So here is my first story for you guys!

I wrote this in 8th grade; the assignment was to write a story about an inanimate object.

One she read off was about a Barbie doll and I was inspired and, voila, I wrote this!


I've been in the toy box for three years. I'm dusty, lonely, and my hands still have chew marks on them from the baby. I'm guessing the reason I'm in the box is because my human was too embarrassed. She should now be sixteen years old. When she got me on her eighth birthday, she promised me she would always play with me, no matter how old she got.

But she lied. She lied to me and every other Barbie, even her favorite dinosaurs! The only ones she hasn't turned on are her favorite stuffed animals, Mrs. and Mr. Blue. The day she put me in the box was the worst day of my long, lonely life.

It was her thirteenth birthday, and she was playing with us abandoned toys while she waited for her friends to come. We were all having a blast. I was so happy that she finally got her wish that I couldn't stop smiling. Even now I can't stop smiling, and it's killing me.

We were going to the mall that day, and she had just put us in our brand new blue buggie when her friend's car pulled up. She hadn't noticed, but we did. At first we were all sorts of excited that we were going to play with her and her friends.

We were all dressed very cute. I had on my most favorite blue mini-skirt, long-sleeved black top, and my matching blue shoes. I would have rather been barefoot, but for some reason that day she put me in shoes. Now I've been stuck in these uncomfortable things for what seems like forever.

When we had just pulled up into our parking place, her friends walked in.

They were ugly.

Every human is, but they were especially ugly. Their hair was too dark and their smiles to fake. When they saw her playing with us, they started laughing and making fun of her. After they had left, she stuffed us all in this box, where the air was full of dust and the wood to hard. I've been here three years but hope to one day have fresh air.

I hope that one day I will feel the comfort of a bed, the smiling face of my human, and be able to get out of these stupid and uncomfortable shoes! Who knows? Maybe one day she may bring me out to play again. Maybe. I sure hope so.

I hope you liked it; reviews make me smile.