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It was a nice Monday afternoon in Wales, the sun was smiling, the birds were chanting their favorite song and Lady Haddington was chatting about the grand opening of the Eiffel tower with her friends again. Jack took a walk along the lake in their large backyard. When he looked at his reflection in the water he could see a 12-year-old boy with fuzzy blond hair. His body did not seem very resistant due to its shortness and lack of manly muscles.

Jack Jonathan Haddington Junior, son of Sir Jacob Jonathan Haddington II and Lady Lorraine Haddington, had a perfect life - most of the people thought so, but he had another opinion, because he preferred something totally different.

Tediously he stomped into the mud with his brand new boots which were gifts of his father's best friend. The boots had enough mud on them, so his sister would be annoyed again. After a while of thinking about her words he tried to get his feet out of the slimy mud. Not as expected he found a thing sticking under his shoe. Maybe it was Jenny's doll he threw weeks ago into the lake or mother's necklace. At first, thinking of taking the object from the dirt disgusted him, but then he decided to touch it. Now he was certain: It was a key.

Without thinking he put the key in his pocket next to the pocket watch he received from his grandma for his 12th birthday which was approximately 2 months ago. All the adult guests wished him a happy birthday and told him, he was old enough now to take more responsibility, but all he wanted is a long adventure all by himself and the key was the beginning of it.

There were questions like "Where is the lock for the key?" "Where does the door lock lead to?" "Whose is it?" And of course there was another great problem, too. This residence had too many doors to which the key could belong, so Jack decided, that he would start with all the doors in the garden, because there was a writing carved into the key: My Own World. The gigantic garden was an own world itself.

At the beginning it was really hard for him to find a door in the garden, so he wanted to ask the maid Maria. Finding her doing the washing in her room at that moment, he requested a map of the whole property. To keep his secret he told her he wanted to examine the landscape. You could see in her face that her eye brows went up, and 'disbelief' was written all over her face, but it didn't prevent her from giving him the ground plan where all the fences and doors were sketched on.

"Unfortunately there are some changes, since this place has already existed a long time. You know, your father inherited it from your grandfather and he from his father and so on", she told him.

"Yes, I do."

"So you know... I don't think I'll bother you any longer with your little adventure, but um... There is still something of much importance to tell you."


"If you find a golden door somewhere, if, don't open it, because I told you not to, okay?"

"What door?"

"Promise me first."

"Okay… I promise."

"Good, very well. So... This is a kind of normal door and it was already here, hundreds of years ago when your ancestors received this land. Even though this place is your family's, you are not allowed to enter through the door, do you understand? It's just -"


"I don't know it by myself; this is what the former maid told me, but... ah! Why am I telling you this! You cannot enter it without the key! I'm so silly; just forget about what I was saying! Go and play your little game."

"It's not a game."

"Whatever. Here, the sketch."

Maria handed him a piece of old paper which got obviously wet. From your very first look you could see something red, a cross, and this was most likely the forbidden door. As you can expect from adventurous Jack, his first place where he wanted to go was the one with the cross.

"Come back before dinner's ready!" she shouted after him.

"Of course." With these words he left the maid's chamber.

An hour of walking later, through the knee-high grass and the colorful flowers of his mother, he finally arrived. All he could see were plants, growing on each other and twisting, as if they were fighting for sunlight. Behind them was something.

Although there wasn't enough evidence to say that a door, or the door, was behind them in the stone fence, Jack was certain of it. This feeling to discover something new and fascinating made him take a step forward.

It wasn't hard to push all the creepers away, but finding the keyhole was pretty difficult. After some sweating he noticed that it wasn't on the door, it was next to it. A big wing shaped hole was carved into the wall and the key would probably fit in it.

He grabbed in his pockets for the key, but the first thing he took out was his pocket watch, which showed 6 o'clock: Dinnertime. Jane, Jenny, mother and today even father were waiting for him to start dining. A real adventurer always has a hard decision to make and this situation wasn't any different: Jack would return and have dinner or he'd open the door and get a real adventure which he had always dreamed of. Eventually he decided that there wouldn't be time tomorrow because of his violin lesson, so he chose the second option.

Unfortunately the key was as heavy as his whole set of wood toy trains and as old as great great-grandfather, therefore it took him a long time to put it properly into the keyhole and turn it. Afterwards there was a sound of someone crinkling a tree branch followed by the door opening widely by itself. Bright light was coming out from the outside as he took back the key.

Then, he stepped in.


1) Originally the prologue was written for a language arts assignment, but since the story felt incomplete I decided to continue the story.
2) I'm currently working on this story's manga which is the sequel. (The Key Mystery) The first chapter will be immediately published under my deviantArt account once the story here has finished.

Side-note: I'm planning on publishing a chapter every month, since I'm a busy busy person. But if someone shows interest, I can also hurry, too.

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