Chapter thirty one

That evening after dinner and a little nap Sam took Aivlis to her parents. She stood in front of the door for a bit. Trying to collect her thoughts and gather the courage to ring the bell in the first place.

In the end it was Sam that rung the bell. Not because he wasn't nervous, but because he thought they would draw too much attention if they'd stand out here much longer. They were here for a reason after all.

"This feels strange," Aivlis muttered. "Coming here as a visitor and not living here, when I've lived here about all my life." Then she felt a reassuring squeeze on her shoulder and she felt that she was very lucky to have a guy like Samoth in her life.

Just then Aivlis' father opened the door. "Do come in," he said. "And I thought you still had a key."

"I have, I just left it back at home," she said apologetically, before she stepped inside. She looked to see if Sam was following her. She had never been entirely certain about that. It just felt a bit strange and unreal all that had really happened.

She slowly sat down on the couch with Sam. "Mum, dad, I just wanted to formally introduce you to my boyfriend. This is Samoth Rednaxela. Sam, these are my parents Salak and Ailenroc of Redlop."

"It's nice to meet you, Samoth," Aivlis' mother asked offering her hand so he could shake it.

Samoth shook her hand. "It's nice to meet you too, Mrs. Of Redlop. And you too," he said looking at Aivlis' father.

"Call me Salak, or Sal if that is any better," Salak said as he took his turn shaking Sam's hand.

"And you can call me Lenny," Aivlis' mother replied. "We've heard a lot about you."

"Only good things I hope," he said. "I do plan to do right by your daughter, but I thought it would be best if we officially met before I made any more steps in that direction."

"You do?" Salak asked.

"DAD!" Aivlis said blushing, before turning to Sam. "I think he means because of our day out with Col. My parents barely read the society page, but I doubt they could've missed this."

"Ah," Sam said with a nod. "Col is my half-nephew, I suppose. He's the son of my half-sister. Siri and I have the same father, but a different mother. And Col and his grandmother happen to live pretty close to here."

Salak nodded. "Then why the suddenness of moving her out of here?"

"Because we suspected I was pregnant and today we got the confirmation of that," Aivlis said. "We'll try to be inconspicuous but with the press lurking around every corner that is going to be hard. It can't be concealed for long anyway. This is the kind of secret that usually comes out sooner rather than later."

"In the mean time, we have to do some evasion work. If it says in the coming days that I've ordered an escort, it's because I have. My half-sister works as an escort to support herself and her son. She can't always get free from her work, so then I or my dad will pay for her attendance to family functions, like weddings."

Sam's explanation seemed to have placated Salak a bit. For now he just surveyed the two of them. "Why don't you show me the rest of this beautiful house, Sal. So Aivlis can talk with her mother a bit?" he suggested.