Prologue-Danger Arising

A young maiden flitted through the jungle's trees, jumping from branch to branch, occasionally using a vine to swing through the air before hurling roughly, but with a sure landing, to the ground. She moved swift enough that if a person was standing still, they would've only caught sight of her for a couple seconds before she left their view again.

The lady was familiar with the woods, she had ventured here many times as a child and snuck off her studies as a young adolecent to train in said place. With her many escapades, she was able to develop the perfect body to be able to move around efficiently in the woods. In addition to this, she grew fond of the trees and the plants and the animals that resided in said place.

However, right now she had not time for such sheninigans. She was running away from a very specific danger. Said danger didn't know the woods as she did, and thus why this was the perfect way to evade them. Them, the pale men with guns, the ones that had come from over the horizon; Gods, her father had called them.

Tears stung her eyes at the memory of her late father. That man had raised her with the love and care that her mom wasn't able to provide thanks to her early death. Even with his busy schedule, he would always try to find time for his only daughter. In fact, he was the one who first took her out into the jungle when she was just a toddler. He taught her the different plants and their uses and also how to be wary of the animals that could camouflage. As the years went by, her father became more busy and they didn't have as much time together as they both would've liked. Soon enough, both of them found it a bit difficult to find a starting subject to conversations. They both had a strong bond despite this, both respecting the other, among the strong feelings that families held within each other. They both wielded powerful minds, filled with aspiring ideas and everlasting knowledge combined with the affection that they held for their people. However, this didn't seem to be enough for the foreigners.

Those pale, cruel, divine men had decided that a new rule was needed in this area. A new ruler that would bring about a combination of the newly discovered with the old traditional ways. In turn, they had to get the throne by force, because they assumed the king wouldn't just step down. The unjustice of their action burned the soul of the girl who wasn't even supposed to be alive anymore.

'I have to keep running...Why did it have to be this way?' She thought frantically.

Somewhere off in the far distance, the opposite of where the girl was heading, a gunshot heard.