Chapter one

Aivlis was nervous. She was very nervous. She hoped to get a job today. Sure in the current economy it was tough getting a job, but that was not so much what she was worried about. Okay, it partially was, but what worried her more was the place she had chosen to get a job.

She never meant to fall in love like she was some silly schoolgirl. She was in her thirties for god's sake. Those days were long past, although she knew she looked young enough for the part. She both blamed and thanked her genes for that.

The trouble came when you thought of who she had fallen in love with. Samoth James Rednaxela was about 24 years old and one of the most eligible bachelors in town. He was the youngest member of a family with a pharmaceutical background. He basically owned the brand name Xela Vie, which was a kind of probiotic he had invented.

Xela Vie also happened to be the major advertiser for the health magazine with the same name. And that was exactly the place Aivlis was sitting in the waiting room, waiting for her interview to get hired: the Main Office of the Health Magazine, Xela Vie.

She hoped the man himself wouldn't be there during the interview. She doubted she could make a good impression on him at this stage if he was there in the room. Most likely she'd only be able to get out mindless babbling if that were the case. Perhaps she'd even forget her own name. Not the most professional thing to do if you wanted to get a job at a major health magazine.

When the woman came to collect her for the interview she stood up and took a deep breath before following her. When she got to the room she looked around quickly and let out a sigh of relief. Mercifully he was not there. Either he knew how he made people feel or he was just busy. Whatever it was she was happy, even if part of her still had hoped she'd be able to see him.

Unbeknownst to her Samoth was watching the interview live.

Samoth watched as they brought the next applicant in. He had watched interview after interview of applicant after applicant. None of them stood out, none were really interesting. Sure their resumes were good; they presented themselves well, but not one of them had even heard of the probiotic that gave the magazine it's name, let alone tried it. And he needed someone that understood the product, perhaps even liked it. The product was the base from which the magazine worked.

He didn't know what had drawn his attention when the last applicant of the day was brought in. A slightly overweight female, he judged her to be about 26 years old. He sat up a bit straighter as he watched the monitor in his office where he watched the interviews. He preferred it that way ever since someone had thought of him as one of the most eligible bachelors in the town or was it the country. He didn't know anymore. It was just a little too much attention.

When the woman told the interviewers that she was 33, he was gob smacked. He had made her six years younger, just on first sight. Something he had never done before as he was pretty good at judging people's ages.

Her resume was not as good as the others, but he was most pleased when he heard that she actually used Xela Vie and that she used it every day if money and time permitted it. He wanted to call down and tell them to hire her on the spot. As the interview ended Samoth finally decided to just go down and meet this woman himself.