Setin put his hand on the Crown Prince's shoulder, hoping it would comfort him but instead, he turned around with a look of disdain. "It's funny how the thing you want the most cannot be yours." He smiled with a look of regret in his eyes "but that thing that can never be yours, just by it being there, you know that everything will be alright."

Setin watched as tears spilled from his friend's eyes, and for once, he pitied his friend for being the Crown Prince – even though he got and had everything, the thing he needed the most he was not allowed to have, and Setin knew all to clearly what it was – Sora.

He would be able to get any woman he desired except for the woman he would need, all for that sake of someone else. 'He's more pitiful than anyone here.' Setin thought to himself and watched as the Crown Prince dozed off, after many sleepless nights. If only there was a way that they could be together. If only, if only…