Maginus Swords


The Maginus Royal Academy is considered as one of the best magical universities of the world. Founded by the Three Great Sages, the Academy is supported by countries from all over the world. Talented young mages from all over the globe are trained here to excel in the art of Spellcasting, Summoning, and Magic Smithing. Students who excel in all three arts are given a special dormitory where they are considered the Elite branch of the Maginus Royal Academy.

For years, the Elites have dominated the Maginus Royal Academy, thus earning the ire of the students who belong the mid-class section of students. The Mid-Class were those who were only able to pass one or two of the qualifying arts during the Entrance Exams. The teachers and the Student Council are now concerned with the growing tensions between the Elites and the Mid-Class students. Little do they know that something far sinister is lurking behind the shadows!

Darkasta School of Magic, Uvonesia City...

"Oi! Astor! ASTOR!" a voice yelled.

"What the hell?" Astor Ingfield Hunter yawned. He rubbed his left eye, since his right eye was covered with an eyepatch. He sat on a tree trunk while looking at the afternoon sky.

"Astor, you no good slacker! The Chairman wants to see you!" an Academy student yelled from the ground. Astor just waved his hand. "Yeah, yeah. I'll be right there!" he lazily said.

"Seriously, just how many naps can a guy get?" the student complained as he walked back to the school grounds. Astor jumped down from the tree and stretched his arms and legs. Suddenly, a young girl hit the back of his head with a book!

"OW! Who the-" Astor yelled as he looked behind him. A cute girl with long black hair and blue eyes looked at him with an angry expression.

"What the hell? Why did you hit me Yuki?" Astor yelled as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Idiot! You deserve it! You accepted the invitation to go to Maginus, didn't you?" Yukino Maeda exclaimed. "Even though you already have me, you still want to leave Darkasta? You just want to find another girl to have fun with, you pervert!"

Astor sighed. "Yuki, you aren't mine. Everything that happened was a misunderstanding!"

"Yeah, right! You accidentally sleeping inside my room is considered a misunderstanding? And how about the times when I caught you peeping in the women's hot springs?" Yuki yelled as she tried to hit Astor with a book. This time, she failed since Astor dodged.

"I told you that Jaslen was the one at fault! He was playing tricks on me!" Astor yelled as he ran away.

"You idiot! Come back here!" Yuki yelled. Astor stopped as he looked back at the girl.

"If you really want to get back at me, then you know where to find me. That is, if the Headmaster would let his precious daughter leave Darkasta..." Astor chuckled.

"Why you! You just wait Astor Hunter! I'll follow you to Maginus...hell, I'll follow you anywhere in the world just to have my revenge! Remember that!" Yuki yelled. Astor just waived his hand as he walked away. Yuki sighed as she picked up the book she threw at Astor.

"Stupid pervert..." she said as a single tear fell down from her eyes.

(To Be Continued)