In the City of Shareek, the Black Cat is an evil creature. A hare bringer of disease, death, and evil. As a worker at the local animal shelter, I see how it affects them first hand. There are times where you would walk into the cat room and see only black through the bars of the cages. The people who would come in on those days would recoil in horror before turning and running to the door in fear.

Black cats do not bring bad luck, nor fear, nor death, nor disease. They are like any other cats, simply desperate to be loved.

We would have problems if it wasn't for the Woman in Black.

She wears a floor length gown of black and one can always hear her shoes click click click on the ground. Her face is hidden by a black veil topped with an old fashioned black hat. Her hands are covered with silk black gloves.

It is with her that the black cats go, they go to be happy. It makes the city people happy as well; they need never again see the black cat that they fear so.

Yet it leaves a place empty in my heart, for after the Woman in Black takes them...

...I never see them again.

A/N: I Volunteer at my local SPCA and this is an is a recurring issue we often see. Most people think very little about the myth that black cats bring bad luck, and even fewer would believe that this so called harmless myth actually hurts the cats. Yet it is a fact that black cats are adopted out 25% slower than cats of any other colour.

Currently, there are two small black kittens in my shelter that are both pitch black. They have been there for three weeks, the longest of any kittens that are available for adoption has ever stayed in my memory. They are some of the most adorable kittens with amazing personalities but because of their colour I will probably see them again in the coming week.

In this short 'The Woman in Black' I created a town that has brought this to an extreme to the point where the cats are no longer adopted at all.

At the SPCA we do not put down animals that are not getting adopted but in many shelters this is not the case. Animals are killed simply because no one wants them.

The Woman in Black is a representation of death that came from my mind, where she real, she would be guilty of 'cat hoarding' which is simply having so many cats that you are no longer able to take care of them all.

So if you're going to adopt a cat, don't pass over those who wear coats of blac