Weekend at Tiphanie's 4th of July 2012

By Krin Hoekeson

This is a story I decided to write, it's about the fourth of July weekend we spent at Tiphanie McGraw's Condo (Actually it belongs to her parents but they're in Europe on vacation, Tiph's brother is at camp so…Well read on)

I have been working hard all summer at my dad's auto parts store here in Evanston Wyoming; the nice part about it is that I'm getting extra credit for it through a business internship course I'm taking. I haven't had much time to ride except a ride up to Bear Lake with Terry and a couple charity rides through the H.O.G. chapter I belong to. Anyway, besides our gracious hostess, Tiphanie McGraw, there will be Kevin Watson Tiph's new boyfriend, Pam and her boyfriend Steve Whitworth, my boyfriend Terry McAllister, Palmer and her boyfriend Eric and lastly Katy and Jason. KC and Salina unfortunately wouldn't be here, they were in Vegas with KC's parents, I had looked forward to Salina's singing and dancing. This is more or less a private by "invitation" only party. We thought it would be a good opportunity for all of us to meet each other, take some time out from our busy lives to relax and have a good time.

I got to Tiph's place a little later than planned, I saw Terry's Sportster parked on the street so I knew he was here, I removed my weekend bag from my bike and walked up to the door. Tiph greeted me with a hug, "Yey Krin, you made it!" Terry's out on the deck with everybody else, get into your suit right away and meet us out there." I grabbed my bikini out of my bag and went into the bathroom to change, this was the first time I would be wearing it even though I bought it over a month ago, black, with a thong bottom and a triangle top I knew Terry would like it. I strolled out to the deck where everybody was sunbathing or splashing around in the pool, Terry immediately came up to me and gave me a hug and a kiss, "That your new bikini? You look terrific in it baby," "Thanks baby I was thinking of you when I bought it." Tiph came over and introduced her new boyfriend, "Krin, I'd like you to meet Kevin, Kevin Watson, he goes to the University of Nebraska and plays in the band I sing in sometimes."

I greeted Kevin, strangely how he reminded me so much of Mike who joined the Marines last year, Tiph has said things that led me to believe that they weren't getting along. This guy was cute enough, Tiph seemed happy with him, whatever! Tiphanie pointed to a metal barrel sitting in a larger blue plastic barrel, "Help yourself to the beer, there's wine in the kitchen." "Where did you get a keg? Your not 21 yet," I said in amazement. She giggled and said, "Oh I've got connections. "Can I get you something to drink baby?" asked Terry, "Try that blush," added Tiph, "It's pretty good." "OK, I'll try that" while Terry went to the kitchen, I sat down under a sun umbrella at a table with Pam and Steve. "You're looking pretty dark there Pam" I said, "It's all the time I spend standing out on the highway as road guard." Pam had been working the last two summers for the Wyoming Highway Department as a road guard on paving projects.

"So how's that going?" I asked, "Not bad I get along with everybody, my boss likes me, I could even get a full time job if I wanted, but I want to be a teacher so I'll stick with it as a summer job, the money's really good which is what it's really all about, money for school. Sure, it's hot boring work, but all things considered,"