Chapter One- So It Begins...


It started at exactly 6.00pm on Saturday the 22nd of July. I was young and stupid, busy getting ready for a party. In my stomach something was nagging at me, telling me tonight was... different. I changed wearing a grey dress with knee-high white socks. I slipped my leather jacket on and the black, feathery angel wings my mother had made especially for the party. I went to wear my flashy slip on shoes when the nagging hit me worse than ever making me put my comfortable converse shoes on. They didn't really match the outfit but I didn't dare surrender them to my closet. I fixed a little clip on top hat to the top of my head. My light brown hair, almost orange hung below my shoulders. I stared at myself in the mirror, thinking. I jumped when my mother called me.

"Valk! You're going to be late!" even though she was attempting to shout it wasn't very loud. In one month half the population of Australia had come down with some virus. Nobody knew where it came from or why it doesn't spread but I had a small part in my mind telling me it had something to do with the government.

"Coming!" I called down the stairs. The room got very cold all of a sudden and it went silent downstairs. My heart stopped. I heard the clock chime 6.00pm. I swallowed and descending the stares, my heart dying every step I took. I had dreams like this. You'd walk down the stairs and find the house burning and no way out or something horrific like that. But what I found was much, much worse.

As I stepped off the last step I froze. My insides turned to stone and I couldn't get enough air. Surely this was a hallucination. But it wasn't. My father stood in the kitchen holding a dagger which he took with him everywhere, fending off my mother who was attempting to attack him. At first I thought they had a fight and were arguing but I looked at mum taking in her peculiar features. Her face looked hollow and her teeth were sharp like knifes but what terrified me the most was the black hollow eyes that were now focused on me. My mother jumped at me clawing for my face. I screamed and ducked barely missing her claws. I sat and looked around dazed. My mother and father were in the corner. My father laid on the floor my mother on top of him. She bit him, like she would a juicy apple. My father's face contorted a frozen scream. I stood up still shaking I grabbed the dagger from the floor where my father had dropped it in the struggle. I walked feeling more and more lifeless as I walked towards the pair. My mother turned boring her eyes into me. She leapt off my dad and slowly walked towards me on all fours. I bit back a whimper and stepped forward; she hesitated then bolted for me at full speed. I screamed and lifted the dagger. I tumbled to the floor as she tackled me.

I braced myself waiting for the pain I saw on my father's face. The room was silent again and I could hear my breathing. I pushed my mother off me and sat up. I whimpered as I looked at my mother. Through her heart was the dagger I had barely managed to lift. I knelt over her she looked nothing like my mother. I wept but froze when I heard a whimper of pain. I turned to see my father lying on his side. I crawled over to him and sat beside him, holding my lip to keep myself from crying.

"Sweetheart" he managed and wiped a tear from my face, "I want you to take that knife and keep it with you" I managed a small nod and smile being strong for my dad.

"Now you can't trust anybody that looks like how your mother did just then" he paused, "You know that game we used to play? The un-dead one?"

"Zombie Apocalypse" I murmured.

"Yes that one" he paused again, "You have got to act like that game. Play life by those same rules in the game." My eyes widened. "Now you know what happens if you're bit by one and you survive?"

I froze. "You become one" I stared at him wide eyed and he gave me a sad smile.

"I want put that dagger in my chest, Valky. I don't want to live like that knowing I could hurt someone." My insides died all over again. The tears finally gushed over my eyes and I couldn't stop.

"Please..." he whispered. I bit my lip I looked at my father through my tears; he already looked pale and hollow. I swallowed my fears believing that my father would rather die than hurt other innocent people. He was a proud, honourable man and I was not about to let him loose that.

"Alright..." I whispered back. I couldn't breathe I raised the dagger in my hands and lifted them over my head. "I...can't..." I paused but swung straight down when I heard a growl from him.

He looked at me full of content.

"Thank you" he closed his eyes but opened them suddenly. "Run!" he screamed. I stood grabbing the dagger in my hand rushing towards the door. I tugged hard on the knob almost breaking it but it wouldn't budge and breaking the handle wouldn't help me. I turned towards the window and stood facing it. I closed my eyes and ran straight towards it. I could feel a thousand stings all over my body and I landed on the floor, shattered glass surrounding me. I forced myself up and fled the house, running for my life.

I came to a stop at the end of our cul-de-sac, looking left and right. Nobody seemed around but you could hear screams everywhere.

"Valk!" came a shouting voice. I turned suddenly blinded by flashlights.

I waved the dagger in the air. "Stay back!" I ordered, "Come close so I can check you!"

Two figures stepped closer. In the light I could tell they were clearly still human and I recognised who they were instantly.

"Eve? Janet? Is it really you?" I couldn't help it more tears streaked my face and I wiped them away with my jacket sleeve.

"Valk, what on earth is happening?" asked Janet clearly panicking. "We were at the party, waiting for you to arrive when... I don't know what happened but the parents started attacking us. It was like..."

She paused unable to complete the sentence.

"Like they wanted to kill us" Eve finished.

"Walking dead" I stated, I heard mumbling and growling in the distance, "Let's get the hell out of here"

The three of us began running up the walkway, I don't know how far or for how long we ran but we had to get out of the city. Occasionally a zombie would walk past and we would fade away into the shadows. Luckily these zombies seemed blind but had acute smell. Two times we were forced to stab a zombie but we managed to escape.

"Valk..." Eve panted, "Where are we going?"

"We got to get out of the city now! Before this crisis gets any worse" I panted back, "We got to find a rural area, maybe a farm or something"

All three of us were silent until a lot of bush land started coming towards us.

"Finally" panted Janet.

"Be quiet!" I hissed back.

Close by I could hear growling. I flipped the flash light on and scanned the area with it.

"Shit!" I screamed, "For the trees now!"

A hundred metres from us a pack of six zombies were walking slowly towards us. We made a beeline for the trees. I started climbing. "Up here!" I hissed frantically.

Eve slowly scaled the tree trying not to injury herself. "Hurry!" screamed Janet who was panicking. I reached down and yanked Eve's hand Pulled her up and metre. Janet quickly jumped onto the tree hugging it like you would a stuffed toy. I finally reached one of the top branches and cursed as a branch flicked me across the eye. Eve was still as slow as a snail; she never had been very good at sports.

"Hurry your ass up now!" I yelled right in her face. This caused her to move a lot faster and soon the three of us sat on the branch. Next to me Eve started praying and muttering.

"What are you praying for?" asked Janet.

"I'm praying that zombies can't climb" she looked up and sniffed.

"Oh", was all Janet could say. I hadn't thought about that either. I too started silently prayed to any god or goddess or heavenly being that could hear me. Suddenly the air around us seemed to warm up and we heard a distant scream. I cringed at the noise, praying that whichever soul had just been taken went somewhere beautiful for saving us. I lowered myself down onto a fat branch and laid down, taking the opportunity to rest.

Even and Janet followed my example.

"So what ...happens now?" Janet asked through a yawn.

I thought about the question for a minute leaving us in silence when I finally whispered into the dark,

"The Hunt for survival begins"

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