Chapter 1- Those who seek adventure…

"Jack Jonathan Haddington!" Someone was screaming after me. My, my, how popular I was!

"Junior," I corrected. "Or are you calling my grandfather?" Hastily I jumped off the wall which was approximately half my height.

Leijla was at the gate waiting for me impatiently. "How come it took so long?"


"You don't even know what it is." She's right; there was no "traffic" in Wales during my time. Leijla told me that she came from the far future. I met her when I stepped through this adventurous door, which leaded me to this weird place. She suspects it is another dimension or something similar. Leijla, too, opened a door, but she had always told me that she definitely did not seek out adventure.

"Right," I had to admit. "I do not, Madame I-come-from-the-future-and-know-tout. You want to hear the truth?"


"I saw a girl. I guess a bit younger than moi and approximately so high." I showed her the height of 4 feet.

"That's very funny, Jack," she murmured sarcastically. "There are no other people in this dimension."

"You never know." I took a few things out of my pocket. "That's what I got from the raid: A blunt knife, a rotten potato, a doll (for you) with an empty eye socket, a-"

"Don't you think it's odd to 'rob' empty mansions?"

"That's not robbing. You're the one who says that there're no other people!"

"But, isn't it strange that nobody lives here; still there are so many streets and houses with actual things in there? This rotten potato of yours. It had to be fresh at one point!"

"Maybe it travelled from a dimension with lots of fresh vegetables?"

Before Leijla could smack my well-cared face, someone giggled. It was more of a girlish giggle. Both of us turned around instinctively.

A person appeared from behind the bushes "And I thought I was the only one! Leo, the Great, the Invincible, the-"

It was impossible for me not to interrupt this blond boy with his Russian accent. "Why are you wearing these weird thingies on your shoulder?"

"These are Epaulettes! An insignia of rank and-" his head seemed to boil, maybe because he was being insulted, or he just blushed. "You-"

I turned to Leijla. "It's been a while that I've teased someone other than you."

"Seven days when the horror began. I met you sleeping in one of those king-size beds of a six-star-hotels in the 14th Avenue. You seemed like drunk."

"Quite the opposite. I was at a point where I could have died of soif." We continued to ignore Leo when he finally decided to get attention.

"I was lying!"

"You know Leijla hates lies, she-"

"There are more people in this world!" Silence. "There are two more wrecked kids my age!"

I could not help, but bully him, this innocent looking creature created by the all mighty god. "Nine?"

Unfortunately, Leijla grew up as a quite serious child. "Shut up." Turning to Leo, she inquired, "Are you serious? Where?"

"We inhabit a residence down there on Main Street-"

"That's where we were planning to rummage next!" But I immediately stopped talking when Leijla shot me a very poisonous look.

"So you started living there?"

"Yeah, we were five in the very beginning, but then people started disappearing without others replacing them."


"The cycle of visitors in this world; by the way, we called it the Bow Dimension since it apparently binds time and space together. It's like that: somebody appears from a certain time period, but in order for them to have place, a person from the same time period has to disappear. That's why we were wondering why the remplacements didn't come-"

"You know French? That's awesome!" My heart jumped of joy. Leijla told me French wouldn't be that important anymore in the future. In my time, rich children had to learn many languages and French is the most important one. Wait… what would happen to people who disappeared? Could they be washed out of the-

Leijla's low voice interrupted my thought of my home, luckily. "Bring us there."

Leo murmured, lowering his head, "I'm sorry, I can't."

Furiously Leila grabbed his collar shouting desperately "Why?" It had been a while since she last talked to a normal human soul- excluding me and Leo. Social activity must have been a priority in Leijla's world in 2099.

I couldn't help but help Leo, pushing Leijla away. "What happened to the calm girl who doesn't care about anything? Come on, we all know you're strong blah blah blah, but you don't have to prove it to weaklings like Leo", I turned to Leo after expressing my insults which were sewn deep into dark side of my heart, "Okay, Leo, why can't you take us to your home?"

Stuttering he replied, "I actually c-can but I don't think I can just take visitors in. N-Not just like that."

"Like what?" Leijla was getting impatient all over again.

"Normally, it's not members bringing the newcomers, but well Ayke or Eike."

To me, the names sounded the same, thus I had to give my own opinion about names nowadays, wondering, "Aren't these names the same?"

Leijla, the supporter of free speech, just shoved my opinion with her annoyed looks away, pointing out how infantile I was. "What does Ayke or Eike decide? Who are they?"

Leo swallowed hard. "I better not talk here in the public. Listen, I can't take you with me, but I can assure you Ayke or Eike will come and pick you guys up. It's no huge deal staying in the wild for another night, is it?"

That's when I had to ponder about previous nights. Even though there weren't many human inhabitants in this world, animals mysteriously didn't want to cease to exist. When I unfolded my newly found sleeping bag, I was excited of a nurturing sleep full of dreams. Before that could happen, I accidently sat down on a hedgehog that unfortunately thought the sleeping bag would be a wonderful place to overnight. I couldn't really do my butt-dance for the following days. At least I'm sure I have similar sleeping preferences to the animal.

When I thought about another night in the wild I would have freaked out, but my following convincing words spared us the night's cold cloak and pranks.

"Let's go overnight in one of those empty maisons then!"

Using Leijla's supporting phrase that "that's what the others are doing anyway" everything was settled. We'd sleep in one of those ghost houses while Leo would probably rest under a roof full of safety and warmth.

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