Chapter Two- Lead The Way, Gun Shots


The sun rose up over the trees and for a split second I thought it was all a dream. That my parents were safely at home and the dead didn't walk around, until I realised I was still in the tree with Janet and Eve on a branch higher up. My head throbbed and my body ached, in the early morning sunlight I could see all the scratches left on my skin from the window glass. I spent the next five minutes pulling pieces of glass from half of the cuts, cringing every time I had to tug harder than you would a piece of thread with a needle. I sat for a while watching as the sun worked its way up high in the sky. I watched as a flock of swans flew across the sky. Swans! I screamed in my head. Water! My body screamed. I turned to tell Janet and Eve the news when a gunshot rang out.

"Holy hand grenade!" I hissed, my heart jumping into my mouth.

"What is it?" Janet cried, "Was that gunshot?"

"Yes" I managed, still getting my heart under control. "We should probably move. That gunshot means someone's run into trouble"

"I 'm hungry" mumbled Eve.

"Are you kidding me? You never eat anything when we're at school but when zombies attack you're all for the idea of a cheeseburger and fries" I looked at her horrified.

"All this horror is making me hungry..." she stated timidly with a small smile.

I sighed and began to move to descend the tree.

"What are you doing?" hissed Eve urgently.

"Hoping zombies sleep through the day" I mumbled into my dress. As I continued down the branch supporting my feet snapped and I felt myself fall. I hit the floor with a thud and pain shot up my back. Falling from two and a half metres in the air to hit the floor was not fun. I rolled onto my side and pushed myself up into a sitting position. The pain eased and I stood up searching my surroundings. The air was warm so I guessed nothing un-dead was coming our way.

"It's clear" I called up the tree.

Janet slowly descended the tree and landed on the ground with a soft thud.

"Are you okay?" she asked, eyes full of concern.

"Fine" I replied as I extended a hand to Eve, helping her down the tree.

"Which way you want to go?" I asked.

"That way" said Eve, pointing towards where the swan had been.

"East we go!" cried Janet merrily, with a smile.


We continued walking east every five minutes I had to fight the urge to check my back; I really didn't have the strength to panic right now. We'd been walking for what seemed like hours and the floor blurred below me. I stopped walking and closed my eyes trying to push the migraine, which had suddenly become extremely painful, away into the back of my mind. I opened my eyes again and found myself face to face with a zombie. I screamed and fell back shielding my face. I heard distant screams of my name and I thought it was my end when someone pulled my arms from my face. I opened my eyes and found myself staring into Valkyrie's stormy grey eyes.

"Eve, It's alright. There's nothing here that's going to hurt you", she stated calmly, like she was talking to a child who couldn't comprehend. I breathed in and out, clearing my mind.

"What did you see?" Janet asked curiously.

"I thought there was a...zombie right in my face" I muttered, still hearing my heart thump like a nuclear bomb going off. Janet kneeled beside me putting her arm around my shoulders and helped me to my feet.

"Do you need to rest?" she asked.

"No, I'm just hungry. Resting isn't going to help my hungry" she didn't look convinced; I looked to Valkyrie knowing she could say something to convince Janet I was fine.

Valkyrie sighed, "Well there are two stages to hunger the first which Eve is in. This stage is where you are so hungry you think you could faint. But the second stage is where you're so over hungry that the pain is gone and you may feel sick if you even go anywhere near food" This seemed like a reasonable statement so Janet left me alone.

We continued walking and it turned out Valkyrie was right. After about ten minutes of walking I felt fine with my hunger but it was hard to keep my eyes open. I focused on putting one foot in front of the other. I was so focused on my feet, making sure they moved, that I didn't realise we had stopped and I walked straight into Valkyrie's back. She steadied me with her hand then pointing into a clearing. I was instantly showered in a feeling of euphoria for in the clearing in front of us was a small cottage with a barn and what looked like a water tank. I took a step forward into the clearing when Valkyrie and Janet both raised their arms in front of me. They then both motioned for me to move silently.

"I'll go first" said Valkyrie, facing Janet. Janet nodded and motion for Valkyrie to move while she was watching. Valkyrie moved forward along the border of the trees hiding in the shadows. She pointed to some ground in front of her. At first I didn't understand but I saw that the ground in that area was slightly lower than the rest of the yard. She was aiming at run and hiding behind the higher raised ground. Janet and I gave her the thumbs up. She gave us one of her crazy-daredevil smiles and ran for the ground. Everything seemed to slow as Valkyrie dived for the ground covering her head as the gun shots rang out through the air once more.

"Shit!" Janet cursed, I looked at her horrified. "What?" she exclaimed, "I can swear when I want to"

We both watched Valkyrie anxiously she looked at us giving us the thumbs up and a devilish grin. I face palmed myself but kept watching. I don't even know why we bother worrying about her. Valkyrie got back up and ran to the side of the house avoiding crossing any windows. She gestured for Janet and I to follow her. Janet and I went together, both diving for the raised land at the same time. Under my palms I could feel the grass was dry which meant it was losing water, I wasn't sure whether that was a good thing or not. Janet and I both ran for the side of the house taking our place next to Valkyrie.

"Should we try not and run?" Valkyrie joked with a smile.

"NO" I hissed but she just poked her tongue out at me.

"What's the plan?" Janet asked.

"If there are more than two zombies inside we run for the hills" she reasoned with a smile.

"And if there are less than two?" I asked vaguely aware of the answer. Valkyrie just raised her dagger in the air and waved it around. I sighed and motioned for her to proceed. She leapt onto the front porch quietly and went to the door. Before she even touched the door it swung open and a woman in her late thirties was pointing a gun at Valkyrie's head.


I can't say I've had a gun pointed at my forehead before and I can't say I like it. One minute I was going to ring the door bell and the next a riffle is pointed in my face. The woman before me had silvery hair and olive skin. At first I had no idea how to act and I just froze until she spoke.

"What do you want?" she asked her voice husky.

"We seek refuge" I replied, just as calm as she was.

"Ahhhh. So it is happening everywhere, isn't it?" she asked vaguely amused.

"If you're talking about the zombies that are running loose" I asked vaguely amused as well, "Then yes that is happening everywhere"

"Tell your friends to come here" she ordered waving her gun to the side of the house. I motioned for Janet and Eve to come up and stand next to me. The three of us stood in front of the woman.

"Your names?" she asked.

"I'm Valkyrie Blaine" I flashed her a devilish grin. "This is Eve Dusk..." I motioned to Eve, "and Janet Moon"

"Alright. Take your clothes off" she waved her gun again.

I raised an eyebrow. "Excuse me?" I asked.

"You heard me! Take your clothes off, I want to check you for bites" This seemed like a reasonable request so I stripped down to my underclothes.

"Do I have to take everything off?" I asked sarcastically, rolling my eyes.

"Yes" she replied, an amused look covering her face. I was not about to be beaten by an old lady! I took my underclothes off and stood naked in front of the woman, still smiling in triumph.

She looked my over quickly once and motioned my to twirl. I twirled in a circle. She waved her gun through the door. "You're clear to pass"

I walked through the door putting my clothes on at the speed of light. I started to pull my jacket when Eve walked in next to me.

"That was awkward" she murmured, I just smiled at her, "My privacy feels violated" she continued.

I rolled my eyes and threw her, her jacket. "I think nudity isn't really a big issue at the moment with all that's going on in the world"

"THIS ONE!" the woman cried. I rushed out the door and found Janet just removing her jacket a startled look on her face.

"What's wrong?" I asked, confused I could see nothing wrong.

"Look at this" the woman hissed, grabbing Janet's arm and thrusting it towards me.

"Shit" I murmured, on the inside of Janet's arm was a red set of bite marks.

"It was my dog I swear" she said staring into my eyes. I knew she owned a dog and I could tell she was telling the truth but how could I ever convince this woman.

"How can we keep her alive?" I asked.

The woman looked at me. "The only option is to lock her in the basement down stairs. If she changes I put a bullet through her head if she doesn't I'll release her... maybe"

"Deal" I put my hand out and shook hands with the woman.

The woman called into the house. "Tyrell come here!"

A young boy with light brown hair came running up. He looked around 15 so he was our age. He gave me a wink and went to the woman. I pretend vomited into my collar and Eve laughed.

"What is it, Aunty Ama?" he asked, his voice wasn't very deep.

"Take this girl down to the basement and lock her in" she replied, Tyrell raised an eyebrow but did as he was told. When Janet was out of sight the woman turned to us.

She smiled, "I'm Amaltheia Corse and that there was my nephew, Tyrell. Welcome to the family!"

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