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Chapter Fifteen

Connor put his feet up on the coffee table and sighed. It had been almost a week since Wyatt restored the solar panels back into working condition, and Connor welcomed times like this one: where he could lay back with his feet up, relax, and have a cold drink of water. He took a small drink from the plastic cup, letting the refreshing liquid slide down his throat. Rebekah sat beside him, resting her head against his shoulder. Outside, in the front yard, Wyatt, Chloe, Leslie, and Jubal were playing a game of football. Kathrine sat on the sidelines and watched them, her eyes sparkling with admiration.

Wyatt took the brown ball from Jubal and spun it in his hand, slightly nodding to his friend. Jubal took off at a sprint, sailing past Leslie as he went out for the pass. Wyatt sent the ball sailing over their heads towards Jubal's hands. He easily caught it, walking it in for a touchdown. Wyatt and Jubal cheered, while Chloe and Leslie frowned angrily at them.

"That was an illegal pass! You were past the line of scrimmage," Chloe yelled to Wyatt, which was returned by a charming smile from the man. Her mouth then also formed a smile.

He opened his mouth to respond, but another sound cut his words off: a loud cracking sound, resembling a gunshot. Chloe's smile slid away from her face and she brought her hand up and touched it to her stomach. Warm blood came from the wound, and slowly began to turn her shirt scarlet. She sank to her knees, as Wyatt sprinted over and caught her, picked her up as if she weighed nothing, and sprinted into the house.

"What the hell just happened," Connor yelled when Wyatt carried her inside and laid her on the couch.

"I don't know, man! Someone's shooting at us," He desperately responded, trying his best to stop the bleeding with a rag. Rebekah grabbed a rifle from the closet and did her best to provide cover for the others to get inside the house, shooting towards the sound. Jubal and Leslie soon sprinted into the house, Kathrine holding tightly onto Leslie's hand and tears streaming down her cheeks.

Across the house, in a nearby field, sat five men: They wore camouflage vests and carried high-powered rifles, and with every shot they sent towards the house they jumped and cheered. They continued to assault the structure, showing no signs of letting up while they shot round after round into the side panels of the house. Chloe soon began to turn pale; her body unable to function with the amount of blood that she had lost.

"No, Chloe, stay with me, you can't quite on me now, you just can't," Wyatt yelled, trying to keep her awake. His efforts were for nothing, however, as her golden eyes rolled up into her skull, and she lost consciousness. He put his fingers on her neck, and soon found a weak pulse.

"Look after her; I'll take care of them. Jubal, you're with me," Wyatt said, opening the door to the garage.

"What are you going to do," Rebekah asked, ducking into cover as three bullets struck the outside ground in front of her.

"Get even," was the simple reply from Wyatt, as he and Jubal entered the garage and closed the door behind them.

Two motorcycle engines soon roared into life from the garage, revving threateningly louder and louder. Rebekah looked out the window and saw the two bikes rocket from the garage, carrying Jubal and his two machetes and Wyatt with his sword. The five men noticed them right away, and tried to shoot the two riders off of their bikes, but Wyatt and Jubal skillfully weaved out of the way. Soon the two bikes flew over the hill and landed in the field with the five men. Wyatt slid his sword out of its sheath and ran it through a husky man that was closest to him, still riding the motorcycle as he did so. Jubal drove his bike into another skinny man, sending both of them flying into the tall grass.

Jubal recovered first, shaking the dizziness from his head as he began to stand. The skinny man he had collided with lay in front of him, groaning in pain. Jubal took this opportunity to cut the man's throat with one of his machetes. Another of the men tackled Jubal to the ground, raising a knife into the air above his head. Jubal closed his eyes and waited for the final blow to come, but it never did. Wyatt thrust his sword through the man's chest, splattering Jubal with blood. Pushing the body off of him, Jubal stood up and tried to brush the blood away from his face.

The click of a hammer sounded behind them, making Wyatt's blood run cold through his veins. They slowly turned around to see one of the raiders pointing a hunting rifle at them. He smiled evilly, his rotting teeth showing inside his mouth. The other raider fumbled with his pistol beside them, trying to reload the gun. The two men then quietly laughed as they pointed their weapons at Wyatt and Jubal. Two gunshots echoed throughout the area, followed by painful silence.

Wyatt slowly opened his eyes, and looked himself over, Jubal did the same. They then noticed the two bandits that lay on the ground in front of them: one missing the back portion of his skull and the other missing a good part of his neck. Wyatt looked at the house, and saw a single gun barrel protruding from the window, gun smoke still trailing from the muzzle in wisps.

"Take that, you sons of bitches," Rebekah whispered, still holding the rifle in her hands. Without thinking, Wyatt jumped on his bike and sped back towards the house, Jubal soon followed.

Wyatt burst through the garage door "How is she," He quickly asked Rebekah, who sat beside the couch examining Chloe's wound.

"It doesn't look good, Wyatt. She needs immediate medical attention," Rebekah responded, tearing a fresh rag into strips to act as bandages.

Wyatt suddenly remembered something "You were a doctor, can't you help her somehow?"

Rebekah frowned "I've never attempted anything like this before, and I was only a nurse! Plus, I would need painkillers, morphine at least!" Wyatt ran back into the garage and dug through the side bag on his blue Yamaha. He soon re-appeared holding a small bottle of clear liquid.

"Never know when you might need it," He said, tossing the morphine over to Rebekah. He then helped Rebekah, Connor and Jubal carry Chloe into the kitchen.

Four hours later, Wyatt held his head in between his hands, while Jubal, Kathrine, Connor, and Leslie sat around the living room. Rebekah soon emerged from the kitchen, her hands covered in red blood.

"She's stable, but we need to be careful. Her body could shut down at the slightest of things," Rebekah announced to everyone. The room felt as if an enormous weight had been lifted from it, as everyone exhaled in relaxation. Wyatt helped everyone else carefully move Chloe into one of the bedrooms, where she would rest easier.

"Everyone needs to get some sleep; we can talk about those bandits in the morning," Connor told everyone, and then put a hand on Wyatt's shoulder "You too, man." Wyatt nodded and curled into his sleeping bag, instantly falling into a deep sleep, exhausted from the events during that day.

The sun rose over the horizon early in the morning of the next day. The sunlight shone through the window of the house, striking Wyatt where he lay asleep on the ground. Carefully opening his eyes, he had to force his body to wake up. He leaned up in his sleeping bag and rubbed the sleep from his blue eyes, glancing out the window as they came into focus. Stefanie stood in the field, apparently collecting the weapons off of the bandits. She was tossing them into a large burlap sack across her back.

She noticed him and waved happily. He smiled and waved back to her, still fighting the sleep out of his body. He stood, and walked into the kitchen to get a drink of water. Stefanie bent down and picked a pistol off one of the skinny men, when a familiar sound made her freeze in place. The sound that she knew all too well, the roar of an Infected. She turned around just in time to see one of them leap onto her, pushing her to the ground, also sending the bag of guns flying behind her. It bit into her flesh, tearing her neck apart and making her scream in agony.

Wyatt heard the scream, and ran over to the window to see the Infected tearing Leslie's mother apart. He dropped the glass of water, and stood almost in shock at what he saw: cresting the hill stood almost sixty Infected, all roaring at the small structure, blood spitting from their mouths.