivering. Of all places she wasn't sure why she had suggested a mall, especially one so out of her way with the snow as of late. But at the very least it was a place she was relatively familiar with should she chose to escape. Though she had to scorn herself a bit for deciding not to wear a coat, as if beauty ever went above her own health.

It wasn't until she sat down on a bench near one of the more secluded exits, that she realized how nervous she really was. The feeling in her stomach was like it was attempting to tie itself into a bow, and it sent shivers across Ciara's spine. It was scarcely hard to breath, with each intake of air her breathing gradually became more shaky. The idea of just getting up and leaving and forgetting everything crossed her mind, but her legs refused to actually move. Deep down, somewhere she wasn't sure where, Ciara really felt drawn to this man, regardless of the danger he might be to her.

Embarrassment stained her cheeks. Perhaps she had taken her attire too far, after all she couldn't really consider it a date. What exactly was her intention? A shiver echoed across her skin, and she closed her arms around herself as she suddenly felt very vulnerable and naked. It jolter her, and she stood from the bench and darted into a cheap accessories store, running across herself in the mirror. Oh god, she looked far fatter than she remembered.

Flopping down on one of the chairs customers used to try on shoes, she bent her forehead to the palm of her hand resting her other hand on the seat. Clearly she was just over thinking things. Or was she? It was considerable hard to swallow. On the phone he had sounded hot, but how would he be in person?

It was then that she felt the seat dip beside her, a hand gently resting atop hers. Ciara stiffened, and barely dared to breath. Staring into the palm of her other hand she refused to acknowledge that anyone was there, maybe if she pretend long enough it would become true. Suddenly the shoes scattered across the floor became oddly interesting.

"It's okay," A voice said softly, she could tell it was close to her ear. It was the voice of a man, thick, and sensual. All the nerves in her body pooled into her groin. "Don't be nervous, look at me Ciara."

Ciara's eyes slowly darted over, first gazing upon the hand entwined with hers. It was a sexy hand, long fingers, clean nails, even a gothic ring which she mused suited him just fine. Ciara could feel his thumb drawing light circles on the back of her hand, it became all she could focus on. The look of her hand inside his warmed her, it looked good there, it felt good there.

Then she finally took up the courage to turn and look at him. Oh he was so close to her, she could feel the warmth radiating between them before she even met his gaze. Wow, his eyes were so grey you'd almost consider them silver, and she was enthralled and caught within them. The hand holding hers tightened, her breath hitched in her throat as a primal reaction. Ciara wanted to reach out and tug on that hair as she had spoke of in her messages. That lovely black hair, that just touched his shoulders, and hung in strands across his cheeks. It matched the colour of his silky dress shirt, which was snug in all the right places; wearing it untucked, showing off the belt of his pants and that oh-so-sexy curve of his hips. Ciara had to stop herself from mouthing out an oh god, when she noticed he was wearing a pair of those shiny pointed shoes that all top notch men had to wear.

The look he set upon her was burning her to the very depth of her, his eyes looking through the mysterious fringe of his bangs. A faint smirk curled on his thick lips, and he leaned into her and pressed a chaste kiss to her temple. Ciara was disappointed when his hand left hers, but it quickly snaked around her waist and gave her hip and affectionate squeeze. With what was left of her composure Ciara had to hold back from her contented sigh. The man really was a sight to behold. Ciara literally felt like she was melted butter in his company.

"What a surprise," Aubrey said suddenly, "I don't think I could have predicted a reaction quite as adorable as this, my you are a pile of feelings aren't you?"

Ciara hesitated, her lip coming between her teeth, "to some extent, I suppose I am..."

Aubrey noted the blush rising on her cheeks in appreciation, "shall we go somewhere a little more private?"

Ciara watches him stand with great interest, his body looks strong and safe. Though she wasn't sure why exactly being safe was on her mind at that very moment. Taking his hand as he offers it to her, Ciara does a mental dance of joy as she wraps her head around the fact they're actually walking hand in hand through the mall. There were even a few woman who turned and made a point of looking at them. Ciara let a scowl wash over her face, as she was walking a step or two behind Aubrey and knew he wasn't looking.

Aubrey's finger twitched against her hand, he softened his grip before letting go and moved his hand across Ciara's lower back to guide her closer to his side. They found a secluded coffee shop, it was small and dark, but would suit them just fine. Ciara perched herself awkwardly on one of the sofa chairs, and looked up at Aubrey expectantly.

"I'll get you something," he said quietly, and strided off toward the counter. Ciara hadn't even considered that they actually had to buy something to sit in a coffee shop. Even from behind, Ciara couldn't stop herself from marvelling at him.

Aubrey returned with a hot chocolate for them both, and placed them gently on the table. Ciara wanted to reach out and touch his hand again, but instead she clasped her hands together in her lap. As he sat down beside her, the room seem to spin. Ciara could smell his cologne, and something else too, a smell she figured was distinctively his. It tickled her nose.

Though she didn't catch it, Aubrey smiled chastely. Oh he knew very well what she was feeling, and had a hint of an idea as to what she was thinking.

Aubrey reached forward to swipe his hand across Ciara's cheek, curling a strand of her hair around his finger, before sliding it behind her ear. "I find myself quiet taken with your beauty," Aubrey said, letting his hand stray down to rest lightly against Ciara's thigh. "Though I must say I would like to know what is going on inside that pretty skull of yours."

"I'm glad I didn't talk myself out of coming..." Ciara replied, nervously biting her lip as Aubrey's fingers continued to lightly stroke her leg. The feeling of him touching her was extremely distracting, and Ciara raced for something to think about that wouldn't let him onto the fact that such a thing was getting to her. Clearly the man had no trouble with women, Ciara thought, and here she was as nervous as a chicken ready for slaughter.

"Me too," Aubrey responded quietly, his thoughts focused elsewhere.

Aubrey could feel Ciara's nervousness around him like the air was thick as a muggy day. Ciara was not a woman that one would see plastered on magazine pages or television adds, but that didn't change the fact that she was beautiful in her own way. There was something so unique about her, not something that one could put their finger on, but it was there and Aubrey sensed it the moment he saw her. This kind of beauty was skin deep, not something most people would be aware of at first sight. It urged his predatory nature on, he wanted to delve under the covers, so to speak, and yank out the brazen woman he had seen from her before.

"So..." Ciara almost trailed off, "what have you deduced thus far?"

"Straight and to the point," Aubrey mused, the corner of his lip twitching up ever so slightly, "You are a woman with galls, quite unexpected, and I must say I do believe there is a spark between us, am I wrong in that assumption?"

Ciara shook her head, when she spoke her voice was softer, "you're not wrong."

Those grey eyes shimmered back at her, "if you are still interested in some sort of arrangement with me, I'm sure you have questions, what would you like to know?"

Why did it sound like a bloody business deal? "Arrangement?"

"Of sorts," he said softly, his thumb was spinning light circles across her knee, "I think its perhaps too soon to consider any sort of title, don't you?"

"I suppose so..." Ciara averted her gaze to her mug, and took a slow sip of hot chocolate. It tasted pretty good, though it didn't really settle with the current condition of her stomach. "Will it hurt?"

"If you want it to," Aubrey's response was whisper quiet, "but if not, then no, it's not a requirement, there are plenty of methods."

Ciara hesitated, she wanted to tangle her fingers between those of his hand currently stroking her thigh, "and uh...how often do you?"

Aubrey chuckled and gripped her leg a little tighter, the heat radiated and pooled inside of her, "at the very least, once a week."

"I would be..." Ciara hovered over her words, looking for the right way to express what she wanted to ask. The letters seemed to catch in her throat, and she coughed lightly.

"As I said it goes as far as you are willing," he replied, his eyes bearing down on hers, "I prefer to be exclusive, but that choice isn't up to me..."

"Exclusive?" A small light of hope flicked on in the back of her head, "you mean, as in, only me?"

For a moment she wanted to laugh. Why did that please her? Was it really a compliment to be told that you are wanted as a consistent source of blood? Ciara had to rehash the old idea that she was actually crazy, and this time she believed she might be a touch retarded with her current considerations. One part of her brain was honestly locking horns with the other part, asking it what the fuck it was doing in the most condescending of tones.

"That is precisely what I mean," Aubrey hushed his voice, and leaned in closer to her, "perhaps in more than one way, though you should know, I do not stand for betrayal."

The look in his eyes was as fiery as hell, it set the hairs up on the back of her neck, and had her body quivering in anticipation. It was a sure threat if Ciara had ever seen one, yet fear wasn't exactly her first reaction. Clearly the man had no lenience when it came to loyalty, though that really wasn't something she could disagree with.

"That's not my style..." Ciara trailed off this time, distracting herself with a sip of her hot chocolate.

Aubrey slowly brought Ciara's hand to his mouth, and brushed his lips across her fingers, "oh, that much I know."

Ciara slowly took in a breath of air, "is there anything else I should know?"

"No," Aubrey responded quickly, "at least not now, we'll take things slowly, I'll guide you though the things you aren't accustomed too."

Ciara nodded absentmindedly. Standing up, Aubrey tugged her hand lightly, guiding her out of the coffee shop and toward the parking lot.

"I'll take you home," he said suddenly, using the beeper to unlock his car, and opened the passenger door.

Crawling into the seat, Ciara watched as he shut the door and walked around the to the other side. They were now officially alone. It was dark, it was decently late, and it was the middle of winter so there weren't any people wandering the parking lot. Despite the freezing cold, a spark of fire ignited the moment Aubrey took a seat beside her and shut the door.

Ciara mentally swore to herself, nothing had ever felt quite like this. It was like an electric bolt had hit the car and was spiralling through it and them. Aubrey was looking at her, his gaze seemed distant for some reason, it was unreadable.

It was him that broke the silence first, his voice actually sounded nervous when he spoke, almost breathy. "I don't want to leave things like this...are you up for trying something with me?"

Ciara nodded slowly, her eyes widened a bit when Aubrey opened the glove compartment and took something out of it, "I brought this just in case, and am I ever glad I did."

When the box opened Ciara felt dizzy. There were needles inside the container, and tubes, and other things she didn't quite recognize, though she didn't quite have the audacity to ask right then.

Aubrey's eyes met hers. Ciara took a long shaky breath. Recollecting their conversation, Ciara wondered exactly how he could consider this without pain. It startled her, and she realized that perhaps his tolerance for pain was far different and outside of what she considered.

"Look at me," Aubrey whispered huskily, "into my eyes, don't look away."

Ciara could feel his hand pull her arm across the console, but she did as she was told and returned his gaze. There was a warmth in his eyes, those silvery depths, oh how he appealed to her.

For a moment Aubrey's gaze flicked downward, and Ciara could feel her arm being slightly restricted.

"Take a deep breath now," Aubrey urged gently, his eyes returning to hers. That was when she felt it. It was a slight prick, noticeable but not exactly painful. Yet by the time the air had escaped Ciara's lungs again, the feeling had subsided. All Ciara could concentrate on was the eyes looking back at her, and the feeling of his thumb softly stroking her hand. Damn, he was good at doing this.

Ciara found herself panting slightly, and bit her lip as she tried to focus on her breathing.

"Don't fight the feeling baby," Aubrey's voice echoed in her ears, it was so soft it almost sounded deadly. "Let your body have an honest reaction...almost done, just breath."

"Mmm..." Ciara closed her eyes, her fingers tightening around the arm rest of the door. Fingertips clenching and unclenching. It was indeed a pleasant feeling, as if being overtaken slowly by soft warm waves.

When she opened her eyes again, Aubrey was looking at her with an amused glint in his eyes, "your reaction was perfect," he breathed, dangling a vial of blood between his fingers. "Now do you want to watch me taste you?"

Ciara nodded weakly, to which Aubrey met with a wry grin. With his thumb he tipped off the cap of the vial, and placed it to his lips. Their eyes connected, and Ciara stared back at him with trepidation as he tilted the glass tube and drained in into his mouth.

The skin of Ciara's cheeks now matched her blood, she flushed ferociously.

Aubrey licked his lips and eyed her wearily, "damn, you fucking taste amazing."

A light, fluttery sigh left Ciara's lips and Aubrey dropped the empty vial back in the case and snapped the lit shut. "Fuck," he said, leaning over the console he pressed his lips to hers.

Aubrey's kiss was soft, slow, and Ciara had to admit a little wetter than she had expected. Tightening his grip on her hair, Aubrey deepened the kiss, his tongue slowly entering to tease hers. Wrapping her arms around his neck, Ciara wanted nothing more than to melt into him. Secretly she wished his arms would never let her go, and that his lips would continue to play against hers. When they finally broke apart, they broke apart breathing heavily, Ciara's cheeks stained red as she shied away.

Giggling inadvertently, and before she knew what she was doing Ciara's hands were playing against the front of Aubrey's silky black shirt. Tilting her head back, her eyes half closed, her mouth parted, she hesitantly met Aubrey's lips with her own. A slight groan resided in Aubrey's throat as he pulled her even closer. Roughly his hand fisted in her hair, tangling the soft dark strands between his fingers as his mouth sought hers. A moment ago, he had the ability to stop and pull away from her, but now he could hardly contain himself, her hesitancy was only pulling him deeper.

Trailing lower Ciara's fingers touched the rough material of Aubrey's snowy white vest, her breath catching in her throat as she felt his toned chest through his clothing. Aubrey growled, and pushed her back against the seat, "If you keep touching me like that, ma cherie, I think I might devour you."

Ciara reddened, her breathing heavy, "I don't think I'd mind that..."

"Kgh," Aubrey sighed, letting his hand trail tenderly across her face, "soon."