It was all made in the movies, every single cliché; every single super spy saves the world, all the bad guys and evil girls. They were never really that original were they? If they found an almost perfect fairytale, they made it perfect, changed the characters to Mary-Sues and Cruella Devilles. In the end the bad guy was brought to justice and the main character got the happily ever after. I never got that, why they had to make everything black and white instead of all shades of grey. The popular, pretty, petty and evil cheerleaders and the poor girl that's abused in some way and has never done anything wrong ever were almost all ways present. What a bunch of baloney. I've seen so many real dramas to know that's not the case, the main girl can be as mean as the cheerleader and not at all helpless or a damsel in distress. Most of the time the 'mean girls' weren't actually mean, just clicky and insecure; sometimes they were nicer than the main girl. Even when they are mean it's normally because they were hurt by the main character or someone else close. Half the time they aren't even cheerleaders, just friendly popular girls and the 'main character' just dislikes them because they have something she doesn't. I am not saying that it is always like that; just most of the time there is no Cinderella cliché, just a girl who wants one. We can't forget about 'prince charming' that turns out to be or acts like an arse most of the time. Personally there are so many others much better people they could land instead of those guys; like in something borrowed, the main character chose the fiancé of her best friend which she had an affair with, instead of the kind and sensitive friend that loved her and was there for her. I mean she chose the douche, dolt, barf bag! Maybe I'm wrong but the movies need to get there head out of the fairytale happy ending where the heroine ends up with the guy she was after. Why can't she end up with someone else, why can't we trail from the old clichés? I mean clichés don't really happen anymore. All those fairy tales are full of it. I just want one to be realistic. Cinderella's slippers must have hurt a lot and Goldilocks was a bit off. Sleeping beauty was a little too stupid. Drop the cliché and give me a good, funny, nice, creative, unique guy. I don't want a prince charming, do you? All of those stories were made in the movies; give me something real.

"You're so worried 'bout the maiden don't you no she's only waiting for the next best thing"- Sara Bareilles

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