One hot, sizzling day, hot enough to fry a baby's brain and turn it to mush for zombies to eat, a six year old girl saw a rhino caged in a fence at the zoo with her mom. A crowd of people, big and small, wimpy and muscular, was walking around, going to see other animals, because they saw only two people looking at the rhino so they decided he wasn't interesting. "Mommy! Look at the unicorn! Suzanne was wrong; they do exist! Now she owes me that penny and I can buy that doll I want!"

"Honey," the mom said gently, "that's a rhino. Unicorns don't exist." After a brief pause while the girl frowned, she added, "And that doll looks REALLY creepy. Almost like that Chucky doll."

"Is that the movie you and Daddy saw last night and said it was too scary for me to watch?" asked Edwinahina, the girl. The mom was unesponsibly drunk when she had her, so that's why she named her that, and that's possibly the reason why the girl thought the rhino was a unicorn. Nothing against drunk people. "Yes, and did you watch that Barney movie I set up for you upstairs?" asked the mom. "No," said Edwinahina. She actually watched the first quarter of Saw but then chickened out so she ate some leftover fried chicken. Edwinahina was glad she told the truth because if she ever lied to her mom, her mom told her she would take the dog away. "Do you want to see more animals or maybe get ice cream?" the mom said. "No, I have to finish a drawing for art class," replied Edwinahina. "That's cool," said the mom as they made their way to their red car. "What are you drawing?"

"Dora being chased by zombies."