Chapter sixteen

It didn't even surprise Aivlis that both the boys took advantage of her offer to take care of the wounded. She and Sam brought Collignon home first. If only so Syrane Sandova could understand who this mysterious 'auntie' was her grandson was so enamored with.

Slowly he walked her back to her place. He wanted to meet her parents. She introduced them and she even showed him her rooms. "Let's see if we fit on the bed together."

"You're just asking that because it will be a nice and snug fit and you've barely got to touch me this last week." She joined him nonetheless.

He considered that as he put his arms around her. It was really snug. "True, but then again we've only known each other for a week, too."

She kissed him then. To her it felt like they had known each other like forever. And she needed to feel his touch about as much as he seemed to need hers. They said nothing and just enjoyed being near each other, in each other's arms.

"What will happen to us in a month or so?" she asked.

He thought about that. "If you are pregnant I'll do the right thing and we'll get married. If you aren't… the plan would still be marriage, just not that soon."

"Ugh. Now I wonder how your father is going to make or engagement sound. I mean he made you giving me a job sound like we got engaged, after all." she told him tracing imaginary patterns on his chest.

He grinned. "I guess he'll surprise us. For some reason his wording always seemed to be a little off, but I've accepted that. But you seem to be able to deal with it just fine, better than me in any case and I've got years of practice."

She laid her head on his chest. "There are always other things that can happen. For instance my sister is handicapped. That's why she isn't home. We placed her in a home where she could be with people more like herself. Not to mention that taking care of her became too much of a strain on my parents… and me." She sighed. "It's not something I want to happen to us and our child if we will be blessed with children. And my age isn't working in my favor."

"We can handle anything. Just as long as we are together," he said kissing the top of her head.

By the tone of his voice she knew he meant it. "And that is why I love you."

She could lie here forever, but son enough it was time for dinner. "You joining us?" she asked.

"No, I promised my parents I'd eat with them," he said with a sigh.

As she lead him back to the door so he could go to back to his parents. They made plans for Monday. And just before he left she gave him a big kiss. That's to keep the both of us going through the rest of this long weekend.